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Samorost 3 1.471.6 for Android (Full Version)

Samorost 3 1.471.6 for Android (Full Version)
  • Updated
  • Version 1.471.6
  • Requirements Android -
  • Developer Amanita Design
  • Genre Paid
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Samorost 3 follows a curious space gnome who uses the powers of a magic flute to travel across the cosmos in search of its mysterious origins. Visit nine unique and alien worlds teeming with colorful challenges, creatures and surprises to discover, brought to life with beautiful artwork, sound and music.

Samorost 3 APK is an engaging puzzle game with a unique and novel storyline. Believe me, this game is worth a try.

About Samorost 3

In today’s gaming market, it’s not hard to find action games, shooting or fighting. They are indeed ‘conquering’ the world with huge numbers and promotion. Therefore, finding simple, novel games and following a separate story is quite difficult. Games with attractive storylines and new ways of playing always attract players in their own way. One such game is Samorost 3, the latest and also the most successful part of the Samorost puzzle series.

There are no blood or intense fights, Samorost 3 follows a separate path like the “father” Amanita Design used to create “children” before. A new combination is between adventure with gentle puzzles. The new planets and the mysteries of a new galaxy are waiting for you to discover and decode.

The story

Samorost 3 is a story about an adventure of the main character named Gnome. He lives with his dog on a distant planet. This guy looks like a dwarf in the story of Snow White and especially enjoys exploring new things.

The story begins when a magic flute has accidentally fallen to Gnome’s house. Looking at the sky, the guy decided to find out the origin of the flute and join a journey in the Universe. To do that, Gnome has to collect fragments to build a space rocket. Gnome flies from planet to planet and meets creatures and helps them with the magic flute itself. Through a long journey through 9 planets, the dwarf helped and discovered many mysteries on each planet. In the last planet, the flute mystery is finally decoded and Gnome is back home with his dog.

I will not rush to reveal the mystery of the magic flute to you, so it is really bad and ruins everyone’s own experience. Better yet, explore the story yourself and answer your own question.


Samorost 3 has the same gameplay as previous versions. It is a simple “point and click” gameplay. You just need to select and click to control the character, get the riddle and decode in its proper order.

A simple game, not including the lines, only the animation system through bubbles and confusing sounds. You will control the character named Gnome who loves to explore the adventure through a galaxy full of planets. With only a bag and flute as baggage, this dwarf will explore the vast and mysterious world. Collect essential tools, decipher hammering puzzles and help creatures on other planets. It is a long journey.

Discover new worlds

Up to 9 planets are completely unfamiliar with so many mysteries that have not been revealed during the journey of Samorost 3. During each small journey, players will be extremely busy with many jobs to help the aliens. For example, help the NPC pick mushrooms, find food for giant anteater, … In addition, on each planet, players must decipher many tricky puzzles to pass obstacles that obstruct the way. It can be a free-falling object, repeating a sequence of actions or stacking logical cards, … The puzzles are difficult to understand and solve, you can be stuck at any time.

However, Samorost 3 has a very handy and usable guide system at all times. But true to the basic gameplay of the game, there are no words or instructions for you at all. All are just basic sketches of how to solve puzzles. Understanding them is also a problem, but when it comes to understanding, mysteries are unfolded. At that time, not only satisfied curiosity, but you also help creatures on their own planet.

Graphics and sound

Samorost 3 has a different way of playing with regular puzzle games. The game follows a very unique way and completely follows a long and thrilling story. Therefore, the graphics also have a unique style. 9 in-game planets are 9 unique and mysterious artworks. Each of the portrayed characters carries a mood and a private story.

But most of all, the sound system is really remarkable. Besides going through the journey is a melodious and relaxing flute. In every scene, there are always strange and confusing sounds. That contributes to the imagination and curiosity of people. The publisher also advised players using headphones to has the best experience.

Download Samorost 3 APK for Android

Samorost 3 is a very vast world with many mysteries waiting for you to decipher. An adventure with questions and small stories. But all these mysteries are also small when Samorost itself is an interesting story without an end. You are the one chosen to write the end of this story. Download the game today and take part in the journey of mysterious puzzles.

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Minor bug fixes.
Samorost 3 1.471.6 for Android (Full Version)
Download Samorost 3 1.471.6 for Android (Full Version) 

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