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Demon Blade 2.254 (God Mode, No CD)

Demon Blade 2.254 (God Mode, No CD)
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Demon Slayer, we need you: Something strange is happening. The moon has disappeared and the border with the world of demons has blurred. We need all the Demon Slayers to take this role and save people. Arm yourself with your armor and equipment, sharpen your Katana and subjugate the demons. We have to stop the progression of the corruption of the world of demons to reach Japan. Cut the fate of the yokais.

The Demon Slayer's league will tell us who is the strongest samurai and great legendary objects will be the reward for these Samurais.
Overcome the different dungeons with your companions and form Clans to face the evil that lies in these lands your role is to save this world. The sword of a Demon Hunter is sacred to him, his greatest weapon and you must not allow it to lose against the demons that you find in the dungeons. Fighting is the last alternative to save Japan. Destiny has knocked on the samurai door, it is time to take action.

> A fantastic RPG story, full of characters and encounters, fears and passions. Feel a great story on your own device.
> Become a Samurai and progress your level with your character and equipment.
> Action combat like you never seen in mobile devices, no buttons on screen! Like a Souls combat for smartphones.
> Online Ranking that allows you to beat other Players.
> Ultimate abilities with the Demons that you have in your Katana.
> Join up to other players at Clans
> Raid Boss, team up with your Clan and defeat the dungeon Boss.
> A lot of samurai armors, you will see every armor ingame and you will discover a lot of legendary weapons and armors.
> A coolish art style, based on the Chinese ink for recreation of feudal Japan.
> A PVP system to see who is the biggest Samurai


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Do you want to play the role of a mighty Samurai with the ability to subjugate demons and see all the most terrible ghosts of Japanese legend once? So what are you waiting for without playing Demon Blade MOD APK?

Introduce about Demon Blade

Demon Blade is a fighting role-playing game from the publisher Garage51 Entertainment. The game is shown on a vertical screen, having removed most of the control buttons in the screen niches, providing an attractive open space for battles.


Only with the vertical screen on the phone, but you can feel the spooky, magnificence of this game, just through the first few seconds. Every legend of a certain country contains scary ghost stories, especially Japan, where there is a rich imagination, a long-standing culture with many events.

Playing Demon Blade, you will see all the demons from famous to rare from Japanese folklore, such as Umiboozu (海坊主) – sea monster, Gashadokuro (がしゃどくろ) – the monster in the form of a skeleton made of hungry souls, Bake-kujira – a fish-shaped monster which travels everywhere to eat humans, Waira – a giant beast that eats humans… And you will play as a mighty Samurai With a lot of skills, specialize in hunting and destroying these legendary monsters.

But not only the constant wars, but Demon Blade also carries a fascinating plot, with many thrilling plot twists. In the beginning, your character is just an ordinary person, surrounded by a sea of ​​fire in the core of a pack of demons. Suddenly, a Samurai appears, fights, and saves you from that terrible place.

After the demons were defeated, the Samurai disappeared as suddenly as he appeared. You, in a panic, only can remember the last minute of that Samurai as he collapses helplessly before the power of the demon Tengu. From this moment on, you will officially become the successor to the heroic mission of that heroic Samurai: demonizing ghosts with his legendary katana.

The fights are so impressive

If you have played many battle games like this, you will be surprised when faced with the strange fighting style in Demon Blade. Every fight happens quickly, vividly, and extremely dynamic because you are always supported with controls made specifically for mobile. All you need to focus on is using your sword most appropriately. But the important thing is that: Each touch on the screen will correspond to a different skill but each hit will have a different effect on each monster.

This control method requires you to be both sensitive and flexible to the situation. The screen has no buttons and all your actions will be through finger movements on the screen. Three main attack directions are corresponding to three different directions. As for defense, you just need to tap on the screen. It sounds easy, but to perfectly combine these operations and then strike a reasonable attack, you will probably take a little time to get used to when playing the game.

Therefore, it is not all about swiping around to attack and win quickly. But you need to remember and choose the right attack. Because each time you swipe, you will lose a certain amount of life force. And if the HP is too low, then you can’t hit anymore. But the monster isn’t very patient either, so let’s think quickly. Because if using internal attack but not attacking, you will lose the opportunity, and the monsters will have time to kill you before you attack them.

Special counter-attack

In addition to fighting in a way that is challenging the player’s tactics as I just mentioned, one point that makes this game so special is in the character’s ability to block attacks. As a heroic Samurai, you have to know when to attack and when to defend. If you only attack, you can’t win, and taking a step back does not mean you lose.

Specifically, the impressive defense in Demon Blade is: every time you block the opponent’s attack, you will also have the opportunity to execute a super-powerful counter-attack on the demons. Taking advantage of these counter-damages will help you win extremely quickly without spending too much life force.

Is the game automatic and how is the game mode?

The game system is automatic at a basic level, that is, when you swipe the screen to fight, the game will automatically let the character perform the corresponding action. But it’s only that. Everything is still up to you to decide to attack or defend. So playing Demon Blade will make you feel extremely dynamic and exciting.

Demon Blade also offers various game modes from PVP, PVE against legendary demons or other corrupt Samurai themselves, you can also choose to battle the big bosses in an engaging campaign mode. Many corresponding events are also opened such as the adventure into the Cursed Dungeon to defeat the bad Gods…

Your character in Demon Blade after a few fights will be upgraded in strength through increasing weapons, capable of higher damage. Weapons and equipment can be collected from loot boxes and given out randomly. You can also power up your weapons by using money to buy them.

Graphics and sound

Demon Blade is based on ink painting style graphics, as in the images of Japanese folklore that you often see. The drawing is graceful and enchanting, both classic, mysterious, and full of chilling menace. The perspective in the game is amazing. The different light and dark background colors create a combination to create a gloomy space.

The music used in the game is Japanese classical music. It’s very melodious, but the feeling is very complicated, sometimes it’s scary, sometimes it’s exciting. Just like that, it intertwines to create intense excitement in players.

MOD APK version of Demon Blade

MOD features

  • God Mode
  • No Attack CD


  • You can turn on/off MOD features though the MOD Menu
  • Please finish the tutorial before active the MOD, otherwise the game will freeze

Download Demon Blade MOD APK for Android

Who is the strongest Samurai? Who will stop the rise of evil in Japan? You will find the answer in Demon Blade MOD APK.

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Any copyright issues please contact: [email protected]

- New Cursed Dungeon
- New Cursed Rift
- Fixed Some Bugs
Demon Blade 2.254 (God Mode, No CD)
Download Demon Blade 2.254 (God Mode, No CD) 
God Mode, No Attack CD
Demon Blade 2.110

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