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Love Island The Game 2 MOD APK v1.0.15 (Free Purchase/Diamonds)

Love Island The Game 2 MOD APK v1.0.15 (Free Purchase/Diamonds)
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  • Version 1.0.15
  • Requirements Android -
  • Developer Fusebox Games
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Welcome to Love Island: The Game, the interactive story game that puts YOU in the heart of the hit reality TV show ‘Love Island’. Choose your story now!

New episodes: Ex in the Villa

• Saucy drama from the first episode as your ex returns!
• Will you take him back or look for new love?
• Twists and turns in every episode!
• Choose from a whole wardrobe of new looks!
• Casa Amor is back! Will your head be turned?

The Bombshell season: Chapters of love and choices!

• Enter as the bombshell in the first episode!
• Customise your character and choose your outfit!
• Choose your partner – who’s your type on paper?
• Bring the drama with interactive choices in every episode.
• Meet diverse characters – will they be friends, enemies, or lovers?
• Crack on, build your story, and choose your path toward the climactic final episode.

Play the hottest interactive story game and begin your unique path to love and romance. Make choices in all of the chapters of love and discover YOUR unique story in the spiciest chapter of interactive story games. Are YOU a fan of drama, romance, AND interactive story games? Then grab your swimsuit and dive into an unforgettably seductive interactive story game where your choices matter!

Features: Choose your story games!

• Create and customise your character.
• Male and female love interests.
• Exciting character progression.
• Multiple choices every episode.
• Lots of dress-up options.
• Interactive story games that change depending on your choices.
• Discover multiple endings.

Choose your story: will you play it flirty, sweet, or sassy? YOUR choices matter in every episode of Love Island: The Game!

Romance hotties who catch your fancy, and CHOOSE which guy or girl you will romance this episode? How will you make choices in the Villa? Are you here to make friends, or will you do everything it takes to find love? Can you make it all the way to the last episode for the infamous Love Island final?

Follow us on social media:
@loveisland_game on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

At Fusebox, we create unforgettable interactive story games that bring moments of magic to everyday life for millions of players around the world. At the centre of that journey, is you.

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We all love gaming in the entertainment genre because they are hard to explore, and rarely any game of the adult genre comes with the ability to satisfy our fantasies needs. So it isn't easy to find some fun that resonates with our philosophy in the adult genre. It's a great gift of simulation games that we can enjoy the fantasy of imaginative thinking in the graphical representation.

Love Island; the game 2 mod apk is one such game of the adult genre where you can experience the possibility of the fantasy-like never before, you know what you want, and this game offers you the same dirty involvement which is not suitable in the real world. The game is developed and published by the Fuse Box Studio to make you enjoy the whole level of adult content without any limitation or restriction.

The game is intensely based on a series of the same name, which is very famous among the young generation because of the adult element offered like no other. You will have to choose the character and then design it according to the available categories of the tools and accessories to apply in characters like hairstyle, outfits, shoes, and more.

You can freely customize your character with the available accessories and adjust the character with the help of the options. There are 8 different guys that you will find on the Island to explore your fantasy. Date, any one of them and, make relation of any type you wish like lesbian and more. Cheat anyone and perform the intense task to dominate the room with the kind of performance available in the gameplay. Explore and perform all the fantasy in the gameplay.

Love Island; the game 2 mod apk

Love Island; the game 2 mod apk is an alternate variant of the original gameplay. It offers the uses of enhanced elements to apply in the gameplay, which is intensely available here on our website for free. We have provided the users with an unlocked premium version and the benefits for the users to experience the upgraded gameplay, unlimited money, unlimited diamonds, unlimited tickets to access every location, upgrade the tools, and unlock the accessories for free.

Free shopping for the users to purchase any accessories and equipment from the game in-store for free. The version is also integrated with the no ads policy, which blocks and removes the ads from the gameplay. The version doesn't require rooting while installing it and so offers the antiban and the antivirus properties in the gameplay, no lagging, and fixed all bugs, making the gameplay very safe and secure.


Choose your character

You have to choose a better character for yourself when roaming on the Island to attract others with your looks. Many availabilities of the characters are present from which you need to choose, unlock the better character by earning the diamonds for the best gameplay choice that is being made.

Design your outlook

You will get an unlimited choice of accessories to explore your hidden, attractive outlook. This means you need to apply multiple assignments like hairstyle changing, eyebrows, outfits, shoes, color, fancy, and more fashion to explore the real world of the Island. You will have to seduce the other people on the Island, so have in mind that sense of how you should act and perform to get your dream partner.

Island world to explore

In Love Island, in the game 2 mod apk, you will get into the Island with 8 other guys involved in the random activities, so you can also impress them with the performance. You get to explore the things in the abandoned Island integrated with the super sense, which attracts charisma. You can perform various activities that are not allowed in the real world.

Quest and challenges

In Love Island, the game 2 mod apk, you have to explore yourself while following the multiple works order by the gameplay. Involve with other partners in the fulfillment of the quests and challenges. These quests and challenges involve many exploring fantasies with your partners where you can also get involved with others about making various gender forms.

Great animated looks of the characters

The animation f the character outlook must be appreciated because they are designed in such a great simulation outlook where you can experience their charisma on the mood. Cherish the vision and fall in love with the animated character's outlook because they are keenly impressive to love. They possess such a sexy figure and look, which is outstanding in explaining in words.

Choice-based story moving

You will get to immerse yourself in the choice bases story format where you will choose the options and make them move ahead based on the decisions. At every step, you can choose the option, and the decision-based outlook will determine the fate of the gameplay. Choose wisely because of the free choice availability, as you will know that the future will be dependent on your total decisions. Various stories are available for you to choose from and dive into their emotional touch.


Download Love Island, the game 2 mod apk to enjoy the adult content of the free lifestyle without any restriction and the limitation to explore all kinds of fantasies. Dive with the 8 other guys on the Island with the many activities integration. In the mod version, you will get to explore the uninterrupted gameplay with the help of unlimited diamonds, unlimited tickets, and more in the gameplay. There were no ads, no rooting, and more in the version like no lagging and fixed all bugs.

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Bug fixes & improvements.
Love Island The Game 2 MOD APK v1.0.15 (Free Purchase/Diamonds)
Download Love Island The Game 2 MOD APK v1.0.15 (Free Purchase/Diamonds) 

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