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Prequel v1.54.0 MOD APK (Gold Unlocked, Premium)

Prequel v1.54.0 MOD APK (Gold Unlocked, Premium)
  • Updated
  • Version 1.54.0
  • Requirements Android -
  • Developer Prequel Inc
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Prequel is a photo filters and video effects editing app with the most aesthetic presets. It offers a handpicked selection of foto & video filters for pictures. Make your photos and videos stand out with a variety of vintage and trendy effects like Kidcore, VHS, Dust, Indie Kid, Teal, Grain, Canvas, Renaissance!

✨ Aesthetic AI Foto Filters & Effects

  • • Most beloved and trendy effects & filters – Kidcore, VHS, Dust, Indie Kid, Teal, Grain, Stardust, Diamond, Sparkle. Boost your social media with eye-catching content
  • • Wide range of advanced adjustments and editing tools for every filter and effect – make your photo & video unique and custom!
  • • Rich festive filter & effect collection: create Christmas, Halloween and Easter content
  • • Huge collection of filters & effects (500+) with pro-level color correction — adjust any effect & filter according to your personal needs
  • • D3D: create amazing 3D live moving pictures without any hassle — add volumness to any 2D photo and add any trendy effect and filter you want
  • • Match any effect with any filter to create your own style
  • • Unique collection of Templates for fan pages
  • • Authentic Intros for your video content for any mood

📼 Video Editor

  • • Importing and editing any videos
  • • Add trendy presets & effects to any video
  • • Transform your videos into a real movie (speed up or slow down, crop, trim). Become a director and tell your stories!
  • • Create unique edits with a rich collection of effects & filters for videos
  • • Stylize your videos with a rich collection of retro effects — the 20s, 60s, 80, 90, 00s


Do you want to turn your story into unique aesthetic visuals? Prequel is a tool for boundless creativity and self-expression. Our trendy filters, presets, templates, and effects for videos will help visualize even the bravest ideas as crisp content.
Also you can make new profile pic and toon your foto using our app.

Whatever your mood is today, turn it up with our filters and effects for videos and photos—all based on the biggest aesthetics: the bright Indie Kid, the haunting Dark Academia, or the cute Kawaii. Play with nostalgia using the Yearbook effect. Touch up your pictures with the tasteful Matcha and Sunkissed filters. Easily find ones that reflect your vibe!
And don’t forget to time travel! Style photos and videos with retro effects and filters like Lomo, VHS, Dust, Denim, Monroe—and many more! Or throw it way back with our newest Renaissance effect, turning any selfie into a fine art masterpiece.

📦 Advanced Editing Toolkit

  • • Easy and fast editing process that requires no special skills or add-ons — everything you want in just one tap!
  • • Intuitive interface that is easy to master
  • • Mix unlimited number of filters and tools to create your own unique custom presets

📜 Custom Giphy Text & Stickers

  • • Create animated text stickers with your custom text. Say everything in style!
  • • Choose the font that suits your own aesthetics
  • • Add your own custom text to any photo & video content
  • • Add funny and cute animated Giphy stickers to your content

🏆 Get PREQUEL Gold

  • • Unlimited editing possibilities
  • • Full effects & filters collections
  • • Advanced editing tools
  • • No boundaries for your creativity
  • • Flexible subscription plans that suits your personal needs
  • • Special offers and festive discounts

Turn your most daring projects into reality and create your aesthetic world with Prequel!

About subscription: https://prequel.app/prequel-subscription

Read our Terms of Use here: https://prequel.app/term-of-use

Read our Privacy Policy here: https://prequel.app/privacy-policy



No matter if you are looking forward to adding to your collection or profile or have fun, you can fully rely on Prequel MOD APK coming with ultra features in editing tools, effects, filters, etc. The collection is huge and on top of that, the app is on the top of the trendy touches where you just cannot go wrong to keep your pace up with the dynamic changes in the photographic trend style. You can pick any photo, think about the required changes you want to make, and the finest Prequel MOD APK will be at your service with its best tools. Besides it is no rocket science. It is simple to use, understand and apply. So you can get a hold of it within no time in case you are a beginner to these techs. Besides our free provider platform here can save you some pennies with our FREE downloadable Prequel MOD APK.

Now idol-like photos are no far

Who is your photographic idol – any influencer, model, or artist? Name the name, and you can find the best tool in the Prequel MOD APK to edit your photo with the same type of presets. Prequel MOD APK comes with an unlimited number of effects, filters, and editing tools of course that give you the platform to build up your photo aesthetics just right as same as your inspiration. It is a wholesome app with everything in one place. You want a trendy filter – it is there. You want a variety of aesthetics in effects or presets – it is there. Or you rather prefer to do it manually with your professional touch – fine go ahead with the play, the tools are all yours. You just choose your taste or vibe, the rest will be offered by the app – you just need to work with it. That is all!

All in one – it has all that you want

The best part of this app is it comes with all sorts of presets, effects, filters, and also editing tools. Many well-known apps are specialized in one or two features. But this one comes strong with all its power tools from the start to the end – whatever you need to make the pictures look the best. Besides, that is not all. The filter collection is updated to the latest trends and the applied effects are modified accordingly as well. You can just select the picture you want to edit, put desired filter and effects, or either one; and go ahead with the further necessary editing. If you already do not have the photo to be edited, you can simply take photos with the app camera with applied filters which is another convenient option. Then go ahead with the rest of the editing as usual.

From basic to advanced - all tools can be found here

No matter if you are a beginner or a pro photographer – you can find all sorts of tools to work with here. For beginners, it is no rocket science. So you can chill that nerve. The interface is pretty simple to understand and work with. Even for the pros, if you want something to edit on hand spot, this can be your best friend. This is understandable that you might not feel comfortable working outside those well-known hefty tools popular all over the world for photo editing and enhancement. But you can’t necessarily carry that all over with you, can you? So for some instant work, this Prequel MOD APK with all o its premium advanced editing tool collection can come in pretty handy for you. So just give it a try – you will not be disappointed.

The HUGE filter collection you have probably always wanted

Now you might wonder – so what, we have other giant apps like Instagram, Snapchat for the filters. Well, let us point out some things. Let’s say you undoubtedly clicked amazing photos with trendy filters there. Then can you edit it? No. for that you gotta switch the app, save the photo from the previous app/s or export it, then again import to the Prequel app, then you edit. Doesn’t it sound a bit too much? And within all these export and import processes, you might be conscious of the loss of photo quality. This is where you can save both time and quality. By simply importing the clicked photo from the gallery and add filters from the Prequel app with no such mentioned hassle. Also, you can click photos there directly as well. Now about the collection of filters whether you will have what you have on those popular apps. Well, trust us when we say that Prequel MOD APK comes with a humongous number of filters and keeps up with the pace with regular updates on the changes of latest trends. So whether you will have enough options and the latest trends to choose from - that would be the last thing for you to worry about, seriously.

Share with friends and on social media 

Now, this is another best part. You can directly share your edited photo/s on social media without hovering over apps back and forth. After done, you can simply share the final photo over social media and give yourself a blast of engagement over that. Because surely you’re gonna get some appreciation and followers from that much work by Prequel MOD APK. Now, who doesn’t like that? Now you can just effortlessly flex the best takes on your photos.


While talking about all the features, it might get sweaty thinking whether all of these premium features might definitely come with a price. Well, you are not much wrong, the price is your effort to read through all that. That is it. Otherwise, you are getting the download of Prequel MOD APK absolutely out of no charge. So what are you waiting for? Download it already and let us know how your experience is going.

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Mods are constantly updated by the 5PLAY team.
Any copyright issues please contact: [email protected]

Hi! We're working hard on making Prequel perfect for you and are ready with some updates.
Find in this version:
- DRAG&DROP — move texts with your finger! Easy!
- SCAN effect — the one with a little bit rude printed image.
- The TORN effect makes your edits…torn! What can be more mysterious than photos, somehow destroyed?
- The DARCO filter with cold and even сhilling shades. Charge your content with psychological thriller vibes.
Thank you for all your feedback and support!
Prequel v1.54.0 MOD APK (Gold Unlocked, Premium)
Download Prequel v1.54.0 MOD APK (Gold Unlocked, Premium) 

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