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Flip Master Mod APK 2.5.00 (Unlimited money)

Flip Master Mod APK 2.5.00 (Unlimited money)
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Master the trampoline with Frontflips, Backflips, Gainers, Layouts, Jumps and Bounces on your backyard, gym or circus trampolines and train to be the Master of Trampoline!

With a custom physics engine and animated Ragdoll Physics, Flip Master is the most dynamic and entertaining Trampoline experience ever created! Defy the laws of physics and prove yourself worthy!

Download Flip Master NOW and get:

⭐ Pick your location! A Backyard, Gym, a Competitive trampoline!
⭐ Crazy Circus and Trampoline Park with multiple trampolines!

⭐ Unlock dangerous and spectacular skills!
⭐ Backflips, Frontflips, Gainers and 10 more tricks at the palm of your hand!

⭐ Power-up Frenzy! A huge amount of power-ups to choose from!
⭐ Select the medicine ball or the Foam Cube and get the jumping party started!
⭐ Even More – go to a gold rush with the Coin Rain power-up and much more!

⭐ Choose, upgrade and customize your characters.
⭐ Jump as an athlete and reach amazing heights!
⭐ Every character has their own unique physics!

⭐ Record your best moves and funniest falls!
⭐ Show the World who dominates the Trampoline!

Find out more about MotionVolt Games:

Contact us:

This game does not require internet connection, and can be played offline.

This game is not suitable for any players under 13 years old. Please also notice and follow all other age ratings in your country if they show higher age rating than this.


Trampolines are so much fun. They represent childhood and carefree spirits. We can all agree that flips are so much fun if you know how to do them. But what if you can do extreme flips without the risk of falling? Is there such a way to do this? What if we told you that you can – at least in a game? Will you play it?

Flip Master is a game developed by Miniclip which has reached over 10 million downloads in Google Play Store. This game allows you to perform amazing flips in a trampoline! Think you can do them without falling on your head or stomach? Read more below!

What is Flip Master?

When we were kids, we were carefree. We only wanted to do things that were fun. But as time passes, we slowly forget the things that were once fun to us. But if you’re a kid at heart, you’ll know that trampolines are the best!

Flip Master allows you to rekindle your love for all things fun! It’s a game that allows you to do flips as much as you want! The only catch is to avoid falling on your stomach or your head first! But beyond that, you can do a lot of flips in this game. Try to score high and beat your high scores. In this game, there are a lot of locations where you can do your flips. You can also select other characters to try!

Overall, the graphics are captivating and the physics are beyond real. It’s as if you’re really flipping yourself! Read on to learn more!

Features of Flip Master

Flip Master isn’t your typical sports game. In this one, your sole purpose is to do as much flips as possible! Here are its features:

Variety of locations – In this game, you can play in tons of different locations to show your skills! You can play in the backyard or in a circus stage! Wherever it is, you only need a trampoline to show off your tricks. Aside from that, you can have different trampoline styles you can use! This will allow you to show off your crazy flips wherever you are! There are plenty of trampolines in this game that will blow you away.

Plenty of skills and tricks – In this awesome flip game, you can unlock a variety of crazy and dangerous flips! There are countless backflips, front flips, gainers and 10 more tricks you can try! You can do a lot more on this game and try different tricks to impress your friends and family. But of course, it isn’t easy to master them all. You may need to practice a lot before you can do all of them.

Crazy power-ups – In this game, you don’t just flip. You can also have crazy power-ups to choose from. You can select the medicine ball or the Foam cube to start a party! There’s also the Coin Rain power-up that allows you to get a gold rush!

Amazing characters – In this game, you can select characters that suit your tastes! You can also upgrade and customize them so you can do a lot of flips. Note that each character is unique so their stats will be different from each other. But one thing’s the same – they all do flips!

Easy controls – In this game, the controls are so easy you can play with just one hand! You just hold the screen and release to do flips. Then, you’ll just swipe the screen if you want to change the direction of your character.

Flip Master Mod APK – Unlimited money

Flip Master is an awesome flipping game that will test your limits! Download the unlimited money mod now so you can unlock all the flips and characters.

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Mods are constantly updated by the 5PLAY team.
Any copyright issues please contact: [email protected]

End of Summer update!

New Freeplay mode: Reach point limit in location to unlock Freeplay mode without restrictions!

New Locations:
- The Moon: Bounce with reduced gravity!
- The Lush: Bounce at the dark forest!
- The Livingroom: We set up our big trampoline in the living room!
- The Back Alley: Bounce at the backalley of the gym

New Characters:
- Agent X1
- The Moon Astronaut

- Nighttime & The Meadow locations optimised
- Character menu rendering improved
- Bug fixes & SDK upgrades
Flip Master Mod APK 2.5.00 (Unlimited money)
Download Flip Master Mod APK 2.5.00 (Unlimited money) 

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