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Mini Legend Mod APK 2.7.15 (Unlimited money, gems)

Mini Legend Mod APK 2.7.15 (Unlimited money, gems)
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Take on the world's Mini 4WD racers as you modify, customize and race your cars through elaborate fast-paced tracks in this thrilling Mini 4WD simulation experience on mobile!

Over 150 different cars and hundreds of performance parts to create, mod, and race your v Mini 4WD slot car!

Story Mode
○ Single player RPG campaign
○ Over 250 Unique Levels
○ Challenging Boss Battles
○ Unlock Avatars to use in other Modes

Online PVP Mode
○ Challenge real players through a smart matching system
○ See how your modified Mini 4WD stacks up against the competition

⭐ Online Events ⭐
○ Special format races
○ Weekly specialty races ○ Limited edition car races

Daily Time Attack Races
○ Challenge daily target time
○ Daily random tracks to challenge player customization skills

Team Mode
○ Create and manage your own Race Team with friends
○ Compete in the team ranking
○ Team chat system

Many players are unfamiliar with Mini 4WD. So what is Mini 4WD?

Mini 4WD is any miniature model within the mini scale of between 1/20 (1:20) to 1/48 (1:48) scale. Currently, the term is popularized predominantly by a 1/32 (1:32) scaled, AA battery-powered plastic model race car without remote control. All four (4) wheels are direct-drive, thus ""4WD"" for 4-wheel drive, as opposed to ""AWD"" or All-wheel drive. Horizontal side rollers guide the vehicle against the vertical walls of the un-banked track for steering, providing very fast speeds up to 65 km/H (40 mph) on the track. In Japan, Mini 4WD is also known as mini yonku (ミニ四駆) in Japanese. Though mostly popular in Asia, they are sold in many countries as Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Italy, United States and the Netherlands.

Visit Mini Legend Facebook & Customer Service Page: MiniLegend4WD
or Email: [email protected]

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Mini Legend APK – 4WD Racing Simulation

We see a lot of racing games available right now. Many enjoyable racing games will let you unlock, modify and enjoy many roads available in the game.

The gaming community allows you to enjoy so many races where you can compete against top players worldwide. But if you want to enjoy something different, then Mini Legend is the game to try. This game features mini 4WD toy cars that you can race with.

Instead of the usual cars, this game pits you against plenty of other racers worldwide in the Online PVP Mode. Here, you can unlock over 120 different vehicles that you can freely personalize and modify to your liking.

Unlock cars like Sub Zero, The Warthog, Storm Breaker, and many more. Each vehicle has a unique speed, torque, downforce, weight, anti-resist, stability, and downforce. You can also play in the Story Mode, where there are over 250 levels that you can enjoy completing.

Mini 4WD Racing

Racing games are popular, and they are everywhere on Google Play Store. Today, you can find many games such as Beach Buggy Racing, Hill Climb Racing, Dead Ahead, CSR Classics, Racing Fever, Real Racing, Top Drives, and more.

Racing games are fun since they allow you to be fast and reckless without its dangers in real life. Plus, they will enable you to unlock newer cars that you can customize and enjoy. There are all sorts of races you can join in, and you can have fun with a lot of them.

With Mini Legend, you can enjoy a fresh racing concept that will bring you back to your childhood. This game from Twitchy Finger lets you enjoy a fun 4WD simulation racing game where you can race against other toy cars.

Here, you can unlock more than 120 different 4WD cars that you can use to race today. There’s the Story Mode, where you can enjoy over 250 enjoyable levels complete with dialogues. Here, you’ll be able to unlock many types of cars you can modify.

Each car can be customized entirely according to your specifications.

Mini Legend Features

You can have fun with so many racing games right now, including Mini Legend! This is a unique toy car racing game.

Race with Mini 4WD Cars – Racing has always been a popular topic among games. There are so many types of racing games available right now that you can enjoy alone or with friends.

Racing games are so fun since they allow you to unlock cars and modify them today. There are so many enjoyable racing games to download right now which will let you race your heart out. But with Mini Legend, you can race using popular toy cars.

This game lets you enjoy the popular toy cars that you’ve enjoyed playing with as a kid. Instead of the regular cars, you’ll want a fun toy car that you can race in toy tracks today. Here, you can unlock different vehicles that you can completely upgrade and modify to your liking.

You can choose your battery, spoiler, front rollers, mid stays, front stays, and many more. You can change the colors, stickers, texts, and many more here. Join online races where you can race against others solo and in teams.

Enjoyable levels – There are many game modes available in Mini Legend, but the Story Mode. Here, you can enjoy 250 unique levels to play in where you can battle bosses as well.

There are avatars to unlock in other modes as well as this game lets you have fun with so many levels. Here, you can race in different tracks that are challenging and enjoyable. There are so many fun enemies you’ll face here where you can always upgrade.

Online events – The game also has an online PVP mode that you can participate in. Challenge other players in racing competitions using your modified car today.

Enjoy challenging your friends and random players as you complete for global rankings today. There are also online events where you can enjoy weekly specialty races and limited-edition car races.

Unlock cars – In this game, you can unlock more than 120 different cars today. There are different ones like The Warthog, Storm Breaker, Sub Zero, and many more.

Each car has its speed, anti-resist, weight, torque, downforce, and stability. You can upgrade your car’s parts as you win more races and earn rewards! You can then enjoy unlocking faster vehicles to race against more formidable opponents.

Customize – In Mini Legend, you’re free to customize your car today completely! Here, you can enjoy changing the wheel, battery, front, middle and rear parts!

Download Mini Legend Mod APK – Unlimited money, gems

Bring back your childhood with Mini Legend. Unlock all the cars and upgrade them today with unlimited money and gems.

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Mini Legend Mod APK 2.7.15 (Unlimited money, gems)
Download Mini Legend Mod APK 2.7.15 (Unlimited money, gems) 

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