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TerraGenesis Mod APK 6.31 (Unlimited genesis points)

TerraGenesis Mod APK 6.31 (Unlimited genesis points)
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Explore the galaxy and bring life to desolate worlds in this planet crafter simulator!
New worlds in the universe are waiting to be conquer. Experience space and conquer the challenge of bringing hidden worlds to life and helping new civilizations survive.

The universe is in evolution – take part in our mission to develop and repopulate planets.

Build and develop cities in this planet simulator game: apply space science and NASA technology to terraform planets with varied environments outside the solar system.
Use NASA science to bring planets to life and build cities throughout the galaxy. In this realistic space simulator you can explore, evolve and ensure survival in a vast universe of planets and alien worlds. Make your civilization survive in every planet of the universe!

– Explore and terraform new planets across the entire universe
– Plan your planet crafter strategy to build new cities and civilizations in the outer space using NASA science
– TerraGenesis features an entire universe of planets to build life on: Terraform the Earth, Mars and other planets in and outside the solar system
– Discover lost worlds and planets, encounter alien life: Make peace or smash them in this planet crafter simulator
– Travel the galaxy and discover an endless universe filled with opportunities to build new civilizations

– Enjoy building life on other planets in the galaxy outside the solar system
– Conquer the challenge of bringing human life to distant planets
– Explore and survive on new worlds by using NASA science and technology to strategically manage resources
– Track your civilizations progress and your world's current status with the Stats Summary Page

– Discover distant planets outside the solar system and help human civilization survive in space
– Encounter alien lifeforms and choose between making peace or conquering them
– Develop strategy and conquer challenges as you build your new world in this planet crafter simulator. Life outside the Earth is possible!

– Save your civilization and protect your planet from any threat
– Build a planetary defense network to detect giant asteroids in space, initiate missions to destroy the threat, change the asteroid’s course or develop new strategies to survive certain doom

– Build a universe with planets from our orbit or throughout the galaxy and have endless fun in this space simulator!

Never lose progess, begin each new session where you left off. TerraGenesis is free to play planet builder simulator and as an indie game it is important to us that all in-app purchases are entirely optional and not required for a full and complete experience.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TerraGenesisGame
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/SettleTheStars
Terms of Use: http://www.tiltingpoint.com/terms-of-service

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Quick Introduction

Welcome traveler, to Terragenesis – the grand colony building strategy game for anyone and everyone. Select a world, colonize the planet / moon and have a full-blown generated rock that sustains life.

Let’s start colonizing in Terregenesis

Here are the qualities of each planet (or moon) that needs to be taken into account. Without this information, you’ll never be able to create a world full of life. Check them out:

  • Temperature (mK)
  • Pressure
  • Oxygen Levels
  • Sea Level
  • Ideal Sea Level
  • Elevation Range
  • Number of Moons (If it is a planet)

Once you are accustomed to your new home, you can start building. You can go through your research, colonies, cultures, biosphere, and satellites.

You can also choose a faction to undergo the life qualities of your new home. Will you follow a swift and fair democracy, or turn to something more communist?

Not only do you have to choose your new home to colonize. In addition to the planets / moons, you’ll need to select a faction to colonize the world. With factions, you gain a certain amount of benefits (depending on the faction).

Make sure to choose wisely. Each faction has its own policies and way of living that affects the growth of the colony.

The choices are as followed:

  • United Nations Space Administration: This is a last-stand group of survivors from Earth. They value knowledge and take great pride in their democracy. With the UNSA, you are gifted with reduced cot for Lagrange Academy.
  • Horizon Corporation: Here, we have an impatient bunch of spaceflight experts. Horizon Corp. value wealth and Plutocracy for all of its members. With this faction, you’ll be awarded a reduced cost for Orbital Surveyor.
  • Sons of Hephaestus: Here are the most conservative of the bunch. With an industrial economy and yearning to keep the planet from becoming “contaminated”, Sons of Hephaestus reign. This super-conserved faction grants a reduced cost for Sky Farm.
  • Daughters of Gaia: Lost, but not least – Daughters of Gaia are the most ecological of the factions. This group was founded by Deirdre McCloud with a clear goal in mind – terraform a new into their dreamed garden paradise. Furthermore, alongside the Daughters of Gaia, you are given the perk of reduced cost for Soletta.

Now that you know the faction, which will you choose? Each world needs a specific faction to help it progress and grow faster. Remember, choose wisely.

First, you’ll want to grow your colony. Then add yourself some water, so-on and so-forth. Terra genesis is very strategy oriented. As your colony thrives, you’ll continue to lose credits. Manage your money and resources to the best of your abilities.

Music & Graphics

Let’s start with the bad. Unfortunately, the music is non-existent. Terragenesis for Android is a surprisingly quiet game. You’ll want to play this game with your favorite music playing in the background.

FORTUNATELY, the graphics are amazing. The game is fully rendered in 3D, so there are some sights to behold. Play around and check out the hyper-realistic planets and moons.

Additionally, the Terragenesis Mod Apk latest version is also available to offer loads of features. Take a look at what you can do to make your world-building so much easier:

Terragenesis Mod APK - Latest Version

With the modded version of the game you’ll get these features:

  • Unlimited genesis points

So, don’t waste any more time. Your citizens are in dire need for a new home to colonize. Time to get started.

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Mods are constantly updated by the 5PLAY team.
Any copyright issues please contact: [email protected]

We’ve made a bunch of behind-the-scenes enhancements and bug fixes based on the feedback that you provided. Thanks for playing and as always, happy terraforming!
TerraGenesis Mod APK 6.31 (Unlimited genesis points)
Download TerraGenesis Mod APK 6.31 (Unlimited genesis points) 

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