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Pocong Hunter Mod APK 1.9.5 (Unlimited gold & coins)

Pocong Hunter Mod APK 1.9.5 (Unlimited gold & coins)
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A village has been raided by ghost troop, children and young man ware kidnapped to their world. Only a boy safe from that kidnapping. The boy must save all the kidnapped villager, in his course, he will face and defeat various of ghosts.

Collect coins as many as you can, buy stuffs and upgrade the weapon.

Get ready, beat the ghost as many as you can, collect the coins, take the weapon, enter the dark caves. Be careful with the traps.

There are almost 90 levels to play!


Pocong Hunter is offered by Polo Games 16, and this is a uniquely interesting game. The game takes place in a village that was raided by a troop of ghosts. These ghosts kidnapped all the young men and children and took them to their world. However, a boy was saved from this catastrophe, and that boy is you.

Your duty is to save all the kidnapped villagers in the game. It is important to note that while you try to achieve this, you would be faced with so many obstacles. This includes other ghosts that you must fight and defeat.

Another thing to note about the game is that there are rewards for every completed mission. You would also be rewarded for every ghost you defeat. There are coins to collect in the game, and you should try to collect as much as possible.

With these coins, you can buy different accessories. You can also upgrade your weapons with the coins. In Pocong Hunters, there are so many coins, ghosts, and weapons to collect. You’d also enter dark caves in the game, but you must be vigilant and alert because there are hidden traps.

There are up to 90 levels in Pocong Hunters, and this is so that players can enjoy hours of the gameplay. It is worth mentioning that the game is easy to install. All you have to do is download and proceed to enjoy the exhilarating gameplay.

Pocong Hunter Mod Apk Free Download

As mentioned above, Pocong Hunter offers exhilarating gameplay. What’s amazing about this is that the gameplay is easy and straightforward. Here are some of the features you would enjoy with the modified version of the game:

  • Unlimited health
  • Removed ads


Pocong Hunter is undoubtedly an interesting game to play. Show your skills and rescue all the kidnapped villagers to become the hero of the day. Download the latest version of Pocong Hunter to start enjoying.

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Pocong Hunter Mod APK 1.9.5 (Unlimited gold & coins)
Download Pocong Hunter Mod APK 1.9.5 (Unlimited gold & coins) 

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