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Ice Scream 4 Outwitt Mod APK 1.2.3 (Menu mod)

Ice Scream 4 Outwitt Mod APK 1.2.3 (Menu mod)
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After having rescued your three friends from Rod’s clutches on several occasions, the evil ice cream maker has captured them yet again and, this time round, has taken them to his factory. In the previous installment, J made his own special ice cream with the ingredients your friends had collected to fatten up and let Rod capture him.
In this new chapter, Rod will take you to his factory, where you’ll find out more about both his past and that of the Sullivan family. Explore the different areas of the factory, square up to the ice cream maker’s mysterious helpers and uncover many more surprises.

Free your friends from their cages before anyone ends up in the extraction room!

A few features:

★ New enemies: Confront Rod’s new helpers—the Mini Rods. The factory guards who’ll try to stop you escaping and will alert Rod if they see you. Show off your skills by dodging and escaping them.
★ Free exploration: For the first time in the saga, freely explore a vast, interconnected setting, free from loading times, that’s full of secrets about Rod’s past and that of his father’s, Joseph Sullivan.
★ Fun puzzles: Solve ingenious puzzles to free your friends from their cages.
★ Narrative cinematics: Detailed cinematics that will help you understand everything that’s going on.
★ Original soundtrack: Immerse yourself in the world of Ice Scream with its unique music in step with the saga, and voices exclusively recorded for the game.
★ Hints system: If you get stuck, there’s an in-depth hints window full of options that will help you solve the puzzles in line with your gaming style.
★ Different difficulties: Play at your own pace and explore risk-free in ghost mode, or confront Rod and his helpers in the different levels of difficulty that will really put your skills to the test.

A terrifyingly fun game suitable for all audiences!

If you’re after a scary, fantastical, fun experience, then be sure to play "Ice Scream 4: Rod’s Factory” now! Action and frights guaranteed.
Headphones are recommended for a better player experience.

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Ice Scream 4 Outwitt APK – Rod’s Factory

There have been so many incredible horror games that have been published over the years. In these games, you’ll cower in fear as you play the role of a unique main character that must go through countless troubles.

There have been tons of games like this in the past, but if you’re looking for a unique puzzle horror game, the Ice Scream series is truly delectable. The Ice Scream 4 Outwitt game is nowhere, and it’s better than ever!

This time, you and your friends have been captured again by the mysterious ice cream maker, and you’ve been locked up in the factory. It would help if you found your way to the exit with your friends as you face numerous challenges.

Along the way, you’ll meet new enemies like the Mini Rods that will try to stop you from escaping. You’ll also enjoy solving various puzzles to get out of the factory with your friends!

Interesting Horror Game

Horror games exist today to provide exciting gameplay for players outside of battle royale and other genres. We can enjoy horror games nowadays since they’re so fun and unique today. There are so many available ones to enjoy, and you’re able to download them for free today.

But if you’re looking for a genuinely fantastic horror game, then the Ice Scream series should be your best bet. In the game Ice Scream 4 Outwitt, you’ll try to escape from the clutches of the horrible ice scream, man!

The ice scream man has abducted all the chubby kids in the neighborhood, and who knows what he’s going to do to them? You and your friends have been caught by the ice cream maker again and brought to his factory.

In this game, you’ll need to escape along with your friends before you get turned into ice cream. To do this, you’ll need to first find a way out of the jail box by using your brain and some tools. Here, you can interact with objects as well as rooms so you can get out.

Can you escape the factory?

Ice Scream 4 Outwitt Features

If you want to have fun with a unique horror puzzle game, try Ice Scream 4 Outwitt today and enjoy.

4th installment in the series – If you’re a fan of horror games, then there are so many amazing ones you can download now. These are games that will fill you with scary adventures that you can take. Horror games are great because they’re unique, and they’re not something you can play anytime you want.

It would help if you only played them when you’re brave enough to face something new. In Ice Scream 4 Outwitt, you’ll need to find a way to escape along with your friends from the ice cream maker.

The ice cream man has something in mind, and it involves all of you turning into ice cream. Thankfully, you’re here to escape, so you must solve various types of puzzles as you sneak past guards and escape.

You’ll face new types of enemies here as Mini Rods are lurking about the factory. You must go through many areas carefully as you try to solve various puzzles to escape! Can you do it without being caught?

Solve puzzles to escape – In Ice Scream 4 Outwitt, you’re able to walk around and solve puzzles. The puzzles vary widely, so you must be flexible as you look for the objects needed. You also need to avoid the enemies while solving different puzzles so you can escape!

Here, you’re going to face plenty of bodyguards that will stand in your way. But the good thing is that you can pick up weapons and other objects to distract and fight the enemy today.

Narrative cinematics – Ice Scream 4 Outwitt features excellent storytelling that will lure you in. Here, you’ll enjoy the cinematic animations as you do many things and encounter different stages.

With these, you should understand what’s going on to solve the puzzles later on fully. The soundtrack is realistic as well as the sound effects! These should give you a lot of enjoyable playing time.

Hints and enemies – In Ice Scream 4 Outwitt, you’re able to get some hints in case you’re stuck. But they’re limited, so you must use them wisely. Feel free to hit the enemies as you try to escape. You can also enjoy different difficulty levels that will truly test your mettle. Can you escape from the factory?

Download Ice Scream 4 Outwitt APK – Mod Menu

Do you want to enjoy a fun horror game? Try Ice Scream 4 Outwitt and test evading and escaping skills.

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- Several bug fixes
- Performance improvement
Ice Scream 4 Outwitt Mod APK 1.2.3 (Menu mod)
Download Ice Scream 4 Outwitt Mod APK 1.2.3 (Menu mod) 

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