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Love Esquire Mod APK 1.7.4 (Unlimited Energy )

Love Esquire Mod APK 1.7.4 (Unlimited Energy )
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Love Esquire is a romantic-comedy visual novel/dating sim with a touch of old-school RPG combat. In this game, you're not a famous knight, but a good-for-nothing squire who's on a quest to find man's greatest pleasure. Getting the girl won't be easy though, since most of them are waaaay out of your league!

So raise those stats, battle monsters, and unleash your full potential!

♡ 5 Dateable Waifus – Love Esquire's heroines are not just pretty faces! Each have their own unique ambitions, backstories, plots, and dirty little secrets for you to uncover.
♡ Turn-based Combat – You may not be a decent squire, but you have a number of unconventional techniques to keep your needy knight alive. Taunt, cheer, heal, and loot your way to victory!
♡ Raise Stats – Git gud and become the ideal man by increasing your strength, charisma and intelligence. These traits not only affect your combat abilities, but also your relationships.
♡ Forge Relationships – Amp up your squirely charm by giving gifts and whispering sweet nothings to your waifu. Get those romance points high enough and they'll open up in more ways than one.
♡ Multiple Endings – What's waiting for your squire at the end of the journey? Be careful with those choices!
♡ Fully Voiced – Hear your waifus fully express their undying love for you!

♡ The game contains advertisements and optional items that can be purchased using real money.
♡ You need internet connection to play this game.

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In-Depth Details about Love Esquire 

Love Esquire is a simulation game by Yangyang Mobile. It is a mature game rated 17+ since it includes romantic scenes.

The game has unique storylines. You will be 100% responsible for shaping the trajectory of the game. Every choice you make will determine how you fare in the gameplay.

Even better, Love Esquire APK for android is optimized to work with Android 8.1 and above OS. It is 139M and requires a relatively large storage space (approximately 250M) to work optimally.

How Love Esquire Works

Love Esquire is a game of choices. It challenges you to make the right decisions and win the heart of your chosen lady. You will need to balance your time between attending to your love interest and mastering weapons so you can defeat your enemies.

You will start as a mere squire in love. You will need to work hard and make the right choices to become a knight and win the heart of your lady love. There are many possible endings, but only one can be the true ending.

The process of getting your favorite girl will have complexities. It will not be easy as you will face many rivals in your path. You will need to be vigilant!

In addition, you should equip yourself with the best weapons and armor. Always level up your stats so you can be a force to be reckoned with in the game.

Forge Your Relationships

In this game, you will have five girls to date. You can use various charms, including gifts, sweet words, and intimate moments, to win the heart of your chosen girl. However, you need to be careful not to overstep boundaries, lest you lose her for good!

You will also have the opportunity to befriend other knights in the game. This can be helpful in your journey to becoming a knight.

You should also raise your stats consistently. You must be attractive to your chosen girl, after all! Your charisma, strength, intelligence, and other stats will come in handy as you try to woo her.

Outstanding Features of Love Esquire APK

  • An Intense Turn-Based Combat. The combat in Love Esquire is turn-based. This means you will need to time your moves carefully to win your battles. There is also an element of strategy involved, so you will need to plan your attacks accordingly. You can also use other unconventional techniques, including healing, taunting, cheering, and looting.
  • Beautiful Visuals and Artwork. The visuals and artwork in Love Esquire are simply amazing. This is especially apparent in the character designs and the environment.
  • 5 Waifus to Date. The game offers five dateable waifus. You will need to woo them and make the right decisions if you want to win their hearts. Each of them has her unique personality, dirty secrets, plots, ambitions, and backstories.
  • A Complex Story with Many Twists and Turns. The storyline in Love Esquire is very complex. There are many twists and turns, so you will never know what will happen next. In addition, the game has multiple endings based on the choices you make. This ensures that each player will have a unique experience when playing the game.
  • An Engaging Gameplay with Lots of Replay Value. Love Esquire is an engaging game that offers plenty of replay value. You will want to play it again and again to see all the different endings. The game also has excellent graphics and sound effects that make it even more enjoyable to play.
  • A Fully Voiced Cast. The cast in Love Esquire is fully voiced. This means you will be able to experience the game in full audio. This makes the game even more immersive and engaging. You can access the voiceovers in English, making it easy to follow the proceedings.

Unlock Outstanding Features

This game offers in-app purchases that will allow you to unlock various features. These include additional storylines, weapons, armor, and items.

They are in the range of $0.99 - $99.99 per item. Every purchase will also give you a unique bonus. This will help you progress through the game quickly and easily.

Additionally, you can use this option to block adverts. This will allow you to enjoy a seamless gaming experience devoid of interruptions.

Love Esquire MOD APK Unlimited everything

The Love Esquire MOD APK unlimited everything is your ultimate game if you want to get ahead in the game with ease. It has the following benefits:

  • Love Esquire MOD APK Unlimited Energy. This MOD APK will give you unrivaled energy to take on your adversaries.
  • Love Esquire MOD APK Unlimited Gems. The Love Esquire MODs APK will also give you unlimited gems. You can use them to purchase the best weapons and armor to help you win your battles.
  • Love Esquire MOD APK Unlimited Diamond. This modded game offers you all the resources you need to make your game easier. 
  • No Root Required. You do not need to root your device to use this modded game.
  • All Bugs Fixed. The Love Esquire MOD APK download comes with all the bugs fixed. You will not have to face any errors or glitches when playing this game.

How to Download and Install Love Esquire MOD for Android?

To download the Love Esquire MOD APK, follow the instructions below.

  • Go to a reliable third-party website and download the Love Esquire MOD APK file on your Android device.
  • Go to the Settings of your device and activate/ enable Unknown Sources.
  • Now, locate the downloaded file and install it on your device.


Love Esquire is an excellent game for anyone who wants to enjoy a great story with lots of depth and complexity. The game has excellent graphics, sound effects, and voiceovers.

It also offers plenty of replay value. You will want to play it again and again to see all the different endings. Additionally, the game has in-app purchases that will help you progress through the game quickly and easily.

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Mods are constantly updated by the 5PLAY team.
Any copyright issues please contact: [email protected]

* fixed a critical crash issue.
Love Esquire Mod APK 1.7.4 (Unlimited Energy )
Download Love Esquire Mod APK 1.7.4 (Unlimited Energy ) 

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