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Railway Tycoon 1.380.5080 (Unlimited Money)

Railway Tycoon 1.380.5080 (Unlimited Money)
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Are you ready to build your own Railway Empire and become the Railway Tycoon?

Widen your lead as the richest railway stationmaster in the world! Make a fortune off the station by providing the best services!

In this game, you can become a real stationmaster: expand railways, improve service efficiency, increase revenue of your store… and even arrange the train timetable! Trains have to head towards different destinations at different times… But what defines an efficient timetable?

– Focus on passengers’ needs
What may your passengers need? Clear instructions on trains of different series departing from the station, comfortable seats in the waiting room, clean restrooms, more charging facilities, and the leisure zone and dining zone for passengers to kill time… Upgrade facilities inside the station and give your passengers everything they want for more tips!

-Manage trains
Unlock more routes, collect different trains, and level them up! The train ticket price will go up as the route becomes longer and the train upgrades. Considering your passengers’ needs for travelling, how to arrange a reasonable timetable…? Everything is up to you! Work out the most suitable timetable and become a railway tycoon!

-Improve service efficiency
It takes too much time for passengers to buy a ticket and pass through the security checkpoint? And the lines move too slowly? Install more self-help ticket machines, increase security checkpoints, and upgrade the facilities to improve the service efficiency! Expansion of platforms will also help you reduce passengers’ waiting time. Be careful! If waiting for too long, passengers may get angry and leave the station!

-Build stores for more money
Your passengers may need something to eat! Small stores at the station offering a larger variety of goods will enhance the speed of service delivery and help you earn more money! Of course, you can also set up a fast-food restaurant which provides not only delicious food but also a comfortable rest space.

Railway Tycoon: Railway Station Themed Simulation Game
– Increase your idle earnings through the totally automated station: unlike playing other simulation games, you don’t have to “Click Here” all the time. All you have to do is simply pamper yourself with this tycoon simulation game while upgrading the station!
– Gain the idle cash, money, and gold coins: even when you’re offline, the cash keeps pouring in!
– Use the profits earned from investments to develop the station-based economy and make a fortune with it! You are the millionaire of tomorrow!
– Arrange a train timetable to maximize your income!
-Different types of trains will generate earnings differently! We have all the trains available for you to collect!
-Manage trains following over 100 routes like a real stationmaster: become a railway tycoon through this station simulator!

If you are a fan of idle management games, you’ll definitely fall for Railway Tycoon! It is simple, funny, and player-friendly. Players can earn considerable income through strategic planning and management of their stations. Starting from an ordinary small-sized station, you can manage to upgrade its facilities and build it into the most luxurious high-end station in the world. And you, will become the world’s most powerful stationmaster!

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Railway Tycoon MOD APK is a game about Railway, an industry that is very popular in the world. If you want to become the richest railway tycoon in the world, you have to overcome many difficult things.

Introduce about Railway Tycoon

Widen your lead as the richest railway stationmaster in the world! Are you ready to build your own Railway Empire and become the Railway Tycoon?


Railway Tycoon takes the theme of the Railway industry. You will start as a Station Manager. After that, through many activities: expanding railways, renovating stations, diversifying services, upgrading quality in all aspects, increasing revenue for the station, arranging reasonable train schedules… you will gradually Expand the reputation of your station, get more customers. Then you can continue to expand the infrastructure.

The final purpose of the player in this game is to become a famous Railway Tycoon around the world.

The feature automatically helps you increase revenue even when offline

Railway Tycoon can help players continue repetitive tasks. That means you don’t have to click or tap the screen repeatedly to do the same things. All you need is just to consider making a decision, to start operating something. And then the system will help you to continue the rest.

That means you can also earn money even when you are not online. You can let your mind focus on strategizing and making important decisions.

Idle Railway Tycoon is a simulation game. So all your activities when playing the game revolves around this topic. And for the shortest path to becoming a railway tycoon, you need to follow the business principles of the industry.

Focus on passenger needs

All revenue of the railway industry in general and yours, in particular, comes from the number of passengers using trains. The first principle, like other businesses, is to focus on the needs of passengers and provide the best service for them.

What does your passenger need? They need clear instructions about the different trains departing from the station, so you have to plan a logical schedule for each train, and also need to build a detailed and easy-to-understand signage system in the station.

They also need comfortable seats in the waiting room, clean toilets, more mobile charging stations in the station, an entertainment area, a food court, and enough other facilities to use while waiting for the train. So you have to constantly think about building and diversifying services inside and outside the station so that no one, no need is left out. This is also one of the significant revenue sources of the railway industry, besides the main revenue from train passengers.

In the process of working, you should always consider upgrading facilities and infrastructure inside and outside the station. Refreshing, diversifying, and upgrading continuously so that everything is not degraded or outdated. Only then can you satisfy passengers.

Train management

One of the major jobs of a Railway Manager is Train Manager. Thanks to the customer satisfaction process mentioned above, you will reap a lot of profits. This profit helps you to unlock more train routes, collect more trains. The trains of the future will need to have longer routes, and you need to have better new, more modern trains.

At the same time, you also need to consider the travel needs of passengers to bring a more suitable schedule, more reasonable stops. You may think that this is not very important, but the quality of a good train system lies a lot in the rationality and logic of train schedules.

Note: Different types of trains will generate different incomes. Before choosing to upgrade you need to consider your requirements from time to time.

Improve railway service efficiency

Managing the two things mentioned above will take up a lot of your time in the day. But you also can’t overlook the small details that matter. These details, if done well, customers will be comfortable and feel good. But if they fail, people will complain, get frustrated, and lead to many other bad consequences. Many times it does not bring any economic benefits, but merely serves the comfort of passengers. So, thanks to the convenience of the railway system and the station, a lot depends on these things.

These include ticket purchase time, ticket purchase process, security checkpoints, movement of furniture and people when queuing, platform area, waiting for seats, luggage storage space…

You will have to keep an eye on these major details to consider whether to change, edit or refresh them? Install more automatic ticket vending machines, combined with online ticketing service, strengthen security checkpoints, install more waiting benches, add a series of luggage lockers, the quick baggage check-in process. Review the ticketing process to make it more efficient and neat.

Note: when waiting too long, passengers may get angry and leave. Just like that, your reputation score and then your sales will be affected.

Find more sources of income

Of course, your revenue doesn’t come from one place. For business people, the principle of “Don’t put your eggs in one basket” in any situation is always true. From the material base of assets you have, you will have to constantly work to think of hundreds of ways to make money. There are small revenues, but combining many small things will create a large source of money.

For example, passengers waiting for the train will need food. You will need to build small shops at the station (or put outside private services in the bidding for space)to offer a variety of food and drinks with many different culinary styles. Each space has its own advantages. Or even you can build fast food outlets. All of these items bring a good source of income for you.

You can also build more vending machines, automatic drinking water machines, video game boxes…. Think of all the things that are quick, profitable, but still of good quality and bring practical benefits to the station’s passengers.

Profitable investment, long-term thinking for the future of the railway industry in general, and the railway system you are managing in particular.

From the many profits earned, accumulated day after day, you will use them to continue investing for the future. Calling for more investment, buying more new trains, building more new station clusters, expanding the railway system across the country to manage large trains passing through major cities.

Soon with investment and wise decisions, you will quickly become a real Railway Tycoon in this simulation game.

MOD APK version of Railway Tycoon

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Money does not decrease.

Download Railway Tycoon APK & MOD for Android

With Interesting color graphics, minimalism but also a certain sophistication, Idle Railway Tycoon will take you through a long journey from an ordinary small station to the world’s most luxurious high-class station system and the most powerful person in the world’s railways.

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Ready to operate your own railway station?
Play Idle Railway Tycoon right now!

Game experience improved.
Minor bug fixes.
Railway Tycoon 1.380.5080 (Unlimited Money)
Download Railway Tycoon 1.380.5080 (Unlimited Money) 

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