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War Machines v7.1.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Show Enemies Radar)

War Machines v7.1.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Show Enemies Radar)
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  • Version 7.1.3
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Play online matches with up to 8 players, join the weekly clan wars, climb the ranks, and unlock the most powerful and deadly war machines to BECOME A LEGEND !

WAR MACHINES is a strategic shooter packed with action in which you command a tank in a series of 3-minute matches to win the war.

Start the game with the good old Chaffee as a Private, then progress in your military career to unlock the historical Panzer IV, the legendary T90, or even the state-of-the-art M1A2 SEP v3 as a Brigadier General!

To succeed you must:
– Destroy the enemies;
– Collect resources;
– Upgrade your tank
– Win the war and, ultimately,
– Have fun!

We are proud of the strong community we built over more than 4 years.
We have thousands of clans spread around the globe with strong commanders that play and help each other every day in battle.
However, rest assured everyone is highly competitive!
While your allies will help you learn the rules and set you for success, your enemies will try to crush your clan in battle!

Are you ambushed? Call in an airstrike!
Is your enemy too strong? Maybe changing your ammo to a High Explosive or Armor Piercing will do the trick. It's just the beginning!


– 30+ realistic 3D tanks
– 4 unique maps to battle
– 3 action-packed game modes (alone or in a team)
– Technology trees to research 30+ different skills and customize your tank and the way you play
– 40+ awesome power-ups
– 10 types of ammunition (AP, APDS, HEAT, HESH, etc.)
– 30+ items for tank customization (military patterns and decals)
– Clans with up to 50 members
– Live Events: Clan Wars and Championship!!

From the makers of Sniper 3D, Tennis Clash, and Zooba!
Play War Machines, a multiplayer online tanks battle game, for free, now!

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Warmachinesgame/
Discord link https://discord.com/invite/warmachines
Twitter link https://twitter.com/PlayWarMachines
Reddit link https://www.reddit.com/r/warmachines/

In-game via Settings > Customer Support > Talk to Us or access it directly: tfghelp.helpshift.com

Privacy Policy:

Terms of Service:

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Shooting games are our most favorite creations, and even after the Pandemic of Covid-19, the lockdown made most of the guys learn these games since these games are the best entertainment source. One of the most noteworthy features of these games is the online gaming interface. Now You won't need to play anymore with the easy-freezy computer bots, whereas you're supposed to defeat the real gamers sitting next to your smartphone's screen. The challenge has got to an extreme level nowadays!

Well, today, we're here with the main motive of providing you with the most impeccable shooting recommendation. Now It's not a man-to-man shooting game, but it's something more fascinating! It's the Tank shooting game, where you're equipped with the War Machines and the powerful missiles to defeat all your rivals. The game is War Machines! It's an amazing Android game ranked in the top-20 online shooting games of the Google Play Store. Moreover, there are millions of daily players enjoying this game! The above featureful game sometimes sounds outstanding, but the gamers get annoyed playing it most of the time. The rationale behind this annoyance is the game's complexity to acquire the diamonds and, consequently, the legendary War Machines. So despite that, You can download our modified version, covering the same benefit in a more futuristic way. Start gaming advanced with the modification!

Play the Tank Wars with the fantastic Android game

You must have enjoyed the man-to-man shooting game, stickman shooting game, as well as animated shooting games, but mark my words, Now you're going to experience the most enthusiastic feeling of your entire life – War Machines. It's an online Android game where you can enjoy all your favorite shooting gaming modes in a particular place and a different or more sarcastic platform view. If you're a fan of top-quality Army and Military tank games, please don't wait and download it ASAP! It'll offer you fast-paced shooting with the most influential collection of fully upgradable War tanks. Start The War!!

Choose one of the most impeccable tanks and upgrade them

If You've chosen the War Machines for your next gaming choice, then you're going to get amazed with hundreds of privileges you never heard of yet. The first of all these features is its Tank collection! Basically, the game offers you a total of 8 tiers of tanks, containing 3-4 tanks in each tier. Tier means by the power of the tank. The first tier contains 1000-2000 power tanks which you can then upgrade and make a beast. Fortunately, the Tier 8 tanks are beast ones, possessing the power between 12000-16000, the legendary ones! You can also upgrade Tier 8 tanks and make them worth 20000 energy, but it literally costs a lot! Don't worry; download our modified version and get all of them unlocked free of charge. Spark your success!!

Play the most fantastic gaming modes and enjoy all of them

Gaming modes are the complexity of a shooting game which basically makes it the best or the worst game of the decade. The more the gaming modes, the more enthusiastic gamers and the entertaining sources inside the game will be. Similarly, the War Machines offers you all your favorite shooting modes in the same Tank format, containing Free For All, Team Deathmatch, and Conquest. Free For All is the place where you're needed to play for yourself, where Team Deathmatch is the place where you're required to play with your team. So choose the best one and enjoy every moment inside War Machines!

Change the gaming controls and settings conveniently

If You're playing a shooting game, then you first need to look at its convenience before enjoying it! Sometimes the shooting games annoy control settings and sensitivity levels, as there are hundreds of creations containing hundreds of non-changeable controls. But for offering you extensive fun, War Machines offers you entirely changeable controls that you can handily modify in your favorite 3-finger or 4-finger format! Enjoy this convenient game today, download War Machines MOD APK instantly!

Download the modified version for the free premium fun

Time to astound you with our most impeccable creation – War Machines MOD APK! Here is the revised version of War Machines, embedded with the most impeccable features you dreamed of every night from the tank game. Primarily, it's offering you no unlimited money, no diamonds, but despite that, War Machines MOD APK provides you the unlocked tanks and most advanced MOD scripts. So download this game today and enjoy it on your own!

Now track the enemy's location directly on your map

The futuristic world ihere! Crashing the most deadly trouble inside the game and making your gaming hassle-free, we're offering you the War Machines MOD APK. Inside this modified game, you can track your enemies directly in the above-placed minimap. After that, You can take your position and start firing on him without getting located. Isn't it incredible, like finding your enemies and crushing them quickly! Enjoy it!!

Enjoy all the unlocked tanks without a single struggle or payment

If You haven't played the official game yet, You can't imagine the struggle needed to purchase just the first tank. Nothing is easy-freezy inside the War Machines, and you need to complete as the first-positioned 10-15 times just for buying the first-tier tank. Now You can imagine the game's complexity and the struggle required to unlock the last tier ones! Do you want to skip that struggle? Download War Machines MOD APK and enjoy the entirely unlocked tanks free of charge. Moreover, You also won't need to spend your coins upgrading these tanks since we're offering you highly upgraded tanks. Just download War Machines MOD APK, and enjoy the magic!

Fast reload MOD for all the tanks having low reloading speed

Fast reloading is just another powerful feature of the War Machines MOD APK. It's one of the most legit reasons for downloading the modified version despite the official one. At the first level, you'll find numerous 2nd and 3rd-tier tanks, which are hard to destroy, and within that, you'll also get annoyed with the slowest reloading. So basically, You can change this thing just by downloading our War Machines MOD APK! Inside this modified version, you can ultimately fire the missiles without waiting for 5-6 seconds of reloading! Enjoy futuristic gaming!

Final Verdict

After getting through the entire article, you can easily understand the need to download War Machines MOD APK. So skip getting annoyed every day with the official version just by installing this one on your smartphone. It'll offer you every tank unlocked free of charge with incredible add-on features like Fast Reload and Enemy Location! Now destroy all enemy tanks fluently; download it right now!!

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Mods are constantly updated by the 5PLAY team.
Any copyright issues please contact: [email protected]

This update contains some quality of life improvements and fixes.
War Machines v7.1.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Show Enemies Radar)
Download War Machines v7.1.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Show Enemies Radar) 

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