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Stickman Master Archer Mod APK 1.48 (Unlimited money)

Stickman Master Archer Mod APK 1.48 (Unlimited money)
  • Updated
  • Version 1.48
  • Requirements Android 5.0
  • Developer Skygo
  • Genre Arcade
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War is near! You are the last archer of ancient stick-tribal. Pick up your ancestor's bow and make your enemies feel your rage. How can you do it? Bow enchanted with fire? With poison? Or with ice cold? You can have all of them! You'll see on your journey. Just kill all of them, complete tasks and get loots. The rest is legends.
Game is simple: Drag and drop to shoot arrows. Two arrows in the body or just one in the head will destroy them. Four power-ups can help you in the battle: Heal, Shield, Arrow Shower and Teleport.
Be careful, your enemies are training everyday, make sure your gear is upgraded.
Game features:
+ Simple but addictive gameplay
+ Campaign mode with 75 levels
+ Endless mode: get in – kill – get loots – leave
+ Two-players local mode
+ 30 weapons, 20 outfits, 15 jewels with different stats and skills
+ Crafting weapons, outfits and jewels
+ Awesome graphics
Come and play with us!

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Download Stickman Master Archer Mod APK – Archer Game

There are a lot of games available now as mobile games have evolved over the past years. We’re now seeing more enjoyable games with crisp and realistic graphics and gameplay.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, we can play 3D games that don’t even look like mobile games anymore. But once in a while, you can enjoy 2D arcade games like Stickman Master Archer, which presents unique and classic gameplay.

This is a game from Skygo in which you can become the greatest bowman that ever lived. You can play in the Campaign Mode, which presents 75 unique levels for you to enjoy today. Each level is unique, and it allows you to fight against countless opponents as you unlock different types of bows.

As you progress, you’ll fight against much stronger opponents, so it’s essential to upgrade your weapon as well. There’s also the two-player local mode where you can fight against someone!

Be the Master of the Bow

Many exciting arcade games are available right now. This is one of the oldest genres in gaming which is why they’re exciting and classic. You can find many popular games under this genre, including Fruit Ninja, Smash Hit, Subway Surfers, Geometry Dash, Sonic Dash, Jetpack Joyride, and more.

But if you’re looking for something more exciting, then you can enjoy some fighting arcade games. There are many you can choose from, but Stickman Master Archer is one of a kind! It’s one where you can become the master of the bow.

There are many fighting games you can enjoy today, but this one is a bit different. Here, you can fight using only arrows, which lets you engage with others in a long-range battle.

Here, you can equip different bows, such as one with fire, a shield, and others. You can also use power-ups like the shield, heal, arrow shower and teleport. There are 75 levels you can enjoy in the Campaign Mode as each one is challenging.

Overall, this is an exciting game you can play where you can aim and shoot your enemies!

Stickman Master Archer Highlights

If you’re looking for the perfect fighting game to play, then you should download Stickman Master Archer right now and enjoy.

Fight with arrows – If you’re looking for the best arcade game, you’ll find that there are so many to choose from right now. There are all sorts of games you can play that lets you become something great.

If you want to play horror, then you can pick up so many games today. However, if you’re into arcade and fighting, you should install Stickman Master Archer, a fun game! This is the game to play whenever you feel bored.

In this game, you’ll be able to fight using your bow and arrow as you face off against plenty of enemies. There are so many enemies that you’ll face in the Campaign Mode, which features 75 levels.

There’s also the Endless Mode, where you can fight endlessly as you try to kill and get lots of loot. There’s also the local mode where you can fight against your friend locally. Then, you can unlock so many weapons, outfits, and jewels today!

Enjoy Many Modes – You can play many exciting games right now, but with Stickman Master Archer, you can become the best archer. Here, you can enjoy many game modes, such as the Campaign Mode. This is the primary mode where you can enjoy the 75 levels that the developers prepared.

There’s also the Endless Mode, where you can fight tons of enemies as you kill them endlessly. There’s also the local multiplayer mode where you can fight against your friend at home. There are all sorts of modes to enjoy here!

Weapons, outfits, and jewels – You can unlock many excellent bows that do different things in this game. You can unlock bows that shoot fire arrows, ice, poison, and many more. There are 30 weapons to unlock here, and each one is unique and has its stats.

What’s even more impressive is that you can unlock 20 outfits here to make things more interesting. There are different ones with unique styles, such as the one where you look like a blue dragon and the one where you look like a knight.

Creative graphics – The graphics in Stickman Master Archer is in 2D, but everything is well-made. This game has smooth gameplay, and you can have fun with it anytime you want. You can download it and enjoy it now!

Download Stickman Master Archer Mod APK – Latest version

If you love playing archer games, then Stickman Master Archer mod apk free shopping is the ultimate game for you today.

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Mods are constantly updated by the 5PLAY team.
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Fixed small problems with in-game layout
Stickman Master Archer Mod APK 1.48 (Unlimited money)
Download Stickman Master Archer Mod APK 1.48 (Unlimited money) 

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