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Merge Mansion Mod APK 22.10.01 (Unlimited Coins)

Merge Mansion Mod APK 22.10.01 (Unlimited Coins)
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Maddie says I’m keeping secrets. I say, what does Maddie know?! Our mysterious story is set around my family’s mansion, which has been empty for more than 40 years. You’ll help Maddie find out what’s happened and learn all about her, and the Boulton family’s past, as you renovate and restore the grounds together.

It’s rather a ride, I can tell you!
Sit down, grab a coffee – maybe a nice slice of pie too – and play Merge Mansion now.
Am I hiding something? You can decide for yourself…

After years of neglect, the mansion and gardens have fallen into disrepair, but Maddie is determined to save it from ruin and restore her family’s legacy. This child never rests…

By playing this relaxing puzzle, you’ll match and merge to renovate the house, clean up the gardens, plant flowers, find amazing discoveries and uncover hidden secrets on the grounds of the Boulton family estate.

Maddie uncovers her family history with every area she restores, but with each discovery she makes, there seems to be a new secret to dig into! Why did I keep the manor a secret? What happened to the family estate and fortune? Who is the man behind the mysterious statue? Can Maddie get the grounds up to code, or will she lose everything? And do I have any more secrets up my sleeve? Of course not. I am not hiding anything..

– RENOVATE and restore Maddie’s new home and expand the mansion grounds with beautiful plants and furnishings!
– MERGE tools, flowers, and other items as you solve the matching puzzle!
– UNCOVER the story and plot twists in a mystery about family secrets and old grudges!
– EXPLORE the mansion grounds and the world around it to unlock hidden areas.
– RELAX and enjoy this casual puzzle game about a mysterious mansion with family-friendly, heartfelt dialogue!

Questions about the game? Our support is ready to answer at [email protected]

Follow Maddie and Grandma on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mergemansion

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If you love puzzles games, there are quite plenty of games in this space today that you can enjoy. People love puzzles simply because they provide a different type of fun than action or shooting games. In these games, they can let out their creativity, intelligence and test their abilities. So, if you’re looking for a game that isn’t boring, download Merge Mansion now and enjoy puzzles. Here, not only will you solve puzzles but you’ll also decorate the mansion and build things.

Published by Metacore Games Oy, this is a game that’s unlike any puzzle game you’ve ever played before! That’s because in here, you’ll need to fix the mansion of your family and in the process, discover huge secrets. But you’ll also be able to enjoy the matching puzzle aspect to unlock numerous items. These items will be used to renovate the mansion and more. You can also unlock hidden areas where you can establish your buildings so you can enjoy life right now.

Solve and Rehabilitate

It’s not an easy task to rehabilitate or renovate something. But we just do it anyway especially if we don’t have anyone that can help us or anyone we can hire. A lot of buildings and mansions get old overtime especially if they’re not maintained regularly. Although it’s tiring to fix a mansion, there’s a feeling of satisfaction when you complete the tasks ahead. In the game Merge Mansion, you’ll need to renovate a mansion that was left behind by your family today.

In this game, you’ll be able to discover mysterious rooms and follow the story that will take you to new places. Here, you’ll need to solve puzzles by merging them together so you can get the tools you need to fix the mansion. In this fun game, you’ll enjoy merging different tools such as a garden fork, axe, knife, vase, and many more. The more you merge, the more items you can get that you can use to renovate the entire mansion. You’ll also be able to decorate the mansion.

Here, you can change the exterior and interior design. Everything is up to your imagination!

Highlights of Merge Mansion

The puzzle genre is filled with wonderful games like Merge Mansion! Enjoy this beautiful and relaxing game full of puzzles and mysteries.

An Exciting World of Puzzles – Due to the emergence of action and shooting games, sometimes people would be too overwhelmed. Some people find these games exhausting as they’d rather play a relaxing puzzle game. But some puzzle games are too boring since they don’t have any visuals. So, if you’re looking to play a game that has perfect balance, Merge Mansion is the game to download! This is a puzzle game that allows you to rehabilitate a mansion all by yourself.

Here, you’ll start off by cleaning the exterior of the mansion which is a huge space. To do this, you’ll need a variety of tools such as axes, plies, brooms, forks and many more. You can get these tools by merging them in a fun puzzle game! You can enjoy the fun interactions between the characters as you discover many secrets and interesting facts about the mansion. This is a game where you can truly relax and decorate the mansion by yourself.

Discover and play – The essence of mobile games is to allow us to relax and to have a good time. But oftentimes, we play games that are stressing which is detrimental for us. Merge Mansion differs in a way since it allows you to relax and to challenge yourself as well. Enjoy discovering many hidden rooms, areas and things that you will enjoy in the mansion. Your task here is to renovate the mansion inside and out and you’ll need to play a lot for that to happen.

Enjoy many puzzles – This isn’t only a renovation game but a puzzle game too! You’ll need to match the same things you see on the puzzle board to unlock them right now. You can then use these tools to clean, fix and uncover many secrets that the mansion holds. There are also incredible treasures lying around that you can pick up through the puzzle games! Enjoy many puzzles today and have fun.

Decorate the interior and exterior – Aside from solving puzzles, you’ll be in charge of decorating the interior and exterior of the mansion. This means you’ll need a lot of coins and tools to help you do this. Here, you can get many items such as plants, vases, and even sofas.

Fun story – Follow the story in Merge Mansion today and enjoy uncovering mysteries! Interact with your family and neighbors now.

Download Merge Mansion Mod APK – Unlimited everything

If you enjoy puzzles and decorating, download Merge Mansion now! Get unlimited money to decorate the mansion however you like.

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Bring a pumpkin and a pair of gloves because it's time for a new update!

- Halloween season is here so put on your costume and prepare for a number of spooky events.
- New Area: Repair the family crypt by unlocking the Cemetery Area.
- Small fixes and improvements.
Merge Mansion Mod APK 22.10.01 (Unlimited Coins)
Download Merge Mansion Mod APK 22.10.01 (Unlimited Coins) 

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