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Dev Tycoon Inc 2.8.9 (Unlimited Money)

Dev Tycoon Inc 2.8.9 (Unlimited Money)
  • Updated
  • Version 2.8.9
  • Requirements Android 5.1
  • Developer MeedLight
  • Genre Simulation
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BUTTON CHỈ HIỆN MẬT KHẨU KHI TÌM TỪ KHÓA "Dev Tycoon Inc. Idle Simulator mod 5play.tokyo" TRÊN GOOGLE
Dev Tycoon Inc MOD APK is a retro-style simulation game from BoomDrag Games (Russia). You take on the role of a person as a programmer boss who can create and continuously develop a variety of computer games. If you are a programming enthusiast or have a dream of developing a game, download this game now!

Introduce about Dev Tycoon Inc

Build your own game empire!

Choose your role in the company and get to work

We have a lot of games to play thanks to programmers (and many other divisions in game development companies). Apparently, we do not have a simulation game that exploits the entire staff of a programming company. Don’t worry. Dev Tycoon Inc will solve all your questions regarding key gaming industry roles. That is:

  • A good programmer
  • A famous streamer
  • A renowned Indie game developer
  • A talented gamer

Each character has a different role and way of working. Gamers play the game with passion and enthusiasm, looking at and evaluating everything from a user perspective. Programmers, every day facing challenges at work, are algorithms that need to be answered in the most logical way to create different games. A successful streamer is the one who brings the game to the world in the most real and viral way. Game developer Indie is constantly searching for ideas, giving birth to quality games that serve humanity.

The road to becoming the tycoon

When you transform into one of these four roles, you will officially go into the game’s spiral. The whole simulation process is divided into the following levels:

First, like many classic stories, our four main characters are very ordinary people, even below average. Although each person has a major and strengths, all find each other thanks to the love called “game”. They start to work in an old garage, with absolutely no lab or desk concept here. Everything begins with passion. The four will discuss, work together to create the first computer application.

You start to have more options for your work modules, more business ideas to turn your existing into money to pay for all the surrounding operating costs. We will also be exposed to a variety of work strategies, business strategies, and a variety of computer programming languages. In general, when you achieve your first small accomplishment, many other doors will open up for you to continuously learn, discuss and grow together.

In the next stage, when some apps and games are recognized, you and your friends will start to get some success. The budget for the working group has also increased. You can buy a new office, a lab room, a decent workplace and everything around you started to get tidy.

You will be able to invest more capital, get more employees, expand your research into different areas related to computers and games such as consoles and other advanced technology projects. You, of course, will also have more equipment and tools to support your working process. At this stage, our quartet has a fair amount of way into the vast world of Steam, Google Play, App Store, … But it’s just a start.

You are more and more busy, constantly working to find a direction for the company

This next phase is really a big hit for players. Personally, I feel a bit of a rush and surprise, but it is true that in the gaming industry in particular and the computer industry in general, any success can come in a “falling from the sky” way like that. If you don’t believe it, you can find and read some biographies of famous people. Most of them are very surprised with their success.

Back at Dev Tycoon Inc, one fine day, when some apps, some games your team makes are recognized, and a good business strategy comes in, boom, you transform into a game production tycoon. You will buy a series of small studios, upgrade yourself and the team’s techniques, and increase the number of employees. The game world that you make will flourish.

I say it sounds simple, but when you play this section, you will see that every glory has its price. More work, fierce competition, management problems, pressure to always create new things, catch future trends, understand customer needs, non-stop business strategies, and hundred more things. No matter what role you first choose to engage in, sometimes you are no longer you, but you are many roles-in-one.

My thoughts on Dev Tycoon Inc

Dev Tycoon Inc attracts players not only because it simulates in detail each role, each job in the company; but also because of its practicality. Everything is happening as in real life. And, of course, life is not like a dream.

In one stage, whether starting or having great success, your teammates will have to continuously work together, learn, improve their skills, have to do a lot of unnamed work (mini-challenges that the game offers), have to create their own motivation to work, solve problems in their respective fields based on the group’s decisions. You have to be really attentive and serious about your job.

Besides, Game Dev Tycoon is also a very interesting software development company simulation game.

MOD APK version of Dev Tycoon Inc

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Points
  • Unlimited Research


Increase when you spend.

Download Dev Tycoon Inc APK & MOD for Android

So, do not see these fun graphics but mistakenly think you can do what you want to do, then you will earn a lot of money. It’s not happened. To be successful, you have to work hard and seriously. Download Dev Tycoon Inc MOD APK to play here, everyone!

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Corrected the display of the furniture store and the console and phone store.
Dev Tycoon Inc 2.8.9 (Unlimited Money)
Download Dev Tycoon Inc 2.8.9 (Unlimited Money) 

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