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Westland Survival v4.2.0 MOD APK (Menu, Free Purchase, Free Craft, Vip)

Westland Survival v4.2.0 MOD APK (Menu, Free Purchase, Free Craft, Vip)
  • Updated
  • Version 4.2.0
  • Requirements Android -
  • Developer Helio Games
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Challenge the Wild West Adventure survival and become a real bounty hunter! Build your character, tame your horse and survive in the online Western RPG.


🤠Build a Wild West Ranch🤠
Build a shelter that will help you to survive in the Wild West. Gather resources, craft workbenches, get rare materials and build a perfect fortress.

🧨Craft Weapons & Armor for a Fight🧨
Collect rare blueprints and craft the strongest weapons and armor. Your shooting skills will also help you in the war on bandits.

🐺Wild Animals Hunting🐺
Hunt wild animals in the open world for precious furs to survive frost and hunger or tame them to fight on your side.

⛰Explore & Survive in Unique Locations⛰
Each location provides unique resources but you will also meet deadly enemies there. Visit Native American Tribes to craft spiritual items and kill all enemies at the Bandits Outpost.

🐴Build a Stable & Ride a Horse🐴
A cowboy is nothing without his horse and a ranch. Build a stable and your loyal friend will help you to travel faster and carry extra items to western adventures. Ranch simulator allows you to craft a perfect shelter.

🏆Challenge Other Players in Ladders🏆
Complete daily quests for bounty hunts to earn precious rewards from the city sheriff and participate in the PVP ladder. Invite friends to play!

🔥Create an Alliance & join PVP mode🔥
Create an Alliance and build your own town. Become the strongest Alliance in the Wild West. Mine Gold, fight for treasure with other players with PVP mode.

🐊Raise your pet. Tame any animal you want🐊
Animals not only for hunting. Every pet can be your friend. Tame animals in the open world of the Wild West. Find a pet to fight with bandits and million players worldwide from Alliances

🎁Limited Events🎁
Don't miss out on the time-limited events in the Oregon Trail. Fight off a train raid and save survivors from bandits. Traveling traders will offer their goods for sale to a survivor.

Open a New World of the Westland Survival Game!

Tired of shooting dead zombies in the ‘last days of Earth-themed’ survival games? Discover the action games experience of the online western world video game simulator.

In the red valleys of the Wild West’s Great Oregon Trails, outlaws and even sheriffs are ready to kill men in broad daylight for good redemption. The whole new undiscovered earth is in front of you, cowboy. Frontier pioneers, bounty hunters, dead spirits – all have made shelter in the prairies of Texas or New Mexico.

Imagine you are riding in the desert – this desert is like a red dead island in the middle of the lively prairies. Your wagon convoy ran into a bandit ambush and left you behind as the only survivor, but certainly grim with anger to bring those gunslingers to the hangman! Or shoot them right off their horses!

But before, there’s some crafting to do – a shelter for the night, logging some wood for a bow and arrows, maybe even mining some ore for trading with the Indians. Perhaps they can teach you how to hunt deer…

There are no rules of fighting for survival, no last day of your adventures, continue to play as the shooter in PVE/PVP mode.

Walking through an open world multiplayer RPG game is hard. You are the last left to survive: build a shelter, design military strategy, craft guns, shoot earth walking souls, slay monsters, loot other players to survive.

Westland Survival © – is a free to play RPG online mobile video game with multiplayer features. More than 10 million players enjoy the craft survival and adventure game! Begin a real exploration survival game journey in the Wild West and invite friends to play!

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/westlandgame
Official website: www.heliogames.com

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There are many different and unique stylish types of games available in the market, but very few are holdings different and unique concepts compare to those same mainstream games. It feels good and looks fabulous when you play games with a different theme, storyline, and gameplay compared to your friends playing the same mainstream boring games. If you want to explore something different and unique in the gaming arsenal, you are in the absolute right place.

Today, the game we are talking about in this article is WESTLAND SURVIVAL MOD APK. This game Mod Apk has a thrilling storyline, fantastic graphics, and excellent music; in other words, this game has everything that can quickly grab your heart in the cowboy gaming world. Become a protagonist of the Wild West cowboys team, join adventurers journey in the American embark to the heyday of the gold rush. Exchange your trade with Indians; they have good spices and provide you with tasty food. WESTLAND SURVIVAL MOD APK is so big that we can't fathom it in this short article, but we can quickly provide you with a helpful critical brief overview.

Every gamer desires a unique storyline with huge suspense, and in his game, every level is a mystery is nobody unknown until you're going to discover its first time. I can undoubtedly say that all these extraordinary things mentioned above keep your thrill throughout the game and never make you feel bored, even for a single second. Whether in Texas or New Mexico, each new destination will bring uncertainty and more challenging tasks than the previous places. Every place has its puzzles and mission and becomes difficult to do alone. Still, if you have any support system that helps you throughout the game, it is possible with WESTLAND SURVIVAL MOD APK that we will discuss in the next paragraph.


WESTLAND SURVIVAL MOD APK is a modified and alternate valiant of the official WESTLAND SURVIVAL, which was developed initially by helio games. As you already know, there are many items and tools you need during your adventures journey is looked and second things if you cant able to appropriate mission, then it is not possible to unlock all those features. Still, you can use real money to unlock all those things, but that's the worth of hard-earned money, so we are here with this WESTLAND SURVIVAL MOD APK. In this WESTLAND SURVIVAL MOD APK, you will get many premium benefits for free and all future upcoming updates of VIP membership without even spending a single penny. Enjoy unlimited gold, unlimited money, access to newly introduced weapons, and so many things after having this mod Apk. It's time s to build a stable for your horses, explore the territory searching for precious minerals and resources, attack enemies, and make them aware with your famous cowboy enter in a different world with this mod apk.

Customize your hero

How cool is it that you design your heroes according to your choices give looks, clothes, tools, and style as you want? No compulsion to follow any law and rules. With this WESTLAND SURVIVAL MOD APK Make your powerful heroic look cowboy by choosing a suitable face type, hairstyle, beard, skin colors, hair colors, and dress types.

You can use these tools very smartly by adopting an American and Indian look whenever needed to do business. Make them fool and it even suitable for to saving yourself in needed by changing your identity anytime. If you continue changing your identity, know nobody came to understand who is behind the destruction of your rivals.

Fight against your rivals.

Exploit natural resources like trees, gold, and diamonds and enhance your thrilling weapons. Powerful weapons and enough resources are the most comprehensive combat strategy to win any game. The battle for survival is the ultimate mission you have to win. But it isn't easy for you to fight against your competitors. Practice and build sharp skills set, then go for the battle with gangsters, get unlimited pistols and rifles, or support system. Choose your area to fight like texas, Arizona, Mexico deserts, etc. Trains your horses for tough times and finds more treasure, minerals, and valuable resources than your competitors build an edge over them. If you train hard as well as have enough resources, nobody can defeat you in the game.

Collect precious ancient items

The game has so many hidden treasures and ancient relics that have huge worth and many ancient weapons, so the more you explore hame, the more you will get something precious. Follow maps and make the strategy to go unexplored place be the first one who lots precious items. Do mining and use special intel to make your customizable tools and weapons. As you already know, WESTLAND SURVIVAL MOD APK provides you with unlimited gold. Hence, if you find any duality in getting gold, there is no need to worry about it because you already have enough gold to make any customizable tools and weapons whenever needed. These all such incredible features make games much more enjoyable.

Build your own Wild West ranch

Collect all necessary items, defeat your enemies, and don't forget to make your wonderful stable for your horses and one wooden castle for your rest. It takes lots of time to get in the position where you could build your own Wild West ranch. But with our WESTLAND SURVIVAL MOD APK, you could all the desired very quickly and very early in the game.

Wood logging, mining, deer hunting

Don't leave any precious resource of the town and continuously keep exploring every place precisely. Mine everything you find in your, whether it's gold, silver, diamonds, or any other precious commodity. Always keep your home full of food in case of any emergency, so hunt as many deer you can save the food for a long time survival.

Final verdict

Undoubtedly WESTLAND SURVIVAL is one epic game you will come across ever; its have absolutely everything that gamer needs to enjoy at utmost potential, from HD graphics, music to the thrilling mission. Additionally, you are getting a WESTLAND SURVIVAL MOD APK to download the link below. After having mod Apk, you could enjoy every premium benefit for free. Get WESTLAND SURVIVAL MOD APK now and Hunt buffalo, deers, get the long ride wild horses, and many exciting things that cowboys used to do and never forget to capture treasures. But be careful, besides wolves and harmful animals, something terrible comes out at night like big animals, your competitors, etc., so be prepared to defend yourself at any moment with your rivals. Enjoy it

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Westland Survival v4.2.0 MOD APK (Menu, Free Purchase, Free Craft, Vip)
Download Westland Survival v4.2.0 MOD APK (Menu, Free Purchase, Free Craft, Vip) 

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