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Stickman Rope Hero 4.0.4 (Unlimited Money)

Stickman Rope Hero 4.0.4 (Unlimited Money)
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It's time for a real hero, the updated stickman is back. Stickman is the same person who can do anything. Play a free simulator about a funny man and have fun as it should, in the updated version there are more dodges, more easter eggs, more missions. You still have awesome 3D action in a big open world from a third party. The life of a stickman is not easy, a large number of enemies and difficult battles await your hero. Funny shooters will take place on every corner. Evil clones have invaded your city again; these painted little men haunt anyone. Your hero needs to fight this evil that has invaded the city and set its inhabitants free. Fend off waves of enemies and keep the defense of the whole city. Get rewards for completed tasks and improve your stickman. Complete a large number of interesting missions. Get cool guns to have superiority in battles.

Explore the updated 3D city, find secret passages to better navigate in the future. In the city you can find interesting easter eggs and a large number of free game resources. Among them will be: cartridges, weapons, first-aid kit, body armor, coins, crystals and much more.

The game has a large number of free resources. Take daily rewards every day and get to the final gift. Collect crystals scattered around the city.

Optimized graphics allow you to play even on a weak device. Quality settings will allow you to run the game with minimum or maximum requirements, depending on your device. Convenient controls will allow you to better immerse yourself in the game world and enjoy the game to the maximum. A convenient system of tips and lessons will allow you to better understand how this or that mechanics work.

Game achievements will help your hero pump everything you need. Get rewards for achievements and upgrade skills for your little man. With each level, your stickman will become stronger.

Stickman is back in town with an updated arsenal. The game features a large selection of weapons.
Melee weapons, to hit targets at a distance and heavy weapons. In the game, each type of weapon requires special treatment, handling skills are directly dependent on your dexterity and quick wits. Test your skills.

The game has a large number of different types of vehicles. We tried to make as many means of transportation as possible so that we could have fun changing the vehicles in the game. The following cars may be in your garage:
Business class car – for comfortable moving around the city.
Cool sports car – for a quick ride around the city.
Big SUV – you will look cool in it.
Limousine – move around the city like a superstar.
Chopper – this charged device will not leave anyone indifferent to this bike for a real hero.
Off-road monster – with this car you will drive everywhere.
Tank – a combat vehicle for heavy missions.

Customize your little man, giving your hero uniqueness. Each skin has its own unique set of features. The store has different skins for your hero:
The original red stickman is the base skin of a warrior.
Business skin – dress up like a serious businessman.
A suit for every day – will help you merge with the crowd.
Beach suit – in case of a good mood.

You can change your stickman’s eyes and put various pumped things on his head. Each item will give your hero extra features. You can just have fun and make your hero a dark stickman with a funny expression on his face. Experiment with the images of your hero.

It's time to make yourself known. Become a real hero in the eyes of the inhabitants of the city and gain glory.

Anyone who likes the Stickman genre must play this game. Because Stickman Rope Hero MOD APK from publisher Naxeex Ltd is a classic stickman game and has many interesting things.

Introduce about Stickman Rope Hero

Stickman and street fight!

In this game, you will have a superhero stickman, with enough talent and wisdom to do many unexpected things. You will also have a rope and many other powerful weapons. Fighting, killing enemies, and enjoying the results is what you will do with your stickman warrior.


In Stickman Rope Hero, you will be brought into the 3D world with a large spatial context with high realism. Our Stickman Hero can go everywhere, explore everything and fight continuously for valuable rewards.

The gameplay in Stickman Rope Hero is quite diverse. Not one, but a combination of several different forms. You can role-play when you become a Stickman character and has the adventure to travel through many different cities. There are simulation games when the hero can interact with many objects and NPC characters in the city. Of course, the fighting element is indispensable with fierce fighting scenes between Stickman Rope Hero and street criminals. And then there is a race when our hero constantly uses the vehicles on the road to chase criminals and perform attractive races.

Before I say more, let’s talk a little bit about the Stickman. This is not simply a faceless doll pacing back and forth exploring the world. Our Stickman in Stickman Rope Hero possesses many unique abilities of a superhero. He can move like a spider, kick things exactly like a Rambo and drive like a pro. In his hand, he also has specialized props such as a hook to stick to the wall, a rope to fight with the enemies.

There are many interesting things that you can do in this game. Stickman can climb walls quickly, swing, and jump continuously from building to building. When you do these things, you can enjoy the majestic city from above, which is very breathtaking.

Not to mention another extraordinary ability of Stickman is robbing and driving. This is also an interesting thing about this game. Our character will beat people, attack any green enemy in front of him, even rob any vehicle he wants on the street such as motorcycles, racing cars, tanks… Then he crosses the city to enjoy the scenery, and do the tasks. I must say that these racing scenes are the most exciting thing in the game.

When playing, don’t forget to monitor Stickman’s survival stats in the upper left corner. These stats include Vehicle HP, Experience, Health, Stamina. The three numbers behind don’t let it decrease if you don’t want your character to be weak. Vehicle HP is used to track the strength of the car driving, each vehicle will have its own HP.

A generous game

Another special feature of Stickman Rope Hero is that any time you visit the game again, you will also receive a gift. There are various skins, weapons, experience cards… that you can have. Of course, these are also possible when completing missions, passing levels, or fighting with other players for higher rankings. But every time you enter the game and get a few more items, it is a great motivation for you to keep playing the game. This rather strange reward style is also a factor that makes players “stick” to this game.

In particular, Mr. Stickman in this Stickman Rope Hero game can use exceptionally fluently a special weapon: ropes of all kinds. If you don’t know what rope can be used for other than whipping, just playing this game and let Stickman “teach”. He can use the rope to travel to lofty positions and then land as smoothly as spiderman. You can also use the rope to swing around and even fly into the air. You just imagine this guy’s wire tool is part of the spider’s web in Spiderman for easy understanding. The rope is also used to hurl enemies in the blink of an eye, turning them into ashes.

Graphics and sound

The 3D world in Stickman Rope Hero is depicted, vividly, and with quite a lot of attractive physics simulations, especially in encounters with enemies. The space in the game is also very large, we can freely go everywhere to do whatever we like to explore and enjoy.

The special feature in the graphics is in the characters. Stickman style is applied to both the main character and all NPC characters in the game, so when fighting, so the movement is very synchronized.

The sound of the game is also quite commendable. Each gesture of Stickman is accurately represented by images and accompanying sounds. The fighting and moving activities make a very good visual impression.

MOD APK version of Stickman Rope Hero

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


You can buy items even when you don’t have money or diamonds.

Download Stickman Rope Hero APK & MOD for Android

In general, Stickman Rope Hero is an exciting game, easy to play. The Stickman fighting adventure is combined with many things in one like fighting and driving. Fast-paced, amazing action, full of quests, and a huge world for players to explore. Those who love this genre, let download the game to play right away.

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Bug fixes
Stickman Rope Hero 4.0.4 (Unlimited Money)
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