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Mr. KungFu Mod APK 13.1 (Unlimited money and gems)

Mr. KungFu Mod APK 13.1 (Unlimited money and gems)
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  • Version 13.1
  • Requirements Android -
  • Developer Love Play Fans
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Mr.KungFu is a fighting game with adventures!

During the battle process, players can develop a variety of gorgeous combos through different attack rhythms and skill release sequences, show off your most flexible and strongest state in the arena, make the opponent cannot fight back at all!

[Online battle, dominate the Ranking]
The game has two real-time battle modes. Whether you wanna compete with your friends or match up with a random player to strengthen yourself. Just click the start at once and enjoy the 1-minute quick fight.

[Adventure dungeon, challenge to breakthrough]
With rich storyline modes inside, you can challenge the guardian BOSS of each map, try to defeat the powerful opponents, and become the strongest in the universe!

[Massive heroes, exclusive transforms]
There are massive heroes available for players to choose from in the game, and each hero has its own unique transformation skills. Not only your attributes will be greatly improved, but also you can use the strongest signature skill of each heroes,with unreasonable damage caused

[Rich rewards. Bonus scenes ]
There we setting different bonus scenes hidden in the game levels, which including rich rewards. With the free 50 lucky draws given at the game start, S-level characters are easily yours

[Dynamic challenge, real-time battle]
When both parties use the strongest signature skill, the two players are in the "confrontation period" must need to keep clicking the screen also as fast as you can, try to push the skill to hit the challengers to cause the explosion damages, and also to win the game.


Fighting is one of the top genres that you can enjoy today. They allow players to enjoy a wide variety of characters and perform many combinations to annihilate enemies. These games are enjoyable since they can be played anytime, usually even without an internet connection.

But if you’re looking for something unique, then Mr. Kung Fu is the game to play. This action fighting game lets you dominate using heroes that you can find in many anime shows.

This game lets you have battles to the extreme where you can freely select your hero. There are plenty of unique ones that you can play where you can use various skills and transformations.

There are many fun aspects that you can enjoy today, where you can fight online and fight with your friends or with random players. Then, there’s also the Adventure mode, where you’ll combat the enemies in the story.

Fight for Glory

There are many fantastic fighting games to play right now. You can have fun with so many of them since there are tons of available ones today. There are fighting games in all categories and shapes now since a lot of other genres incorporate fighting.

But if you’re a fan of the old-school fighting styles, then Mr. Kung Fu is the best game for you right now. This is a game that will test your skills as you fight with stickman heroes today.

You can go in your most robust state to fight the very best fighters today in this game. You can fight online in real-time against real players so you can dominate the rankings. You can also battle your friends for some friendly matches and see who’s more skilled today.

There’s also an Adventure mode where you can go against computer enemies as you fight the boss of each map. There are many powerful opponents here where you can unleash your skills.

Love Play Fans published this game, and it lets you transform and enjoy the bonus scenes!

Highlights of Mr. Kung Fu

If you want to unleash your strength and skills, Mr. Kung Fu is the perfect game to play right now.

Fight Opponents – You can enjoy quite a lot of fighting games today since there are so many. One look at the top ones, and you’ll see games like Shadow Fight, Real Boxing, Injustice, Marvel Contest of Champions, Mortal Kombat, and many more.

You’ll see so many types of fighting games here, and you’ll be able to go against the very best today. In Mr. Kung Fu, you’ll have the chance to go against the best today with all your skills.

Here, you’re able to fight in online battles with real players worldwide. You can then fight with all your might and show them your skills today. You can also try fighting against your friends and enjoy the quick fight today. You can choose from a variety of heroes you can unlock here with various special skills.

Each hero is endowed with a transformation skill that allows you to fight in your ultimate form. You can also go through countless dungeons and fight against computer opponents now.

Online battles – In Mr. Kung Fu, you’re able to fight against plenty of opponents in real-time matches. Fight against the very best today as you go against real players worldwide.

You can fight against random opponents so you can win and increase your global rankings. You can also fight against your friends and see where your skills will take you today. Practice as much as you can and dominate the rankings worldwide!

Unique heroes – Mr. Kung Fu features many unique heroes that you can enjoy today. Each character here looks like they’re based on anime shows.

There are so many enjoyable stickman heroes that you can unlock here and use their skills here. Feel free to punch, kick and perform many combos to annihilate your opponents!

Adventure mode – There’s also an Adventure mode here where you can go in various dungeons to fight.

The storyline will take you to new places with new bosses that you must fight. Get many rewards as you complete many levels and upgrade your heroes today.

High-quality animations – If you love 3D fights, then Mr. Kung Fu is the game for you. You’ll enjoy the high-quality animations today, where you can fight against the very best.

Download Mr. Kung Fu Mod APK – Unlimited money and gems 

With Mr. Kung Fu, you can fight against the most formidable opponents today to win! Have fun with the most insane fighting game now.

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Mr. KungFu Mod APK 13.1 (Unlimited money and gems)
Download Mr. KungFu Mod APK 13.1 (Unlimited money and gems) 

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