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The Ghost Mod APK 1.0.50 (Mod Menu, No ads)

The Ghost Mod APK 1.0.50 (Mod Menu, No ads)
  • Updated
  • Version 1.0.50
  • Requirements Android -
  • Developer Gameplier
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New Wishlie Hospital
You were getting your daily treatment with friends at the New Wishlie Hospital for 2 weeks already, and today was time to get discharged from the hospital. But something happened. You woke up at 2 AM and found out that all the patients were gone, except you and your friends. The place looks much muddier and it’s… locked! You read in magazines about the hospital and turns out that it's haunted. Now It seems like the only way to escape is through the garage door. Will you be able to get away by the time the ghost devours your soul?

High School
Emily and Leila were studends and best friends. They lived in a small house in a town with almost no people. It was Sunday, and it was routinuous for them to visit the cemetery together. Only this time, for some reasons, Emily felt she would better stay home. So she decided to stay home. Looking out of window, Emily sees strange creature creeping behind her sister… The next day after Leila's absence, she runs to school for help. On her way to get inside the school, the main school gate closes behind her. Now locked inside the school area, the next thing she notices are students who struggle to survive…

Play with up to 5 players.
Play as survivor – escape the place.
Play as the ghost – don't let the survivors escape.

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/CDeyj4t58H

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Puzzle escape horror games have become extremely popular during the past years. This is thanks to the popularity of escape challenges which is done in the real world by groups of people. Now, mobile game developers have chimed in on the fun and decided to add another element that would make it more interesting. Instead of a regular escape room challenge, in The Ghost, you’ll literally need to escape for your life! There are ghosts all around the hospital where you’re staying at.

Published by Gameplier, this game is a combination of many genres today that ultimately culminates to horror. Here, you’ll need to survive by finding a way to escape. But things aren’t going to be easy since you’ll need to find clues and things you can use to get out of the building. Thankfully, you can play this game with your friends for up to 5 players! But the fun part is that you can also play as the ghost where you will need to catch the players.

A Fun Horror Escape Game

There’s nothing scarier than being trapped in a hospital with no electricity and no way out! Imagining this scenario will only terrify your heart as not many people can take on this challenge. But there are many brave souls out there today that would play a game like this simply because they are brave. They like to take on challenging games especially horror ones to prove their strength. In the game The Ghost, you’ll wake up at a hospital where you were treated only to find out it’s haunted!

The only great piece of news you have is that you’re not alone as you still have your friends with you. Together, you must find a way to escape the wretched place before the ghosts comes and eats your soul. But in order to escape, you’ll need to find clues and other things that will help you escape. There are many rooms and things in this creepy hospital and you must use your wits. But you also need to be careful as the ghost is just around the corner!

You’ll only be given a limited timer so you need to hurry. But you can cooperate with your teammate and you can even chat in the game.

The Ghost Features

There are many horror mobile games available today. In The Ghost, you’ll enjoy a fun multiplayer escape game.

Dare to Escape – There seems to be an influx of games available today for many people. The horror genre is one of the most popular since people love taking on challenges and scaring others. But if you have the guts to take on this challenge, download The Ghost today and enjoy! Here, you’ll wake up in an abandoned hospital with your friends. But it turns out that the hospital is haunted and it’s filled with many ghosts!

In this game, you’ll need to escape by finding out where the exit is. But things won’t be as easy as you think as there are many rooms and the exit is not clear. You must work together with your friends here to find where the exit is today. Can you take on this challenging game without screaming your heart out? Find the exit now before the ghost finds you!

Find the Exit – There’s something so scary and so exciting about a game asking you to find the exit. These escape puzzle games are so brutally realistic that it’s fun to play them by yourself or with others. In The Ghost, you’ll need to find the exit to the abandoned hospital by working together with other people. Here, you must find clues and things that you can use today to get out. There will be tasks that you’ll need to complete first before you can go out.   

Play with others – In this game, you’ll be at an abandoned hospital full of horrors! But the game becomes easier knowing that you have some teammates! Here, you can play with up to 5 people on each match so you can play with your friends or with random people. You can also chat in the match so you can coordinate and strategize. This makes the game similar to Among Us in a way!

Realistic graphics and controls – This game is features a realistic one that allows you to move around and do certain things. Here, you can chat by typing or even by turning on your mic. You can also enjoy the realistic setting which is set in the hospital today.

Play as the ghost – In The Ghost, you can become the survivor or a ghost! As the ghost, you’ll need to find and catch the survivors!

Download The Ghost Mod Menu – No ads

Enjoy a fun time surviving in The Ghost! Find the exit by working with your teammates today.

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-Touch input fix
-Minor improvements
The Ghost Mod APK 1.0.50 (Mod Menu, No ads)
Download The Ghost Mod APK 1.0.50 (Mod Menu, No ads) 

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