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Polyfield APK 0.4.0

Polyfield APK 0.4.0
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Stylized ww2 based multiplayer first-person shooter, can be played offline against bots.


Download Polyfield APK – WWII Shooting Game

Shooting games are one of the most popular games worldwide right now. Many people love playing shooting games that let them have fun with various weapons and characters.

There are so many variants of shooting games available right now, such as battle royale, offline FPS, action, etc. But if you’re searching for a fun game that lets you have fun with unique gameplay, you can install Polyfield.

This is the ultimate game that you can play today for shooting games. Here, you can enjoy a masterpiece created by Mohammad Alizade, as this one lets you enjoy a first-person WWII shooting game.

You can play against bots here, which means you can enjoy the game offline. Here, you can pick from various weapons for your Primary ones, such as the Kar98k, MP40, and the M1 Garand. You can also equip a sidearm such as the M195 pistol. Have fun shooting enemies now!

WWII Shooting Game

There are so many exciting games that you can play for free right now. You’re free to download and enjoy so many games that you can access anytime you want on your phone.

From puzzles to action to racing, there are many games that you can enjoy right now. You only need to search for a genre, and you’ll find tons of fantastic games to download for free. If you’re a fan of history and shooting games, Polyfield combines these two! Enjoy a World War II game today.

This game is a unique one because it’s an offline shooting one. It’s set in the World War II era, providing many unique and rare guns. You’ll be able to enjoy a fun game where you’ll fight against other soldiers as you try to be the last man standing.

This is a fun game that will let you have fun with many weapons right now, from shotguns to assault rifles and pistols. Feel free to move around and aim at your enemies.

If you love offline shooting games, this is perfect for you!

Polyfield Features

There are a lot of cool games that you can download today. One of them is Polyfield which is a WWII shooter game.

WWII Shooter – There are a lot of cool action games available right now that you can enjoy. If you’re someone who loves playing unique games, you’ll be able to find many of them from the Google Play Store.

You can enjoy quite a lot of games right now that will enable you to have fun whenever you want. If you’re looking for a fantastic action game, you can try Polyfield, as this is a unique war shooting game.

Many modern shooting games are available, but this one features nostalgic guns and scenes. Here, you can enjoy a game where you’ll fight in the World War II world as you use vintage guns and uniforms.

You’ll be able to fight alongside your team against plenty of other bots. This is an offline game, so you don’t need to play against other people. But you can move around and aim your shots in a vast space and map here. Feel free to shoot, reload, throw your grenade, jump, aim, and more!

Interesting Guns – You can enjoy so many exciting guns right now that you can download them. You can freely enjoy so many guns to use in this game, from shotguns to sniper rifles and even pistols.

You can switch to your primary and secondary weapons anytime you need to. This fun game lets you enjoy a limited number of weapons right now, but you’ll enjoy them all. The best thing about this game is that the weapons are vintage, as they’re all from the World War II era.

Offline game – If you’re searching for the perfect offline game to play today, you can download Polyfield and enjoy a fun time. In this game, you’ll enjoy an offline experience where you can fight against tons of bots today; this is a fun game because it’s a shooting game where you’ll fight against tons of enemies.

You’ll be playing in a field where houses, trees, and various types of elements are around. This shooting game is unique today, which you can thoroughly enjoy.

Poly graphics – With Polyfield, you can have fun with poly graphics, which is extraordinary. The game has realistic graphics but doesn’t compare with PUBG.

You can enjoy a unique-looking game that will keep you entertained for a long time. If you’re dying to play a historical shooting game, this one is for you!

Download Polyfield APK – the latest version

If you’re into World War II shooting games, you can download Polyfield and enjoy a fun time.

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- Polyfield Editor
- Bot difficulty
- Classes (loadouts)
- Grenade terrain deformation
- Animated clouds
- Underwater effect
- Water bullet impact
- Corpses
- Terrain shadow baking
- Minimap now shows the current map
- Movable minimap, chat and weapon switch
- Damage falloff (except kar98k and m1 garand)
- Bullet impact and camera shake
- Objects sink & tilt when grenade thrown near them
- Revamped main menu scene
- War ambient sound
- Texture tweaks & replacements
Polyfield APK 0.4.0
Download Polyfield APK 0.4.0 

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