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World Bus Driving Simulator 1.42 (Money, Unlocked)

World Bus Driving Simulator 1.42 (Money, Unlocked)
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  • Version 1.42
  • Requirements Android -
  • Developer Dynamic Games Ltda
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Drive the most famous buses in Brazil and the world through challenging roads that will test all your skills as a driver, Feel like the life of the bus drivers!
– Multiple buses: Vehicles with different power and gear ratio, simulating the characteristics of the real vehicles! (More buses will be added in the next updates)
– Skins for painting, detail and glasses of coaches, Customize with your favorite painting!
– Realistic Physics: Our team tested real vehicles and collected opinions from professional drivers to bring to the game a reality closer experience for the players. We also include change of grip on the Track according to the type of terrain or rainy day and many other new features.
-Adjustment of steering sensitivity and different control types.
– Automatic and manual gearbox
– Adjusting the driver's position in the cab
– Realistic graphics, with configuration options to run on weaker phones!
– Dangerous Roads: Take on the challenges and prove yourself a good driver through dangerous saws, dirt roads and many challenges!
– Large open world map with several cities (the map of the game will also be expanded in the next updates)
– Cycle day / night With beautiful visual!
– Rain and climate change!
– Leaderboards!
– System of achievements
– Report the latest gains and expenses.
– Radars and fines
– People in companies
– Balance, toll booths, tax offices, gas stations and various other events in the game.
– Gps on Dashboard
– Driver badge with possibility of the player to put his photo.
The game will receive several updates over time, to always be bringing new features to the players!

BUTTON CHỈ HIỆN MẬT KHẨU KHI TÌM TỪ KHÓA "World Bus Driving Simulator mod 5play.tokyo" TRÊN GOOGLE
World Bus Driving Simulator MOD APK is a bus driving simulation game in modern 3D graphics. Playing as a professional bus driver, you will make sure to drive to the right places, stop at the right stations on time, and obey a series of traffic rules on the road.

Introduce about World Bus Driving Simulator

Realistic bus driving simulation with many principles true to reality 

Experience driving a bus like in real life

World Bus Driving Simulator realistically reflects the bus driving process in real life. You will witness the cockpit, look at each control button firsthand, put your hands on the steering wheel and feel the wheel moving, feel the heaviness of the whole ride, feel the shaking on the road, and the slight inclination every time the bus turns… Everything is very similar to reality.

The biggest goal of the developers of World Bus Driving Simulator is to bring the most detailed and realistic experience to the players. There are a few points that I do not like very much in the context of this game because they are quite monotonous and have very few interactive elements (like people and other vehicles on the road). But in terms of practicality and simulation of driving and controlling a bus, it is great. Few games can do it like World Bus Driving Simulator.

The task is sometimes not easy

Before playing this game, I’m sure many of you still think that driving a bus is an easy job. Get a license, practice driving a lot, and then just sit in the bus, turn the wheel, go back and forth on the roads.

However, the reality is completely different. It is indeed a tough job, like any other complicated profession. And World Bus Driving Simulator shows this hard work well.

As a bus driver, you not only have professional knowledge and extensive driving experience to handle all types of buses of all sizes and designs, but you also have to be extremely understanding of the traffic rules on the road: signs, speed limit, how to park at the right station, move at the right speed to reach each station according to the regulations in the schedule, wait on time, close the bus door properly… The discipline in all situations will help you drive stably and safely.

In the context of a 3D city that recreates the roads of Brazil’s capital, you will start with driving a bus according to the available route, through the stops, to the endpoint, and back to the original starting place. At each stop, you need to stop at the specified location, pick up and drop off passengers properly, close the bus door and continue driving on the road. But that is only the first challenge. The more you play, the more new maps and challenges the game opens, making the bus driving experience more and more attractive and interesting, and equally dramatic.

In addition to the challenge from the city road, your bus also encounters difficulties in weather and lighting conditions during the day (daytime/ evening). Corresponding to each weather situation, the game also presents corresponding difficulties such as on rainy days, the road is smoother; on snowy days, it can obscure your vision; and intense sunlight can dazzle your glass. You must be an excellent driver to be able to smoothly overcome these external challenges and do your bus driving duties well.

Later, bus driving activities and tasks are also more difficult. You can drive a group of tourists to tourist destinations, have contracts on driving to increase incomes, or even carry the football team on the road to the competition. Your route now no longer is fixed but expands to more locations and sometimes there are many challenging situations on the road that force you to be flexible in handling it if you don’t want to be late and affect your guests’ mood.

Is it difficult to control the bus in World Bus Driving Simulator?

Not much different from the driving simulation games on mobile that you have ever played, controlling the bus here is quite simple. You do not use the steering wheel but the virtual key system on the screen. The left is navigation, the right is the control buttons like on the actual bus driver: gear lever (you can choose the manual or automatic transmission), brake pedal, accelerator…

In addition, there are buttons for lights, alarms, and door open buttons. For each situation, you will use different function buttons and the right speed to control your bus through the roads. You can also customize the sensitivity of the steering wheel to make driving more comfortable, in all road and weather conditions.

During driving, always pay attention to the Fuel section. If the red alert is about to appear, find a gas station immediately to refill and continue.

Many types of buses to experience

In World Bus Driving Simulator, there are many types of buses that are different in origin, design, interior, color, and size. The way of operation and control of the bus is also different. Surely, owning it will bring you very new excitement and experience. But to move from one bus to another, you must have money to buy. Money is accumulated from previous quest completions.

Each vehicle has a different price. Depending on your current ability and what kind of bus you want to experience, you can choose the right bus model for each level and your driving experience. In each bus, you can also customize the color, details, and glass. Although this bus customization system is not as numerous as car racing games, it has brought considerable richness to your experience. The more you play the more you like it, that’s the principle of the World Bus Driving Simulator.

MOD APK version of World Bus Driving Simulator

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All Buses

Download World Bus Driving Simulator APK & MOD for Android

It is a bus driving simulation game in a beautiful Brazilian city with many types of vehicles to experience. The driving mechanism is simple but quite dramatic because of the challenges from missions, roads, and weather. Are you ready to become a skilled bus driver?

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Mods are constantly updated by the 5PLAY team.
Any copyright issues please contact: [email protected]

*FIX the problem with Job prices and Select Job Screen*

– You can get out of the vehicle;
– 2 new buses added; (one was remade)
– Remastered scenarios;
– Bus stops on the roads;
– New internal camera with free movement and zoom;
– Pedestrians and animals in the scenarios;
– Machines working;
– Various events;
– Improved Artificial Intelligence;
– New Shader for the interior of vehicles;
– New Menu;
– Improved Garage;
– Choice of driver Character;
– Fog System;
– General improvements;
World Bus Driving Simulator 1.42 (Money, Unlocked)
Download World Bus Driving Simulator 1.42 (Money, Unlocked) 

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