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Stacky Dash 3.81 (Unlimited Coins) for Android

Stacky Dash 3.81 (Unlimited Coins) for Android
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Swipe your finger to move across the stage and collect all the tiles !!!

Glide your fingers across the screen to get past the mazes. Welcome to Tasky Dash MOD APK, a puzzle game that will entertain you after hours of stress.

Introduce about Stacky Dash

Stacky Dash is released by Supersonic Studio – a game developer that is already familiar with players with games like Emoji Puzzle or Invincible Hero, … Although it was only released on July 1, 2020, the game has attracted more than 5 million downloads on Google Play.

Stacky Dask – as its name implies, all you need is to surf and stack the bricks up high. It sounds simple, but this game has attracted millions of players with just those pastel-colored bricks.


As a simple puzzle game, the controls of Stacky Dash are not too complicated. All you need to do is swipe your phone screen to stack lots of bricks up high, the bricks you fold will help cross bridges with no paths.

However, you cannot surf randomly. You need to think and calculate for your surfing so that you can pass the maze with as many bricks as possible. The more bricks you earn, the more money you receive will be multiplied, at the same time, when you accumulate enough bricks you will unlock new skins. This game not only requires your persistence as throughout the game. You will always have to surf, but also need a little thought to get out of the mazes.

With the early levels, it’s quite simple for you to get through the mazes, sometimes even getting bored because of its ease. But more and more levels later, the maze will become more difficult and requires you to calculate your paths carefully. The mazes will be a bit difficult, but with a little thought, you will find a way out of it. However, if you encounter levels with mazes that are too difficult to pass, you will also get help such as black holes or arrows to help you move more easily.

There is no concept of “game over”

One thing quite interesting about this game is that you will not lose. Unlike Stair Run, although it is collecting bricks to pass, Stacky Dash will let you play comfortably with unlimited turns. If you cannot pass a certain level, the screen will not show two words “Game Over” but instead you will stay stuck at that level forever. All you need to do is simply press the button to restart the game and find other ways to pass.

Unlock new skins

With the first levels, the only character you will have is a blue human dummy. To get other skins, you need to stack a lot of bricks to unlock them and accumulate enough money to buy those clothes. The skins of the game are quite diverse when there are now about 20 outfits for you to buy, which can be dummies with different colors, classic Superman costumes, or animals such as lions, elephants, giraffes have been humanized vividly. However, the more beautiful the outfit, the more money and you must play many times to pass the levels to buy yourself those costumes.


If you have played other titles of Supersonic Studios like Hike N ‘Seek, Join Clash or Bazooka Boy, you will not be unfamiliar with the graphics of this game. Still characters with simple 3D design with cubes, but instead of the basic colors, Stacky Dash uses gentle pastel tones, creating a sense of peace and relaxation for the player. Moreover, each level will be changed with different pastel colors, bringing freshness and charm through each turn.

But this game also has a lot of ads

What makes players feel quite frustrated because this game has too many ads. If you pay attention, the ad will appear every time you pass a level, this frequency is slightly more than other games of the same genre. This has been given feedback by players to the game publisher and hope that they will improve this to make the player’s game experience even better.

MOD APK version of Stacky Dash

MOD features

Unlimited Coins

How to get coins when using the MOD version?

Complete the first level to get lots of coins.

Download Stacky Dash MOD APK for Android

With only one mode and nothing but passing from level to level, Stacky Dash is simple but has attracted millions of players. This is the perfect game for you if you are looking for is a light entertaining game but also needs a little brainstorming. So, what are you waiting for? Please download this game right for yourself to relax after hours of stressful work!

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Stacky Dash 3.81 (Unlimited Coins) for Android
Download Stacky Dash 3.81 (Unlimited Coins) for Android 

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