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Foxit PDF Editor v12.1.0.0714.1947 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Foxit PDF Editor v12.1.0.0714.1947 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)
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Want a PDF editor? Try Foxit PDF Editor. This is an easy-to-use PDF editor which allows you to view and annotate PDF files on Android devices while on the go. The Foxit PDF Editor also offers advanced features based on subscription, including export PDF, edit PDF, and protect PDF, etc.

Foxit PDF Editor provides you with the following capabilities:
• Reliable: 100% compliant with your current PDF ecosystem.
• Lightweight: doesn’t exhaust your device resources.
• Fast: no long waits to open PDFs.
• Secure: powerful file protection features to safeguard sensitive information against unauthorized access.
• Collaborative: full control of your content.
• Multi-Language: support for 12 languages.

What Foxit PDF Editor can offer to you:

View and manage PDF files
• Reflow PDF files for easy viewing
• Easy document navigation with bookmark management features
• Search for text within your PDF document
• Supports tabbed document interface (for tablet only)
• Supports to read the PDF out loud
• Rename, move, copy or delete PDF file(s)

Collaborate and share PDF files
• Add annotations and stamps to PDF files
• Share PDF files and screenshots from within the application
• Share multiple files across your desktop and Android device via Wi-Fi
• Save, synchronize and access PDF files in popular cloud services (Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.)

Create and convert PDFs
• Create blank PDFs from scratch*
• Create PDFs from Microsoft Office, image, text, and HTML files*
• Scan and convert paper documents to PDFs
• Convert PDFs to Microsoft Office, image, text, or HTML files*
• Combine PDFs to create a new PDF*

Edit PDF files
• Insert audios, videos, or hyperlinks to PDFs*
• Add/edit text and image objects in PDFs*
• Edit document properties*
• Optimize PDF documents*
• Reorganize PDF pages

Work on PDF forms
• Fill out and save PDF forms
• Import and export form data
• Submit PDF forms via HTTP, FTP, or Email
• Work on XFA forms*

Sign and protect PDFs
• Add handwritten signatures to PDFs
• Sign PDF documents with an existing digital certificate*
• Protect PDF files with password and Microsoft Information Protection*
• Protect PDF information with redaction*

The features marked with the asterisk (*) are advanced features based on subscription through in-app purchase. You can have a 7-day free trial for the advanced features. To activate the advanced features, you should create a Foxit account and subscribe to Foxit PDF Editor. After subscription, just sign in with your Foxit account and the advanced features will be available.

Have feedback? You can contact us at the following address: https://www.foxit.com/support/ticket.html

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since the world has transitioned to online documents and pdfs, which are great ways of sharing and maintaining information linked to anything and everything, the editing of files must now be done with the assistance of a software application. In light of this, it is impossible to dispute the relevance and usefulness of pdf files in our day-to-day lives, regardless of the circumstances. On the other hand, these files don't always work for us, and when that happens, we need to alter them in order to make them usable. Since that is where you have us fresh in your mind, we have provided the foxit pdf editor mod apk to fulfil all of your requirements. It is an all-inclusive editor for pdf files that enables you to make modifications, twists, shares, exports, and moves inside the files while eliminating the data from being lost and not at all compromising the security of the documents.

You are the project's only master of the file, regardless of where you received it from, and this is accomplished without the app losing any of the core or functionality of its most secure mode. There are a number of different ways to export, exchange, import, and edit files. Easy access can be gained to fundamental actions such as moving, copying, texting, speaking, and sharing. But the premium ones, such as the ability to add notes, copy text, insert comments or images, music, video, hyperlinks, multimedia, and more, cost money and thats why this mod. In addition to such activities, foxit pdf editor mod apk enables you to optimise files and alter the properties of the documents you work with. Save forms, modify properties, reorganise and align pages, select from a variety of sharing options, and convert formats using the premium converting tools. It functions quite well on different file types and enables you to add signatures in either a handwritten or digital format. In general, it is one of the best tools you will need for all of your optimization needs, and it comes highly recommended.

Foxit pdf editor mod apk

the foxit pdf editor mod apk is an alternative and modified version of the software that provides users with access to additional premium features. Because the pro tools are only available through in-app purchases, this requires a financial commitment. However, this will not be a problem for you because you will have access to all of the premium version's tools and perks without having to pay anything more. Therefore, take pleasure in editing and customising the pdf files to your full potential using all of these priceless treasures of editing tools and without any investment at all. Simply the best, complete with all the extras, an intuitive user interface, and the highest possible level of dependability with regard to your data and files. As a consequence of this, it is the most effective document editing programme that can be found. When it comes to the protection of your information from any other source, it is fully compliant with all international security regulations. Therefore, without making any sort of reservation, go ahead and download the application right away to get an atmosphere free of advertisements in which to read and enjoy the most effective automatic reading and editing of files.


you won't be able to find a lot of the intriguing editing capabilities that come with foxit pdf editor mod apk anywhere else, so we've brought them all together and summarised them for you below.

Insert any necessary multimedia, then edit the text.

The simple and straightforward user interface of the editing software, which gives users access to the premium features of the programme and makes them the sole master of the edited file and gives them the chance to change anything, will be highly popular among users. You may easily insert text, comments, annotations, bookmarks, photos, audio, and video, as well as audio and video bookmarks. You would also adore the opportunity to manage the pages and change the content, whether it be to correct the spelling, the punctuation, or anything else of your choosing.

Primitive editing tasks as well as the adding of signatures

the foxit pdf editor mod apk is not your typical mobile application. It provides you with all of the essential components that are need to become an editing expert. You have the option of signing the documents digitally or adding your handwritten signatures to them. In addition, it gives you the ability to move, copy, paste, share, import, export, align, organise, and manage pages; fill out and save forms; collaborate with others; change document properties; and manage document types.

Protection along with administration and transformation

users were able to read and use auto-reading to check while performing operations to edit properties, pages, bookmarks, and search texts; convert other formats into pdfs; navigate and use a brilliant interface to perform all tasks. These capabilities were available while users were also able to perform operations to edit properties, pages, bookmarks, and search texts. When it comes to providing premium protection for data and information, it would be impractical to address all of this and the many other things that are possible. Conform to the norms of international security and protect the confidentiality of the data. They also provide safety via passwords in addition to other features.


you may enjoy quality editing of files and other formats while reading if you download the foxit pdf editor mod apk. You can annotate files and arrange them by name, date, and other criteria. You will need to change the way your files and pages are organised in order to be able to add signatures and files, format them in a way that is not obvious, and access all of your files. Overall, the app is the greatest option for users to enjoy the pleasure that never stops because it is equipped with the most advanced and premium safety measures. You are able to obtain a version of it that has been modified here, in which all in-app purchases are made available to you at no cost and all premium tools that can be used to edit and modify files are unlocked.

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Mods are constantly updated by the 5PLAY team.
Any copyright issues please contact: [email protected]

• Now supports adding tags to folders.
• Now supports sharing selected pages from a document (under Organize Pages)
• Now supports custom text and image stamps.
• Now supports auto-completing form fields.
• Now supports viewing files as a grid in PDF file lists.
• Fixed some issues to deliver a more friendly user experience.
Foxit PDF Editor v12.1.0.0714.1947 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)
Download Foxit PDF Editor v12.1.0.0714.1947 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 

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