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Swing Loops Mod APK 1.8.10 (No ads)

Swing Loops Mod APK 1.8.10 (No ads)
  • Updated
  • Version 1.8.10
  • Requirements Android 7.0
  • Developer SayGames Ltd
  • Genre Casual
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Тry to name one or two parkour games – can you? Not likely! But now, come find out why not this time – check on your own why Swing Loops will become your favorite… and a game you’ll never forget!

Your mind keeps spinning in an endless loop.

Literally! Just close your eyes and imagine…A huge megalopolis, thousands of skyscrapers, even traffic jams (yeah, the game design is really that realistic, don’t look so surprised!), with you running around 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃right at the center of it. WOW! What do you think?

Not bad! And what if we tell you that at some point in this race 🏁 you’ll be swinging in the air, then flying like a wild bird… What a crazy parkour game!

Then you suddenly notice some strange people around you. What are they doing here? Are they running towards the finish line? No way!

Top 10 standout features of Swing Loops

1. Gaming hierarchy: each level has 11 sublevels. You can’t be sneaky and skip any of them to reach the next destination. Come on, be an honest gamer.

2. Each of the sublevels is unique within the level, with a different route and different features you can use on your way. No place for boredom.

3. The game has competitive elements: there will be other runners alongside you. That’s why it’s called a race.

4. Tons of possible actions to take: jump, fly, run, go, even stop – do whatever you want to come in the first! 🔝

5. New stylish outfits. Come on, they’re stylish in our opinion! Tastes differ.

6. Endless chances to start over. This is crucial when you fall off a 12-story building. 🏢

7. Respect for classic stuff: golden keys, diamonds, money and other “must-collect“ things. Not old school, just a bit of good old tradition, you know…

8. Highly realistic location designs: you can turn left or right and still see the city around you. It makes you feel totally inside the process.

9. The unique opportunity to double or triple the treasures you gather, and sometimes the multipliers are even higher. It’s an easy way to become a greedy person, though, so watch yourself!

10. While we’re on the subject of treasures, we should mention colorful 💎 crystals. They’ll come in handy for purchasing things like clothes, tools for climbing, skateboards, wings, and boats. Shopping is available based on level.

Someone wise and ancient once said that our life is a rope swing.

❗ We are not Greek philosophers and so we are not going to agree or disagree with this famous statement. However, one thing we do know for sure is this: the more you play Swing Loops, the less mood swings you’ll have! So download and stay happy all the time, because this game won’t give you a single chance to be sad!

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Parkour games always come in a different style, offering a completely new gaming experience. Sadly, not everyone can mention a parkour game. This is because there are only a few of these games currently available on mobile devices.

A change is here, and with Swing Loops, you are sure of enjoying parkour-style on your device. Rest assured that you would get an unforgettable experience.

An endless loop is featured in Swing Loops, and this is so that your mind will continue to turn in it. All you have to do is close your eyes and imagine things. It also features a big megalopolis that is characterized by traffic jams and several skyscrapers.

You don’t need to be surprised at these features because this is a realistic game. What’s amazing about the game is the fact that you’d run directly to the center of the megalopolis.

There are several other things that improve the race when you play. This includes the fact that you’d fly like a bird and also swing intermittently when racing. It is worth mentioning that the megalopolis is not without human features. You’d come across strange people as you explore the gaming world.

Distinctive Features

The fact that Swing Loops is a parkour game shows that it has several unique features. These distinctive features are highlighted below:

  • Hierarchy: There is a hierarchical order in Swing Loops. This is marked by the levels and the sublevels it features. It is important to note that there are different levels, with each having 11 sublevels.Also, you have to progress through the different levels in the hierarchical order of the game. This implies that you cannot skip or foxy any of the levels to get to your next destination. Honesty is key when you explore this game.
  • There are different sublevels for each of the levels of the game. What’s amazing is that these sublevels are all unique. The aim is for each sublevel to deliver a unique gaming experience to players. With this, you can never be bored when you play the game.
  • Competition: This is a unique element that is featured in Swing Loops. You’d notice other players running along with you. Remember, it’s a race, and you must not allow them to finish before you.
  • Opportunities: There are different moves to perfume as you race. You can run, fly, and jump or do anything you can to ensure you finish first.
  • Style: This is one of the features that enhance the graphics of the game. Style is delivered to the gameplay with the help of the outfits your character can put on.

There are several other amazing and distinctive features you can maximize when you play Swing Loops. Also, you have unlimited chances to start all over, especially when you fall from a tall building.

Swing Loops Mod Apk Free Download

The amazing thing about the modified version of every game is that you get to enjoy upgraded features. Everything is enhanced such that players can have a smooth gaming experience when they use the modified version. Some of these features include:

  • No Ads


Download the latest version of Swing Loops to enjoy the parkour gaming experience. Enter races, and finish first while performing different skills.

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Any copyright issues please contact: [email protected]

Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Swing Loops Mod APK 1.8.10 (No ads)
Download Swing Loops Mod APK 1.8.10 (No ads) 

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