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Hellrider 3 1.32 (Unlimited Money)

Hellrider 3 1.32 (Unlimited Money)
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A new part of Hellrider adventure!
Become a member of a completely new story, enjoy the new 3D gameplay. A bunch of unusual game mechanics, allowing to look at the runner games from a new side!

Game Features:
-Multiple game modes with their challenges and goals
-Amazing story revealing the world of Hellrider from a new perspective
-Many characters who need a real hero!
-Daily challenges will not relax!
-A huge picturesque world awaits its researchers
-And much more!

Join the crazy races of Hellrider 3 MOD APK, which is only for riders with the spirit of a warrior, ready to fight and destroy all obstacles.

Introduce about Hellrider 3

Have you ever thought of a crazy racing where you can play not fairplay or even destroy every opponent on the track? Hellrider 3 is a game like that. The championship trophy is ahead, but to get closer, you will have to overcome countless challenges and face the most formidable opponents. Will you be able to reach the end of your journey and conquer the heights of glory? Download the game to experience right now!


Hellrider 3 opens with the main character being kidnapped by the underground organization. A young hero chases after him then saves him. From here, however, two young guys were caught up in an intense chase. You will have to run away, or chase them and defeat them. Can you solve these problems, destroy the mafia gangs?

That is possible because the game will provide you with a motorbike and a pistol. Although these are somewhat old and classic, they are recommended as the best weapons up to now.

When a challenge begins, you will drive and chase enemies. This journey ends only when you, or all of the forces of the other underground organization, are defeated.

The car will move automatically, you need to steer left and right to avoid obstacles. The operations need to perform respectively is tap on the two sides of the screen. If you do both at the same time, you can help the motorcycle jump up to get past a log blocking the road, or something similar.

As the pace of the game is pushed higher, you will have more enemies. They constantly throw obstacles, or attack you with bombs or guns. You need to avoid them all. The character only has a certain amount of HP, he will become exhausted and become a loser if he has 0 HP.

Don’t miss out on support items

There’s one pretty bad thing, that is the gun the game gives you with no bullets. So what is the gun for? Of course to shoot enemies. But how? Please collect the bullets scattered in the road. After that, the character will automatically aim at the enemy and take down them from the track.

In addition, the game also has a number of other items. In it, Bomb is my favorite thing. Although you have to shoot manually, but its destructive power can eliminate many opponents at the same time. Besides, first aid box will help you recover your health.

However, the game support items are placed near the curb. You will have to do quite dangerous drift to get them. If you’re unlucky, you may be hit by an obstacle or a curb. This will cause the character to lose HP.

Change to new clothes

The clothes your character is wearing seems out of date. You can buy him a new outfit when visiting the store. In the Store, there are many unique skins, which help Hellrider change gender, or even appearance. Hellrider Pro, Mini King, Retro, Billy Morto, Vicky, Duck, Jay and many more. Almost, all of it costs 5000 Coins.

The classic Deadhead you are using can also be replaced. The garage offers a number of modern and eye-catching designs moto. Revenger, Shark and Golder are my favorite. But you can also choose from dozens of other models. Some are sold for Coins, but some are more special for sale with real money.

Finally, Hellrider 3 has a diverse gun collection. Mostly, they are pistols, short and quite light. This creates convenience as you can use them while driving. Dandy, Duelist, Silver, Pistol, Sting and more have similar designs, but most of them have more damage than the default gun.


Hellrider 3 has quite simple graphics. Mostly, the characters and the background are not smoothly drawed, there are still edges, making us think of the pixel game Minecraft. But this design creates a unique space, not boring. Maybe, you will like this graphic background.

MOD APK version of Hellrider 3

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money: Always increase

Donwload Hellrider 3 MOD APK for Android

Hellrider 3 is a game that combines elements of racing and action. You will experience thrilling situations while chasing opponents and trying to eliminate them from the track. And whether can you afford to fight an underground mafia gang, with full of dangers? Download Hellrider 3 and show your bravery now!

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New character!
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Hellrider 3 1.32 (Unlimited Money)
Download Hellrider 3 1.32 (Unlimited Money) 

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