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ReadEra Premium APK Mod 21.12.11+1620 (Unlimited features)

ReadEra Premium APK Mod 21.12.11+1620 (Unlimited features)
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ReadEra Premium — book reader allows reading books for free, offline in PDF, EPUB, Word (DOC, DOCX, RTF), Kindle (MOBI, AZW3), FB2, DJVU, TXT, ODT and CHM formats.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Premium features:

Synchronization. Synchronize books, documents, reading progress, bookmarks, and quotes with Google Drive on all your devices.

"Quotes and Notes" section. All quotes, notes, bookmarks and reviews from all books and documents are collected in one place. This is a new, exclusive section in the ReadEra Premium menu.

My fonts. You can upload your fonts and use them for reading books and documents.

Library view. Customize the view of displaying books and documents in the library: full, brief, thumbnails, grid. Grid is our favorite!

Colors for quotes. Additional colors to highlight quotes or text in books and documents you read. Thoughtful, simple algorithm for working with quotes and notes.

Page thumbnails. Thumbnails for all pages of a book being read – quick visual navigation through the book or document. Discover the thumbnails for yourself, and then try to do without them!

Buying Premium:
– You pay once and will be able to install ReadEra Premium on all your devices.
– Data and settings are automatically copied from the free version.
– You support the ReadEra project.

Basic functions:

Reading books of all formats. The reader for books, ReadEra, reads all popular book formats, Microsoft Word documents and Kindle mobile formats in one app.

Book manager for your library. Auto-detection of books and documents. For example, just download an Epub book, PDF journal, Microsoft Word documents or PDF article from the Internet so they appear in the reader for reading. Grouping books by authors and series. Book reading lists: To Read, Have Read, Favorites.

Collections (Bookshelves). The Collections tool (bookshelves) allows creating personal thematic collections. Books and documents can be added to several collections at the same time.

Navigation through a book. Saving the current reading page. Quick access to the table of contents, bookmarks, quotes, notes and other ebook options. Navigate the book using thumbnails, the progress line or the page number pointer.

Reading settings. Color modes when reading books: day, night, sepia, console. Screen orientation, brightness and page margins adjustment, including in PDF and DjVu files. Customizable type of font, size, boldness, line spacing and hyphenation for, Epub, Fb2, Kindle (Mobi, Azw3) formats, Microsoft Word, TXT and ODT files. Zoom option for PDF file and Djvu file when you read PDF and read Djvu.

Quotes and notes. Highlight text with color in books and documents; add personal notes to the selected texts.

Economized memory usage. The reader doesn’t copy books and documents into its store; detects duplicate files, saves bookmarks, quotes, notes and the current reading page, even when files are moved or deleted. For example, even if you delete files and download books again, you’ll be able to continue reading books from the last read page.

Multi-document mode. The book reader allows reading several books and documents at the same time. For example, you can simultaneously read Epub books and PDF journals by placing them on the device screen in split-screen mode (two windows). Or read Microsoft Word documents, PDF, Epub and Mobi books, switching between them by the "Active apps" system button.

ReadEra Premium – best app for reading books Epub, PDF, Mobi, Azw3, Fb2, Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX, RTF), ODT documents and PDF viewer for Android.

Read books easily and for free with ReadEra Premium!

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Download ReadEra Premium APK Mod – eBook Reader

There are a lot of exciting books in the world that you can read today. Reading allows us to learn new things, be entertained, and enjoy improving regularly.

We can read many books that let us enjoy our time and learn about new things. But thanks to technology, we can now read books digitally through our smartphones. With ReadEra Premium, you can read all sorts of eBooks today!

This app houses a collection of eBooks that you can enjoy reading on your device today. Here, you’ll find tons of titles from various authors worldwide that you can read. You can also use this app as an eBook reader as you can download texts and all sorts of documents from the internet.

You can then read them all using the app to adjust the font, highlight specific sentences, and do more. This app lets you add your favorite titles in one section as you can enjoy more tools.

Read and Manage eBooks

If you’re someone who loves reading books, you can read many of them now. Many people are more into videos, games, and other things as technology have advanced tremendously.

Today, we rarely see people who read a lot as there are now many smartphones around. Thankfully, we can enjoy reading books in digital format, as they’re called eBooks. If you want to read eBooks comfortably on your device, then you can download ReadEra Premium today and enjoy!

With this app from READERA, you can enjoy reading all sorts of eBooks in various formats like EPUB, Word, PDF, TXT, Kindle, ODT, and many more. You can import all your books and use the app as an eBook reader to function as such.

You can also find many eBook titles that you can read here on a premium account. Here, there are many valuable tools you can use to enjoy your reading experience today.

Here, you can synchronize your documents, books, and others using Google Drive. Customize your reading experience now!

ReadEra Premium Highlights

If you’re someone who loves reading books, then ReadEra Premium is the app for you.

Read eBooks – There are many exciting things you can do right now with the internet. If you have a smartphone, you can do many things as you’re free to access many websites and apps. There are a lot of exciting apps that are available right now that you can freely use.

If you’re someone who loves using various apps, then you might want to stick around! If you’re a bookworm, then ReadEra Premium is the app for you. Here, you can easily read all sorts of eBooks stored on your phone.

Thanks to this app, you now have a convenient eBook reading management tool that you can use for free. Here, you’re able to read all sorts of eBooks stored on your device in various formats like EPUB, DOC, PDF, TXT, CHM, FB2, and many more.

You can also arrange and enjoy customizing your reading experience today by changing the fonts, highlighting sentences, and more. This app has all you need to make your reading experience as realistic as possible. Feel free to download this app today!

Library View – You can enjoy downloading ReadEra Premium today as you can freely use it to read eBooks. Here, you can use it to view all the eBooks stored on your device in a library view. This makes it easy to manage and read all the eBooks on your phone today.

Here, you’ll be able to arrange and enjoy reading all the eBooks on your phone. The app detects and supports many formats today like ODT, PDF, EPUB, WORD, Kindly, FB2, ODT, TXT, and many more. You can freely enjoy so many functions here!

Bookmarks, thumbnails, and highlights – With ReadEra Premium, you’re able to bookmark any page so you can read easily anytime. You can also customize the thumbnails and view them just like in an actual book. Here, you can also highlight any sentence using various colors easily.

The app lets you experience the joy of reading today with the power of your device. Feel free to customize your experience by uploading your fonts so you can enjoy the app more!

Supports many formats – The app supports many formats you can read from. It will let you read all sorts of eBooks and texts right here! You can also synchronize everything in Google Drive so you can easily access your eBooks anytime.

Download ReadEra Premium APK Mod – Latest version

With ReadEra Premium, you’re able to quickly and comfortably read eBooks on your phone right now!

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Mods are constantly updated by the 5PLAY team.
Any copyright issues please contact: [email protected]

In PDF books, magazines and documents, added the ability to merge and view two pages on the screen. Reading books, comics, magazines and scientific journals, which images are printed on two pages, becomes easier by combining two pages into a single image.

Added Burmese and Tibetan interface languages. Thanks to Mr. Duckworth for the translation.
ReadEra Premium APK Mod 21.12.11+1620 (Unlimited features)
Download ReadEra Premium APK Mod 21.12.11+1620 (Unlimited features) 

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