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M Pitesan APK 1.2.6

M Pitesan APK 1.2.6
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Now access Myanmar’s fastest-growing Mobile Financial Services through this new M-Pitesan app and enjoy the new ways of sending money and making payments. It is fast, convenient, and includes advanced security features to ensure all your data and transactions are safe and secure.

The all-new M-Pitesan App is designed to keep your needs at ease. It enhances the Mobile Account experience with simplified customer journeys. M-Pitesan App not only brings you convenience with a seamless user experience, but it also provides the solution to your everyday need.

When you are busy with your daily routine and it is difficult to spare time to go out for performing the transactions, M-Pitesan App is here to help you fulfill all your payment needs from anywhere and at any time.

This revamped version of the M-Pitesan App comes with new, innovative, and most advanced technology features that include:

Account Registration: You can instantly register the M-Pitesan Wallet with any operator SIM with very easy steps

Send Money: M-Pitesan App enables you to send money to your loved ones through their registered M-Pitesan account or unregistered (Over the Counter transaction through NRC)

Cash In: You can use a wide M-Pitesan agent network spread all over Myanmar to deposit cash into your M-Pitesan wallet

Cash Out: You can do cash out from any of your nearest M-Pitesan agents

Top-Up: You can buy top-up & data packs for all operators. You can buy for yourself and for your loved ones

Bank Transfer: M-Pitesan App enables you to link your bank account and transfer money from your bank account to your M-Pitesan wallet or transfer money from M-Pitesan wallet to your linked bank account

Education: Why worry about paying Education Fees, M-Pitesan App enables you to pay your Education Fee from anywhere with a few clicks
E-Commerce: M-Pitesan App makes your online shopping experience simple and smooth. You can make your online payments by using the new and amazing M-Pitesan App

Internet: Now you can pay your internet bills from M-Pitesan App without going outside. It is just a few clicks on your phone
Donation: Don’t have time to go out to donate? M-Pitesan App makes your life easy, now you can make donations through M-Pitesan App
Gift Card: Would you like to surprise your loved one by sending them some gift cards? M-Pitesan App makes this possible for you. Now you can send gift cards to your loved one through M-Pitesan App

TV Subscriptions: Now you can subscribe and renew your TV subscriptions through M-Pitesan App
Tax Payment: No Time to go out to pay tax? Now you can pay your tax through M-Pitesan Wallet

Travel: You want to travel and want to book tickets with ease? M-Pitesan allows you to buy Bus & air tickets right on your phone
Digital Payments: You don’t need a credit card or bank account to perform digital payments. M-Pitesan App allows you to perform digital payments by following the easy steps

QR Scan: Don’t want to enter the recipient number? Just Scan the QR to make Payments, Receive Payments, Cash Out & Merchant Payments
Locate Store: You can find the nearest M-Pitesan Agent from M-Pitesan App in just a single click

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The mobile app industry is growing every day as there are thousands of apps in existence now. There are different types of apps available such as games, maps, messaging, financial, and many more. If you’re always using your smartphone nowadays, it doesn’t hurt to download M-Pitesan today!

This app is Myanmar’s leading financial services app, which allows you to manage your money quickly. Think of this app as an e-wallet that allows you to pay for things and send money conveniently.

Published by Ooredoo Myanmar, the app allows you to register easily as you’re using any other app. Then, you can send money quickly to your friends and loved ones when they also have this app or through over-the-counter transactions.

You can also quickly cash into your account using network agents available all over Myanmar today. The app also boasts a wide variety of services like Bank Transfer, Top-Up, Cash Out, Internet, Education, TV Subscriptions, and many more.

The Best Financial App

Since there are tons of apps today, you can easily do many things that you can do in real life. These apps have infinitely made our lives easier today as smartphones and the internet has contributed a lot. There are many apps available such as messaging apps, games, medical apps, and financial apps.

With M-Pitesan, you can enjoy an e-wallet app that allows you to manage your money conveniently and easily. With this app, sending money, cashing in, and cashing out is as easy as pie.

With this app on your hands, you can easily manage your money through the app. In simple terms, this is an electronic wallet app that allows you to store money digitally. This means you can quickly cash in using a variety of outlets nationwide and through bank apps.

Then, you can also cash out money from your nearest M-Pitesan agents all over the country. Then, you can top-up and buy data packs for network operators inside the app.

This app also makes paying bills more convenient today. Here, you can pay your tuition fees, TV subscriptions, travel tickets, and more.

M-Pitesan Features

There are a variety of apps that you can freely use these days. M-Pitesan is one of the most downloaded for these features:

An E-Wallet App – Smartphones today are used daily by a lot of people worldwide. There are so many apps available for different uses, so smartphones are more used now than ever.

But if you want to use an e-wallet app, download M-Pitesan now and enjoy. This app allows you to manage your money easily as if you have a digital wallet. Here, you can do all sorts of things with your money.

With this app, you can easily add and cash out your money through bank transfers and various outlets in Myanmar. Aside from that, you can pay multiple bills today, such as e-commerce, internet, TV, education, and many more. Moreover, you can also earn VIP points and scratch lottery tickets to win exciting prizes!

There are so many incentives that you can enjoy when you use this app right now. Plus, the registration process is easy, and it’s more convenient to use this than baking apps.

Cash in and Cash out – With M-Pitesan, you can quickly cash in and add money to your account. You can deposit cash through M-Pitesan authorized agents scattered throughout the country. With this, you can easily add money to your account, which will let you do many things.

Then, you can also quickly cash out using the same authorized agents as well.

Quickly register and Top-Up – You can also easily register in this app after downloading it! You need to fill out the vital info like your name, birthday, address, and many more. After that, you can now use your e-wallet app to your heart’s content.

Then, you can also top up your account and buy data packs that are compatible with all network operators in Myanmar. You can buy it for yourself or your friends and family.

Send money and Bank Transfer – Sending money is as easy as sending a message here! You can send it to another M-Pitesan user easily. Then, you can also transfer money from your bank account to M-Pitesan and vice versa.

Pay bills – You can also pay all your bills quickly in the app! Here, you can pay for your education fees, online shops, internet bills, TV subscriptions, and even taxes. You can even buy travel tickets right in the app.

Earn points and money – You can also earn points and money when you use the app! You can even get rewarded when you share it with others.

Download M-Pitesan APK - Latest version

If you want an app that can manage all your money, download M-Pitesan now! Pay bills, shop online and send money quickly directly.

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M Pitesan APK 1.2.6
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