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Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener 6.6 (Money)

Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener 6.6 (Money)
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  • Version 6.6
  • Requirements Android -
  • Developer Smoq games
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Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener is back with new updated 22 version!

Open packs and collect all the cards! Open the best pack, build an ultimate Draft, complete Squad Building Challenges and play online tournaments.

Now you can buy and sell cards on the Transfer Market for in-game currency to upgrade your team.

You can open unlimited number of packs. Will you have the best squad and win matches against your friends or will you rather become rich by putting players on the transfer market?
It's all up to you in new version of Smoq Games 22!

● Open packs and player picks
● Collect Cards and Badges
● Create your own jersey
● Transfer Market
● Squad Builder
● Squad Building Challenges
● Build a Draft
● Online tournaments with friends
● Simulate online matches
● Position change cards
● Achievements, records and statistics
● Daily rewards
● Full players database
● Special secret codes for super packs
● Mini games
● and much, much more… 🙂

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Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener MOD APK is where you can master the Football Transfer Market and bring in rare competitive advantages to your team. This highly strategic game will be very suitable for those who are looking to learn more about football transfer strategy.

Introduce about Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener

A football strategy game that helps you master the Football Transfer Market!

What is Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener?

Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener is a football strategy game that allows you to actively arrange and build the most perfect team formation for you. The levels are designed from simple to complex, from easy to difficult to guide you to get acquainted with the deep strategy in football.

In Football, the human factor is everything

Football is about the team, about the outstanding balance between individuals and the squad, about the stressful and dramatic transfer market like the battlefield of war. The quality of the players and the combination and balance of the squad are the keys to the success of a professional team.

In Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener, each team will earn a certain Team Point. This score will tell you whether the human strategy you are working on for the team is correct and effective or not? If not, it should be rebalanced until the desired effect is achieved. A high score is not always a good thing. You may focus too much on transfers to bring in the best players, but from a business perspective, whether this is really effective in the long run? or is it just temporary? If it is temporary, then the consequences left after that are even more difficult to deal with.


Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener will give you a Pack with a specific number of players. Your job is to collect all cards – players from packs and create the best pack – team. There will be a draft team, a final draft team, and a final team. Then you can challenge other players through exciting online football tournaments.

During that process, you can buy and sell players freely, and have full autonomy on the World Player Transfer Market. You need to decide which players to buy/sell to fit the budget at each moment and maximize the team’s performance, which is the biggest challenge of this strategy game.

You also have the right to choose your own path. You want to own a team full of the best players and conquer all online tournaments. Or you want to become an expert in the Transfer business by being the intermediate party in the buying and selling of quality football players. Or you want to guarantee certainty and you consider everything carefully and go up step by step. You can absolutely choose the right direction according to your criteria and preferences. There is no limit in Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener.

The main features of Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener

To carry out the strategic task of “using people like gods”, Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener provides a series of detailed features that maximize the playing process.

  • Open packs and collect cards (players) with a limited budget
  • The goal: to get the Ultimate Team Badges
  • Master the Transfer Market
  • Free to build a football squad
  • Build draft squads, consider before actually completing the perfect Team squad
  • Show off your team prowess and strategic talent in Online Tournaments with friends
  • There is a quest system for special cards
  • Simulation of online matches
  • Exchange players with other players
  • Change the role, position on the pitch of the players in the team
  • Systematize all achievements, records, and statistics of each member and of each football team model built in each time 
  • Daily rewards
  • Extensive player database
  • Special Secret Codes for Super Packs

MOD APK version of Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener APK & MOD for Android

It is an exciting football strategy game in its own way. With this game, you will, for the first time, join the seemingly simple Transfer Market that has many things to learn and experience. Let’s learn more about transfer strategy in football with Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener.

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Mods are constantly updated by the 5PLAY team.
Any copyright issues please contact: [email protected]

New season!
Future codes for Smoq Games 23
Futties cards!
Many new SBC
Season objectives
Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener 6.6 (Money)
Download Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener 6.6 (Money) 

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