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Underworld Office Mod APK 1.4.0 (Unlimited ticket)

Underworld Office Mod APK 1.4.0 (Unlimited ticket)
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Do you read books but being bored with it? Like to play interactive story games, visual novels, interactive story, mystery games, chat games, indie games but tired of the same old templates? Try our Visual Novel, a Mysterious Novel where choices do matter! We are offering our free interactive storytelling game named ‘Underworld Office’ in the world of Adventure Games. All our stories, mysterious novels are written by diligently selected authors.

Here we come a Visual Novel, filled with horror, touching, innocent episodes, storyline and chat stories!

It’s a completely unparalleled Visual Novel, Mystery Game you have ever played made especially for smartphone users!

If you want an ad-free experience, please purchase the paid version. You can enjoy unlimited play without the ticket system.
Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.buffstudio.uwoffice

📖Introduction to Underworld Office | Visual Novel, Adventure Games:
Underworld Office is a chat style interactive story game and adventure game with an attractive universe where you will experience mysterious, yet touching, innocent episodes with various ghosts (in this ghost game) that are somewhat twisted, cute, and stern at the same time!

💬Intriguing Storyline
In Hidden story game, mystery game; The main character is Eugene who accidentally falls into the world of ghosts and almost gets killed by monsters while a mysterious ghost saves Eugene and demands to work at the Underworld Office in return…

🎮Key Features of our Mystery Game, Visual Novel game:
– Light novel, adventure game, visual novel, styled mysterious text
– Attracting characters in this hidden story game
– Enjoy a different world with about 40 short animations and 150 illustrations
– Find all 7 different routes through making different choices | Mysterious Novel
– Collect all 25 titles and 60 album illustrations in adventure game & enjoy it.
– If you ever played Hidden Story game, Mystery Novel, or any Masterpiece Novel. You will enjoy this Visual Novel too.

📌EXTRA FEATURES to enjoy our Adventure Games (Mystery Story Novel):
– This Adventure game is for FREE! Enjoy our Visual Novel | Mystery Game
– Meet with ghosts in our Mystery game that is cute & stern at the same time!
– Play unique puzzles in this hidden story, Mystery game. Your story will depend on what you choose in this our visual novel
– More stories to come! We will notify you about our upcoming visual novels, adventure games, mystery game

💯Why Novel?
In novels, you directly control the flow of the story. Your choices do matter so choose carefully how to react and what to do in different situations. Play our Visual Novel, Hidden Story Game and you will never regret it.
Visual Novels has thousands of lovers and it is the fastest-growing collection of interactive stories where YOU choose your destiny. Try in our Hidden Story Novel, Mystery Game

👍We recommend this Adventure Game, Visual Novel for…
– Who Like Visual Novel, Mystery Games, Adventure Games or Chat Games, Opus, Innocent
– Want to kill time while playing Adventure Games or reading a Visual Novel
– Love to be in World of Ghosts, or like to play Mystery Games, Interactive Storyline
– Want to play for free? Our Visual Novel ‘Underworld Office’ is 100% free to play.
– Love light novels, Masterpiece Storyline, Mysterious Novel or Adventure Games
– Those who want to move from the old stories & old templates of adventure game
– Love interactive mystery story, Masterpiece Novel, Storytelling game
– Those who get tired of playing regular novel games
– Who Like Adventure Games | Best Novel Games | Mystery Games | Chat Games | Innocent Storyline | Mysterious Novels

💌We bring new adventure game storyline! Now, you have the opportunity to enjoy our Visual Novel, Mystery Games, Story Games, Adventure Games!

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Words of a young boy named Eugene. One day, he finds himself in an entirely different world from the one we know. This is the domain of ghosts and monsters. Download Underworld Office to watch the story of this visual novel unfold!

In this visual novel, you’ll experience the life of Eugene, as he begins his work at the Underworld Office. After becoming a ghost and almost dying, he must accept that his old life will never be the same.

Chat Style Visual Novel

Get immersed into the story of Eugene and use chat to dictate your every action within the Underworld Office game. Don’t get too creeped out by the entire vibe of the game. The visuals are beautifully drawn in a 2D art style and tone down the horror aspects.

Additionally, you can look forward to all of the following:

👻 Play a free and exciting light novel with horror adventure, mystery and more characteristics that will keep you glued to your phone.

👻 Enjoy the colorful cast of characters. You’ll grow to love each and every one of these people involved in the story.

👻 Previously mentioned, the art style and animations are also amazing. There are 40 different animation scenes, alongside 150 drawn illustrations. No wonder this sis a cult classic with its own following.

👻 On that note, you can also collect these illustrations into an album. The ghastly producers knew how good their art was. So, why not show it off to the world for unlimited viewing?

👻 Do you like games with multiple endings? Play through Underworld Office and branch through 7 different routes of the overall plot. You’ll find various outcomes and interactions throughout each of these paths.

Why are Visual Novels Popular?

Visual Novels are a great interactive read for anyone who likes the following:

  • People who love to read will find this to be an exciting experience. Probably the best visual novel for Android, when it comes to horror, mystery, and adventure.
  • Also, fans of ghost stories will find a lot of entertainment in this time-killing interactive experience.
  • Want to read novels for free? Want to play games for free? Get BOTH packed into the Underworld Office Visual Novel free to play game.

Join the Fandom!

What’s more, there is an entire fan base devoted to the game. Join the Underworld Office Fandom by following the link here: .

Interact with tons of other ghost story fans and share collective information regarding your experiences. Everything is always better in a group. So, follow the page and become a member of the light novel community.

Get the Underworld Office Mod APK Free Download

Read Underworld Office now and download the Mod APK file for Android. This light visual novel will bring out different emotions from you. In the end, you’ll be craving for even more content. Replay value is high, experience the multiple paths in-game and re-immerse yourself into the story dozens of time over!

Quite possible the best visual novel for Android. Download Underworld Office Mod APK Latest Version now.

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Mods are constantly updated by the 5PLAY team.
Any copyright issues please contact: [email protected]

- Minor bug fixes
Underworld Office Mod APK 1.4.0 (Unlimited ticket)
Download Underworld Office Mod APK 1.4.0 (Unlimited ticket) 

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