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Pratilipi FM v5.2.1 MOD APK (VIP Free, No Ads) for android

Pratilipi FM v5.2.1 MOD APK (VIP Free, No Ads) for android
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Not finding time to read with office, house work and other responsibilities? Pratilipi, India's largest storytelling platform presents Pratilipi FM! Unlimited Audio Books, in Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil & Gujarati Audio Stories, Podcasts on India's top-rated audio app. Explore a library of 10,000+ audio stories, audiobooks & podcasts on Pratilipi FM. Listen to best stories while working out, driving, cooking or travelling. Download our app and start listening today!

Find the perfect blend of classic old and the new-age audio stories. Old and wise stories to inspire you and grow your thoughtful mind, whereas new stories make you feel young and restless. Listen anywhere and anytime. Connect and you are never alone.

Download the app and listen anywhere and anytime without the worry of carrying books! Make your time worth more joy with audio stories and that too without paying any money…Yes all this is free! Listen to your favourite audiobooks in various categories like: Romance, Classics, Horror, Suspense & Thrillers, Drama and Fantasy.

Why our listeners love us:
1. You get a huge library of audio stories written by Indian writers from India's largest storytelling platform – Pratilipi.
2. You get high quality audio experience with some of the most soothing and delightful voices narrating the story.
3. You get to listen to new stories every week and new episodes everyday.
4. You can download audio and listen offline for times when you are travelling or are simply in a bas network.
5. You get personalised story recommends based on what stories you like. You tell us what you like and we get new stories for you!
6. You get stories, podcasts, and audiobooks across many categories like Motivation, Self Help, Business, Spirituality & Religion, Love, Horror, Crime and Kids. You can start your day by listening to motivational audio or funny talk shows like prank calls, jokes and more.

Get started with Pratilipi FM Now.
– Just Download the free Pratilipi FM app from playstore
– Start stream free and fresh audio content anywhere anytime with just one click

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in the fast-moving world where multitasking is common chaos, things have come a long way. In fact, it has become difficult for people nowadays to carve out time for themselves out of their busy schedules and work hours. While we know self-help and growth are compulsory for all ages and that requires time, and that's why people are trying multitasking. Since there is no time to read and relax, learn and grow in the chaos, we have come up here with a boon for all busy movers. Realistically, that's not a joke for the ones who ask for more from their life, those who dare to dream for more and desire. A one-stop solution that offers fun, growth, information, knowledge, entertainment, relaxes you, and a lot with just one click. Pratilipi fm - a boon for modern india in particular, is a storytelling platform available on the play store to download and start the chapter. Those who don't have enough time will get here unlimited audiobooks, audio stories, podcasts, and more on various topics.

An endless solution for all your needs offering over 10000+ audio stories covering a vast range of topics in entertainment, motivation, inspiration, biographies, fun, detectives, drama, fantasy, and more. World-class popular audiobooks and podcasts range on topics from business to cooking, traveling to drama, science to fiction, life stories to motivational, self-help to leadership, and more. The beautifully designed and narrated stories by the most calming and soothing popular voice artists. Pratilipi fm mod apk offers the ease of listening all and growing while traveling, working out, driving, cooking, and doing house stuff. Make maximum use of your time with these fun and motivational centers. The best of traditional and latest stories that are thoughtfully yours are offered all for free in the app. India's top-rated app is available in various languages like malayalam, hindi, kannada, telugu, etc, and more. Explore different genres of drama, fantasy, science, love, fiction, growth, and more here for the sincere usage and upliftment of lifestyle.

Pratilipi fm mod apk

pratilipi fm mod apk being one of the classic homes for all kinds of traditional hits and the latest stories and audiobooks to listen to and enjoy offers much more than the app of this genre. This platform offers endless hours of fun and motivation to extract using simple clicks and rejoice in the facts. The indian stories and new ones make you dive into the fun which is perfectly yours and is blended to make your life easier with better structure and usage of time. The app has various in-app purchases for premium functions and tools, also the new stories and episodes, seasons, and more. Get all the pro tools and vip stories unlocked here for free, personalization stuff and categories to choose and twist as you wish. Enjoy endless fun with remarkable stories from the past and new ones coming daily. The ads free listening to all the books and stories, podcasts on all segments for free. No rooting is required while installing the version and comes with more security benefits. You can freely download all the stories and podcasts on your device to listen to them without network connectivity and problems at all. The one stops for every need with ultra-high resolutions and the best narration.


stay tuned to know about all the benefits that you will receive using this premium application for fun and interest. The top-rated and popular storytelling platform in india with a number of brilliant features is discussed below!

Premium audiobooks, stories, and podcasts

the app brings endless hours of motivation and fun for users who find themselves busy enough to not have time for personal growth. The premium, traditional, latest, and hits from indian writers are here. Enjoy over 10000+ stories, audiobooks, and podcasts listening to them and learning while doing your stuff. Free from the heavy luggage of carrying books and items to read, with one click listen to a library of endless learning in various scopes. Choose your stories, books, and more in multiple resolutions and quality.

Plenty of categories and multiple genres to listen

pratilipi fm offers users a variety of genres for learning to listen. It unfolds thousands of different stories and books narrated by the most soothing & calm voices to steal your heart. These hours are not going to end anytime with new updates every day in episodes and seasons. Choose from various niches like drama, fantasy, fiction, biographies, science, business, motivation, inspiring, struggles, life stories, comedy, pranks, and more. These varied structured stories and audiobooks bring ultimate fun based on your recommended feeds.

Download stories and personalize the experience

pratilipi fm mod apk has an outstanding hub of libraries offering various niches in crime, detective, horror, comedy, and more to listen to. Personalize your experience and explore a vast range of recommended stories and new ones added every day. You can simply download audiobooks and stories to listen offline without any issues or network problems. Experience endless fun with the ultimate stop of all classics, romance, horror, and more. The greatest storytelling app is here for you to cherish moments of care and growth.


download pratilipi fm mod apk to enjoy listening to thousands of stories, books, and podcasts, on various topics of health, wealth, business, and fun. Explore anytime and anywhere the fun from learning magnificent stories and podcasts in languages like hindi, kannada, telugu, tamil, malayalam, gujarati, etc. An unbeatable app with interesting topics to enjoy and learn with your busy schedule. Download the app now and dive into the endless fun of learning. In this mod version, we are offering you the ultimate version with premium tools and hacks to enjoy vip stories and books. Ads-free environment and all kinds of stuff for entertainment on high elevation. Grab it now for free and with premium security features.

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Pratilipi FM v5.2.1 MOD APK (VIP Free, No Ads) for android
Download Pratilipi FM v5.2.1 MOD APK (VIP Free, No Ads) for android 

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