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The Spike MOD APK v2.1.9 (Unlock All Characters, Money, Max Level)

The Spike MOD APK v2.1.9 (Unlock All Characters, Money, Max Level)
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  • Version 2.1.9
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  • Developer DAERISOFT
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5/5 - (1 vote)

The Spike returns with a new design.
Play the new remastered version now!
You’ll be surprised.

(Warning) The game may be somewhat difficult.
A little practice and you'll get the hang of it in no time.

■ Community( Discord )

Game Introduction

A game developed by volleyball-loving high school students!!!!
Arcade style retro graphics!!!!
Try serving a spike before saying anything.

Game Characteristics

■ A volleyball game developed by a high school indie development team!
– Expect huge and frequent updates!

■ A game where the developers kept communicating with players!
– This game was able to make a comeback, thanks to the support of so many!

■ Let your stress melt away with the beautiful sound of a spike!
– No more stress from school and work!

■ The hyperactive sounds will make it feel like a workout!
– The sounds of shoes screeching on the floor give the feel of intense exercise!

■ A game that showcases the future of indie games in Korea!
– This is how advanced high school students are!

Created by volleyball lovers, “The Spike: Remastered”
Create your player and progress through the story!
In volleyball, the middle hitter may be quite important, but the skills of the setter are what dominate the game!

Your precious ratings and reviews greatly encourage the developers 🙂

■ Access Guide
[Required Access]
– Storage: Used to store data on the SD card in case the device runs low on memory.

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There are so many games available that are developed based on the real-world sport that, including all the popular games like soccer, cricket, chess, ludo, etc., there are at least thousands of different games in each sport. Still, a void was missing as one of the most popular games, Volleyball, was missing the authentic tools and features in the game play, causing massive despair for the Volleyball lovers. Not enough because we are here with one of the outstanding game play of Volleyball in the gaming genre, which lets you explore things and essential elements of volleyball fun in the virtual world; the Spike Mod apk is here to offer the users enormously enhanced gaming functions in the Volleyball genres. You can enjoy every detail game play of the game with your friends and more.

The Spike Mod apk is one of the outstanding simulations of the Volleyball sport where the story begins as your role play the college students passionate about Volleyball. You will start enjoying playing the actual Volleyball in the game. It's an approach that offers the most authentic experience where you have to hit the ball, avoid nets, and let it hit another team's ground. The gameplay is precisely similar to the real one, and the features make it incredible to play. There are various leagues and challenges to participate in combining the modes to choose from, where each offers different gameplay. You can make your team or join any other group, design your team and character with a variety of available accessories like outfits, logo, etc. play the outstanding and impressive simulated games against the players from all over the world in real-time as a Multiplayer online mode.

The Spike Mod apk

The Spike Mod apk is one of the most authentic and working mods of the original game play, which is available here on our website for you to download for free as there was some limitation on the original version because of the money issues and premium features as well as tools which require money to unlock. We offer this mod version with premium tools and features unlocked for free. Unlimited money to upgrade skills, characters, designs, balls, etc. Unlocked stages, modes, and characters. All the gaming benefits are unlocked for free.

Free shopping to purchase all the accessories and equipment from the game store. We have integrated the ads blocking policy in the game mod so you will not get disturbed while having fun. No rooting is required while installing the version below the given link. All the bugs are fixed, with no lagging policy and antiban properties. Moreover, this modified version is coded to provide the most secure version to install on your device with pure safety in all senses.


The Spike Mod apk offers the users classic features and special functions to explore the game of Volleyball in the virtual world. Such astonishing and impressive gameplay elements allow users to experience the sports in the enhanced methods. Ultra HD simulation that offers a unique outlook and all the tools to substitute the traditional methods; We are discussing below some of the outstanding functions of the gameplay to let you know about the serving;

Authentic and impressive Volleyball simulation

The Spike Mod apk comes with the most enhanced and unique features to provide the users with the most impressive Volleyball gameplay in the simulation format. Users will love the elements with an authentic control interface and play modes. You have to pass the ball from your side to others trying to hit their ground and avoiding yours. You all will play in team and squad methods as we do in reality—teamwork and effectively managing the gameplay in various modes.

Designs the characters and team outlook

Users can choose their character for the roleplay in The Spike Mod apk, where multiple options are available for you to choose and then design your character in many ways. Like you can change the outlook, color, logo, wearables, outfits, clothing, equipment, appliances, balls, and many more accessories in the game.

Create your team or join groups

In The Spike Mod, apk users can create their own team by forming a group of players and then strictly participating in the tournaments of various levels. You have to design the whole team process like jersey, color, logo, brand, appliances, training space, and more to experience fun. While you can also join any team in the gameplay and play with their brand and orders, what requires your best effort with teamwork to make your team win in all cases.

Variety of modes and leagues to choose from and play

The Spike Mod apk provides a variety of modes for the users to play in the system where they can choose any liken seasons mode, league mode, career mode, etc. These modes have a graphic format where the end goal is different and makes many customization changes. You have to play the tournaments and leagues of the VolleyBall in many national and international categories. You will win exciting rewards and money by winning the game in mixed leagues and matches.

Online multiplayer to communicate and play with real-time players

The Spike Mod apk has one of the latest servings, which is loved by gamers, and that is multiplayer online availability so you can bring on your friends and play the exciting matches and games with them. You can also enjoy yourself with random strangers on your team or against. The version offers premium features and methods to interact with the online players through communication in varied forms of the chats and messages sin user interface.


Download The Spike Mod apk to enjoy Volleyball's outstanding and impressive simulated game play here. All the actual physics, motions, and elements are available to enjoy the fun as we do in real life. Experience the game in a different format in various modes: season modes, leagues, and challenges to explore in the game play. Multiplayer online lets you connect with the whole world, play random games, and network. We are offering the users unmatchable free premium tools, accessories, features, and benefits in this mod: no ads and other modified features like unlocked characters and locality.

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Mods are constantly updated by the 5PLAY team.
Any copyright issues please contact: [email protected]

1. Fixed an issue where an error sometimes occurred when repeatedly pressing the Tournament Reset button.
2. Official Discord channel button has been added to the settings window.
3. Added simple UI tutorial.
4. BGM is played on the main screen.
5. The beach event period has been extended to November 13th (UTC+9).
The Spike MOD APK v2.1.9 (Unlock All Characters, Money, Max Level)
Download The Spike MOD APK v2.1.9 (Unlock All Characters, Money, Max Level) 

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