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Girls Club APK 2.9 (Unlock all)

Girls Club APK 2.9 (Unlock all)
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Welcome to Rich Girls Club! This game is where Rich Girls go Shopping around the World for fine jewelry, clothing and fashion, accessories and perfume, and they do this with their best friends in the entire world! It's a dream come true for a Shopping and Fashion Girl!

Get ready for the Shopping Adventure of a Lifetime! Hop on a Private Jet to luxurious places like Paris, London, Milan, New York, and Beverly Hills, and Shop around the World like Rich girls do!

Get your Credit Cards & Cash ready to go Shopping for the most Luxurious Fashion and clothing you have ever seen!

Go Shopping with your Besties in some of the most gorgeous places in the World!

Shop for clothing, then check out at the register! Pay with cash or credit card, and put away the dollars and change!

Rich Girls Club is great fun for all ages, especially for those that love shopping with their best girlfriends, credit cards and money, and more!

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In-Depth Details about Girls Club APK

Girls Club APK is a role-playing game offered by Beansprites LLC. It has high-quality graphics that guarantees a near-real shopping experience.

You join a group of girls out to live a luxurious life. You will explore the world in search of exotic products that will match your class!

The game allows you to pay in cash or credit card. If you want to buy cosmetics, accessories, and jewelry like a boss, you should download Girls Club APK for Android.

This application is only 53M, and you can use it with any android 4.4 and above device. The game is optimized for smooth operations, ensuring that you do not get any lags or buffering issues throughout the gameplay.

An Immersive Shopping Experience!

Do you love shopping? If yes, you will fall in love with Girls Club APK for Android. The game takes you on a journey to some of the most luxurious shopping destinations.

You will get to shop in popular places like Milan, Paris, Dubai, Beverly Hills, London, and New York! You will also access exotic brands that will set you apart.

With each level, you get to unlock new features and products. You also get to interact with other club members and make new friends.

Even better, you will get numerous customization options for your character. You can change their hairstyle, makeup, clothes, and accessories to create a unique look.

Diverse Payment Options

Once you're through with your shopping, you will check out at the cashier. Here, you will have to pay in either cash or credit card.

The game uses state-of-the-art simulations for both options. You will get a realistic experience of using either mode of payment.

Numerous Activities to Undertake

Girls Club APK for Android offers more than just shopping. You can also engage in other activities like clubbing, singing, and dancing.

Your friends will join you in these activities, and you will have lots of fun. You can also interact with other members of the club to create networks.

Besides, you can shop for diverse items, including cosmetics, clothes, perfume, jewelry, and accessories. You will also get to buy beauty products from world-renowned brands.

Get a Private Jet to Explore the World!

If you want to go shopping overseas, you can use your private jet. The game gives you access to a luxurious private jet that you can use to travel the world.

You can join your friends to go to your dream shopping destination. The game also allows you to take part in various international events.

Overall, you will live a life only a few people can experience. It will be full of luxury, and you will interact with the rich and famous.

Unique Features of Girls Club APK

  • Access Dollars and Live Your Dream Life! The game gives you avenues to get dollars that you can use to buy the most expensive items. You can also use it to travel the world and participate in international events.
  • Make New Friends. You will also get to join a club of highly influential people. The game also has an excellent social interaction system to enable you to interact with other players. You can make new friends, chat with them, and even go on dates.
  • High-Quality Graphics. The game is designed using the latest technology in 3D graphics. Every activity is marked with brilliant visuals that will keep you glued to your screen.
  • Alluring Sound Systems. The sounds of any game determine its quality to a great extent. The developers of this game have done an excellent job ensuring that you get the best sound system. You will enjoy the background sounds associated with every activity.
  • In-Game Purchases. This app is free to download, but it has in-app purchases. You can use real money to buy some of the products in the game. The cost of each item is $4.99.
  • Contains Ads. This game is ad-supported, and you will see banner, interstitial, and video ads while playing. You can get rid of these ads by making an in-app purchase. 
  • Ideal for Everyone. This game is suitable for everyone, including children. It has a wide range of activities that will keep you engaged for hours. You can also customize the difficulty level to match your skills. 

Numerous Levels with Diverse Challenges

This game has numerous high-end locations to explore. It has many levels, each with different challenges. The first few levels are easy, but the difficulty increases as you advance. 

You will have to use your shopping skills and strategies to complete each level. As you keep progressing, you will also get new abilities to help you in your journey.

Always know that you must keep acquiring resources to sustain your progress. You will need money to buy the most expensive items and travel to different parts of the world.

If you realize that you're running short of money, you must adjust your budget. Try to save some money so that you can use it when needed.


Girls Club APK for Android is an excellent game for anyone who loves shopping. It has a wide range of activities, and you will also get to travel the world. The graphics are superb, and the sound system is just as good.

You can also make new friends and join a club of highly influential people. The game is free to download, but it has in-app purchases. You will also see banner, interstitial, and video ads while playing.

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Shop around the World for the most expensive luxuries in the World in the most Exclusive Rich Girls Club Ever!
Girls Club APK 2.9 (Unlock all)
Download Girls Club APK 2.9 (Unlock all) 

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