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Rescue Machine Mod APK 1.0.6 (Unlimited money)

Rescue Machine Mod APK 1.0.6 (Unlimited money)
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  • Version 1.0.6
  • Requirements Android -
  • Developer Geisha Tokyo Inc
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People are caught under a rockslide! Can you build a machine to rescue them?
Drag the pieces to connect them and make everything click!
Connect the pieces and save everyone!


There are many predicaments and problems presented to the innocent man in the game. It’s up to you to rescue and assist him. Download Rescue Machine for a fun and brain exercising puzzle game.

How to Play Rescue Machine

The concept of the Rescue Machine game is already quite simple to understand – it’s in the name. There are tons of people who are trapped in varying predicaments, they need your help. So, you’ll use your machine to rescue them from all of the problems they face.

One end of the machine is attached to the key object, while the rest of the mechanism is waiting to be started. This is where the gameplay aspect comes in. You will need to perform various commands and tasks to get the machine going. These methods can range from starting gears, pulling levers, and may more different methods.

Also, completing each level will award you with coins. You can use these coins to purchase different skins for your citizen. There are a few whacky and entertaining skins to choose from. So, make sure to rack up as many coins as you can.

Types of traps

There are many different and hysterical traps that your citizens will find themselves in. For one, the most basic trap is a boulder. Furthermore, they will either be trapped under the boulder, or the rock will need to be used to protect them from another trap.

In addition, other aspects that can be used for or against your bystander can be:

  • Boxes of TNT waiting to be exploded when utilized. This will either be waiting to kill your helpless man, or it can save them by destroying something else.
  • An assassin who will gun down your person when the chance presents itself.
  • Raging fires that prevent anyone from touching the ground.
  • Also, deadly spikes are awaiting to pierce through a victim. Again, these can be a hindrance or an asset, depending on where they are placed in the level.


Aside from the easy to understand concept, the controls of Rescue Machine are also easy to use. Well, if you can even call them controls. Every action is done through simple gestures of your fingers.

In fact, the game can also be played with one hand, if you really wish to. Tap and hold on to the various objects in order to grand and control them. From this point, you can drag them into the position you want.

Graphics & Sounds

Rescue Machine is displayed in cartoonish 2D graphics. Your citizen is exploding with personality, simply by the looks on his face. Every other object and aspect of the game is showcased in 2D.

The animations are also well developed. Every movement feels natural and physics based. As such, even with the childish graphics, the game feels realistic when playing through.

As for sounds…what sounds? The game is pretty quiet. There aren’t any sounds or music to keep you entertained. With that being said, we recommend playing your own favorite playlist, while playing the game. Otherwise, you should prepare for an experience that will get boring quiet fast, unless you’re already multitasking.

Rescue Machine Mod APK Free Download

Aside from everything else, you can also download the Rescue Machine Mod APK latest version for Android to get a few extra benefits. The game is small with few features, so there isn’t much to add onto the game. Besides the obvious APK features: Smaller data and storage usage and a faster installation.

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Any copyright issues please contact: [email protected]

* Fixed minor bugs
Rescue Machine Mod APK 1.0.6 (Unlimited money)
Download Rescue Machine Mod APK 1.0.6 (Unlimited money) 

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