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Otherworld Legends MOD APK v1.14.3 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Vip, Gems)

Otherworld Legends MOD APK v1.14.3 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Vip, Gems)
  • Updated
  • Version 1.14.3
  • Requirements Android -
  • Developer ChillyRoom
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"The best warriors from different times and spaces are summoned to the mirage created by Asurendra. They pass one trial after another, to finally come to face the long-buried secret behind this realm…"

Welcome to Otherworld Legends | pixel roguelike action RPG. You are the warrior we've been waiting for. Here you will be able to:
• Explore beautiful otherworlds like tranquil bamboo grooves, zen patios, grand underworld dungeon tombs or dreamy mirage palace.
• Master heroes with fiery temper and overwhelming power.
• Collect bizarre and funny items and experiment with their combinations to find the best build.
• Together with the randomly generated dungeon world, every playthrough is a thrilling experience.

Main Features
• Easy Control: Super intuitive control for smooth punchy combat! Super combos are just a tap away.
• Distinctive Heroes: Many heroes at your choice, each with a distinct fighting style. Melee, range, magic. There is always your cup of tea.
• Enemies of All Kinds: A huge variety of enemies, bosses and scenes, from towering knights to dumb cute monsters. Crawl the dungeon and pick up a fight!
• Countless Builds: Collect a sea of items that offer all sorts of bonuses. Mix and match items to make up your perfect item builds. Explore the item combinations that best suit your fighting style.
• Randomly Generated dungeons: Prepare for all the surprises you can get in the roguelike world – random enemies, secret rooms and hidden shops. Brawl with unknown bosses and become the ultimate hero.
• Assisted Control: Assisted control helps you effortlessly target enemies and execute fabulous combos with few taps.
• Exquisite Pixel Art: A unique mix of 2D and 3D pixel art styles and awesome hand-drawn animations.

Enjoy Otherworld Legends Now! Brawl with mighty monsters in this pixel action offline RPG. Who will make it to the end in this survival game?

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Twitter: @ChillyRoom
Facebook: @otherworldlegends
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @chillyroominc

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If you're a gaming enthusiast and adore the gameplay of the Chinese and Japanese games containing the Manga kind of interface, then you must have heard of the biggest gaming brand Chillyroom! It's a multinational company creating smartphone games from the last decade and working on Manga and Comic kinds of adventures. It has developed lots of games like Soul Knight, OtherWorld Legends, Dungeon of Weirdos, We Happy Restaurant, and Super Sticky Bros.

If you haven't ever heard about the name Chillyroom, you must need to start one of its games today. You can start with the OtherWorld Legends. It's a prominent Android game and the most current development of the Chillyroom. Moreover, it'll provide you with an animative game interface running on a brilliant story of the lead named Quan Buying. Excepting the description of Otherworld Legends, we're also delivering you the modified version of this game - Otherworld Legends MOD APK. Modification means exceptional features are waiting for you below, and it needs nothing more than you to click the Download button! Enjoy it!

Explore all the beautiful otherworlds and enjoy the realistic virtuality

There are tremendous types of gamers inside the most current gaming age. Some of these gamers love playing Action and Fighting games, and a few are adventure lovers who adore the suspense and Careers in between games. OtherWorld Legends is one of the only Android games on the Google Play Store offering the features of all, Action, Adventure, and Casual gaming. It was developed almost six months ago and covered massive Android gamers' traffic in this short time.

If we look at the statistics right now, over 1,000,000 gamers are enjoying the Otherworld Legends almost daily. And the reason behind this huge success is the game-plot offered by the Otherworld Legends. This exclusive game delivers the most incredible gaming story mode where you're the lead hero Quan Huying stuck in the Mirage World and struggling for getting out of the universe. Sounds Crispy, right? Download it right now and experience the entire gaming story individually!

Versatile gaming with a massive variety of Bosses, levels, and heroes

OtherWorld Legends is a versatile Android game developed brilliantly in a way that you won't ever get bored while playing this game. It offers you a dazzling gaming interface containing animated 2D graphics and immersive sound BGMs. Moreover, you're also going to encounter the most challenging demon bosses and robust heroes. It offers you a chance to experience the most performative characters like Akaisha, Katherine, Gerard Quentin, Oli, Peddler, Ginzo, Hannah, and the most impeccable Quan Buying. Additionally, you'll also encounter the most untimely demons. So get ready for a fight that you never experienced before and an adventure containing hundreds of obstacles.

Challenge the random enemies and encounter the hidden interface

Apart from the Story Mode and the Story demons, you'll also find various real enemies in-between the game while playing online. It offers you a massive kind of level and modes, which all start from the gaming lobby.

Firstly, you'll receive an immersive gaming lobby containing all the heroes to test their skills and unlock, with the appropriate amount of diamonds and money. Time to emerge your skills, and reveal them in front of the authentic gamers to crush them, and rise on the leaderboards.

Download Otherworld Legends MOD APK for the impeccable benefits

OtherWorld Legends MOD APK is a different universe from the official OtherWorld Legends as it contains more immersive features, and offers almost all the paid in-app assets free of charge costing hundreds of diamonds. It'll help you flourish all your skills without any struggle. Moreover, it'll also offer you an entirely unlocked interface in which you can encounter all the legendary heroes free of charge at the first level. Download this modification right now and start playing all the different worlds including Tranquil Bamboo Grooves, Zen Patios, Grand Underworld Tombs, and dreamy mirage palace. Furthermore, you also have to experience the legendary heroes, all with the distinct attack style, melee, ranged, and magic. Enjoy it!!

Infinite Support of money for purchasing the legendary heroes

Money is the major problem inside every Android game, but you won't need to think about the in-app purchases in any Android application or game until we're here with you. Today we're offering you infinite coins and diamonds inside the OtherWorld Legends MOD APK to grant you an allowance for purchasing all the superb heroes and enhance all their skills to the most extreme levels.

Play the unlocked game containing the entirely open interface

You can't do anything with unlimited money until you don't have unlocked heroes inside the game. And these heroes take lots of struggle to getting unhitched with all their skills. But we're here to decrease the obstacles in your life, not increasing or expanding them, and that's why we're offering you OtherWorld Legends MOD APK. It's an exclusive modification containing all the unlocked characters free of charge to use any of them accordingly. So choose the most powerful one and complete all the levels in a single instant!

Enjoy the interruption-free gaming environment

OtherWorld Legends MOD APK is an ad-free Android game featured with the zero-ad gaming script. So it won't ever interrupt you while playing any mode and unlocking any character. Excepting the ad-free gaming, you're also going to enjoy the cent-percent secure game which contains zero bugs and viruses. All you need here is to click the below-most link and make this game all yours!!

All skills unlocked without a single second of struggle

As we told you above that OtherWorld Legends MOD APK is going to deliver you the entirely unlocked gaming interface, so similarly within the unlocked heroes, you can also experience the unlocked skills in this game. Yeah, you heard right, this modification won't ever annoy you for any in-app purchases since it contains the entirely unlocked game. Download it right now and thanks us later!!

Final Touch

Explore the most adorable otherworlds like Tranquil Bamboo Grooves and the dreamy Mirage Palace with the unlocked gaming interface. Download the OtherWorld Legends MOD APK comprised of endless coins, an ad-free app interface, and an unlocked gaming interface without spending a single minute or penny. Just click the below-placed download button and own this marvelous Android game to get immersed into a ground-breaking adventure!

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Mods are constantly updated by the 5PLAY team.
Any copyright issues please contact: [email protected]

Mirelha's attack on obstacles is more accurate.
Added skin description to Penhaligon-Nutcracker.
Fixed the cooldown glitch of Penhaligon-Supreme Command.
Fixed the area glitch of Peddler-Swinging Kitty-1000kg Swing.
Fixed the glitches of Hannah's bullet size of M1894 Rifle and bullet rebound.
Fixed the glitch of locked item slot.
Fixed the glitch of Banned Items slot.
Fixed the glitch of Give Me Five.
Optimized Totem Spirit's display.
Other optimizations and bugs fixed.
Otherworld Legends MOD APK v1.14.3 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Vip, Gems)
Download Otherworld Legends MOD APK v1.14.3 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Vip, Gems) 

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