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Vortex Cloud Gaming Mod APK 2.0.1 (Free Account, Subscription)

Vortex Cloud Gaming Mod APK 2.0.1 (Free Account, Subscription)
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🎮 Get to the world of cloud gaming! 🎮

❇️ Stream the games straight from the servers to your device ❇️

If you want to play PC games on your mobile, our service is a perfect choice.

No matter if you are a casual 👍or heavy gamer 👍👍, we have a plan for you:

BASIC – $9.99 – includes 78 games, offers 50 hours/month
PRO – $19.99 – includes 178 games [many with licenses], offers 80 hours/month
ULTRA – $29.99 – includes 178 games [many with licenses], offers 140 hours/month

Download our dedicated apps and play now ⚡on:
★ phone with Android 📱
★ smart TV 📺
★ your PC 🖥

And the best thing?

You save money 💰!

Don’t spend thousands on expensive gaming PC or console. You don't need it anymore! We will do the heavy lifting for your device and you can just enjoy the game 💪! On every device🔥!

Turn your everyday equipment into a cloud gaming PC 💪!

Vortex cloud gaming platform will allow you to:
★ Play PC games on mobile 🔥
★ Play games with no downloads or updates 🔥
★ Get access to PC games without having a computer 🔥

Remote gaming is the future! Don’t be left out!

Is Vortex Cloud Gaming for me?:

★ You don’t own a gaming PC or console? No worries! At Vortex, you can access the latest games on every device!
★ You want to use a cloud gaming service at a decent price.

How to use Vortex? It's really easy 👌

★ Download our app
★ Create an account and subscribe

Get the app and play 🎮 now! Remote cloud gaming is at your fingertips!

Visit us now at: https://vortex.gg/

Find Vortex Cloud gaming on:
* https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=vortex.gg&epa=SEARCH_BOX

* https://twitter.com/cloudvortexgg?lang=en

* https://www.instagram.com/vortexcloudgaming/

* https://discordapp.com/invite/ufdxHd9

More questions? Contact us at [email protected]

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Remote gaming has become the way of the future. Why do you need your PC to access specific titles, when you can remotely play straight from your mobile? Download Vortex Cloud Gaming for Android and have access to more than one hundred popular gaming titles.

What’s more, all of these titles can be enjoyed on multiple platforms. Regardless of the device – PV, Smart TV, or Android can all access and play these titles by using the app.

Get ready for the future of gaming, where platforms don’t dictate any limits to your entertainment. Enjoy any title from any system, platform, or device. Experience a taste of this future right now.

Vortex Cloud Gaming Features

Features can make or break an application. Check out what Vortex Cloud Gaming for Android has to offer that makes it such a fun and amazing app to use.

  • Remote gaming from multiple platforms. Play your favorite games like PUBG, Fortnite, CoD, and many more popular titles on Android, Smart TV, and PC.
  • More than one hundred different titles are all available to access and begin playing.
  • Get hours of uninterrupted gaming. Each plan offers at least 50 hours per month in unlimited remoting gaming.
  • Save tons of money on your gaming. You save a truck load when paying for a plan, rather than buying each individual title on their own.

Subscription Services

Of course, an application this good would be locked behind a pay wall. In this case, you will need a subscription in order to access all of the titles available on the app. Depending on your plan, you will have more or less access to games. Naturally, the more you pay, the more titles will be made available to you.

If you’re curious of the different plans, we have listed them here. There are three options players can choose from. These options are – Basic, Pro, and Ultra plans. Pick your plan and immediately begin remote gaming:

  • Basic - $9.99/month. This plans offers 78 games and 50 hours per month.
  • Pro - $19.99/month. The next plan brings 178 different game titles alongside 80 hours per month.
  • Ultra - $29.99. The final plan offers 178 games and 140 hours per month.

Vortex Cloud Gaming Mod APK - Free Account, Subscription

If you want the absolute best version of the application, you should choose to download the latest version APK file. With it, you can avoid one of the greatest issues the app has, which is limiting its users. This issue is definitely the pay gap between plans and access.

Thus, when you choose to download this version of the app, you are guaranteed the following benefits:

  • Less storage and data usage on your mobile device
  • Faster installation and download speeds

With that said, the Vortex Cloud Gaming free APK should definitely be the preferred choice of download. That is, unless you don’t mind having to pay straight from your wallet to access these games.

We don’t judge. If you wish to play it safe and pay for your plans, go ahead. Otherwise, you can take the head start and immediately download Vortex Cloud Gaming APK Android files now. You may find this is one of the greatest decisions you have made. Countless hours of remote gaming should be reason enough to not regret it. Stop wasting now and click the download button!

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Mods are constantly updated by the 5PLAY team.
Any copyright issues please contact: [email protected]

Check the updated Vortex Android app based on our superior streaming technology. Here is the list of the newest features that allow you to experience cloud gaming to the maximum:

🎮 lower latency
🎮 better quality
🎮 higher security
🎮 new improved UI

All above to provide you with a smoother gaming experience.

PRO tip: You can continue a gameplay started on the Android app. Just switch to your PC or MacOS. Log in at Vortex.gg website, enter your credentials and play via browser.
Vortex Cloud Gaming Mod APK 2.0.1 (Free Account, Subscription)
Download Vortex Cloud Gaming Mod APK 2.0.1 (Free Account, Subscription) 

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