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Critical Ops MOD APK v1.35.0.f2021 (MOD Menu, Unlimited Money)

Critical Ops MOD APK v1.35.0.f2021 (MOD Menu, Unlimited Money)
  • Updated
  • Version 1.35.0.f2021
  • Requirements Android -
  • Developer Critical Force Ltd
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Critical Ops is a 3D MULTIPLAYER FPS designed exclusively for mobile. Experience action, where fast reflexes and TACTICAL skills are essential to success. Are you ready for the challenge?

Critical Ops is a first-person shooter that features competitive combat through beautifully crafted maps and challenging game modes. Battle it out alongside your band of brothers or lead an individual scoreboard. When duty calls, you must answer! Will you fight as a member of Coalition or The Breach?

The outcome is determined by your skills and your strategy. Offering no in-app purchases that give competitive advantages, we guarantee a FAIR-TO-PLAY scene! Master a variety of weapons and improve your shooting skills by competing in intense PvP gameplay. Competitive ranked games pit you against other similarly skilled operatives. While playing, you will learn new mechanics and gain knowledge, allowing you to evolve as a player.

Go SOCIAL! Build your dream team and invite your friends to join your clan. Host private matches and organize tournaments to win prizes. You are strong by yourself but stronger as a team.

Critical Ops League expands the world of esports onto mobile platforms. Join our VIBRANT ESPORT SCENE and gain a reputation for YOU and your team. Become legends!

The game currently features three challenging game modes:

Two teams, two goals! One team trying to plant and defend the bomb until detonation, the other one trying to defuse it. Dominate the battlefield!

Two opposing teams battle it out in a timed deathmatch. Make each bullet count!

Two teams fight against each other, with individual players working their own way through all the weapons in the game. Gear Up!

Play the game how you like through our matchmaking:

Play all the available game modes in quick, matchmade games with operatives of similar skill level.

Operatives compete for points and secure their rank through victory in a competitive matchmade adaptation of Defuse. Climb to the top of the ladder!

The classic way of playing Critical Ops, join or host a room of any of the available game types, enable a password to host private rooms.

Regular updates improve game performance, unlock new game modes, features and skins to personalize the experience for you as a player. Critical Ops is and always will be a FREE-TO-PLAY game. Purchases are purely cosmetic.

Download now and join the Critical Ops community!

Follow us on social media:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CriticalOpsGame/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CriticalOpsGame
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/CriticalForceEnt
Discord: http://discord.gg/criticalops
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/CriticalOpsGame/
Official site: http://criticalopsgame.com

Privacy Policy: http://criticalopsgame.com/privacy/
Terms of Service: http://criticalopsgame.com/terms/
Critical Force website: http://criticalforce.fi

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The gaming world's most fascinating games are action-packed war games, whether it's a pubg, call of duty, counter strike, and many more. Everyone falls in love with adventurous and continued journey games to be the best undefeatable fighter. Today, in this article, We will share one of the best war games with you, and you would have definitely heard of it of this hot game, Critical Ops. Critical ops is a thrilling action game with millions of downloads in the Google Play Store. Moreover, it's embedded with Stunning 3D graphics, clear natural sound, smooth gameplay, and an easy user interface with powerful performance. This game comes with both modes, FPS and TPS. Furthermore, it also enables you to play multiplayer games and connect with around the global player or your friends instantly.

Critical Ops, the best shooting game

Everything is critical ops is perfectly aligned with an incredible storyline for making the user engaged throughout the game. From the starting of the game, You need to participate in significant battles to safeguard your team and yourself from dangerous enemies. In these games, you need to take appropriate moves as per the situation. One wrong move and game over! Critical Ops is based on an open-world game theme, along with fighting, you have to do many exciting things to enhance your skills, maintain health, upgrade your weapons, assemble your team, and do many more things to survive in the game as long as possible.

A game containing numerous modes

The game has many fascinating modes like Search and Destroy Team deathmatch and gun game. In Search and Destroy, you will get two teams, and each section has its respected goals. One team arranges and plants bombs until the explosion, and the other one tries to defuse them. Each bullet will count in a team deathmatch; teams have to fight with heavy guns under limited shots, and in the last gun game mode, the team will fight, but among individuals players with different weapons changeable with kills.

Critical Ops with exceptional features

If we find some hidden trick or cheat code in every game, that gaming experience becomes much more enjoyable. The same thing is going to happen after you have Critical Ops Mod Apk. You can explore the much greater depth and every dimension of the game and reach its utmost level; every feature will help protect your team and defeat your powerful enemies. Critical Ops Mod apk is the modified version of the official Critical Ops. You will have many exciting features and many paid premium benefits without even spending a single penny. Critical Ops MOD APK offers a wide variety of weapons, unlocked missions, unique navigation maps, and many more things which will amaze you.


With a critical mod apk, you can become an undefeatable player. Yes, with our mod apk, you will get unlimited bullets, a mini-map for finding hidden enemies, all guns unlocked, No interruption view, aimbots, extended fire rate, and many more premium features.

Make this game easy with Unlimited Bullets

The Critical Ops MOD APK has many exciting premium benefits for free fully secured. While attacking enemies, usually what we worry about most is our health and limited bullets at the time of challenging levels. So herewith the Critical Ops MOD APK, you will get unlimited ammo to winning all the challenging levels easily.

Mini Map for locating enemies

The biggest problem we faced in the open-world war game is the accidental attacks by enemies. We have to keep ourselves always alert from hidden enemies. So here in Critical Ops Mod Apk, you will get a Mini Map for locating enemies, so first find your enemies and then prepare a full plan for their destruction. The mini-map is located on the right corner where you can merely locate enemies markers. You will get a live location of all your enemies with our mod apk which you can track if they even hide somewhere smartly. They merely can't hide anywhere if you have a mini-map of Critical Ops Mod Apk.

All Guns Unlocked

Critical Ops MOD APK is the recreated android application created by various scripts that'll help you in acquiring all the paid assets. Here this game comes with all the guns unlocked. You can use all these guns for completing the most challenging levels instantly, and also can upgrade them with infinite assets. So download it right now, and enjoy all the paid assets free of cost.

No interruption view

As in open-world games, continuous weather changes lead to smoke and rain. But from the No interruption view feature in the Critical Ops MOD APK, you can easily remove smog, rain, smoke, and any bad weather condition quickly and locate all your enemies instantly to defeat them without letting them know.


Often, we face problems in making focused targets against our enemy, and by chance, if missed, they will become much more difficult to kill. So to kill enemies silently, we have Aimbot in the Critical Ops MOD APK. The Aimbot is a fantastic feature where you can automatically aim for the enemies and make them dead in one shot.

Extended Fire Rate

When lots of enemies surround us, then speed is needed to kill our enemies at pace, so Critical Ops Mod Apk provides Extended Fire Rate by which, you can shoot your rivals with weapons at a rapid-fire rate. So Don't worry if you get surrounded by lots of enemies. Use Extended Fire Rate to kill everyone very quickly.


Critical Ops is one of the best war games with a powerful user interface. It never makes the user feel bored even for a single second—the reason behind its massive user base and its unique features. For making the game much more exciting, we are here providing you with Critical Ops MOD APK where you can explore the next-level gaming experience and many premium benefits for free. So it's time to dominate the field download now and enjoy it!

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Mods are constantly updated by the 5PLAY team.
Any copyright issues please contact: [email protected]

Critical Ops: Operations
Updated weapon balancing to address player pain points
Removed Heavy armor and Helmet from all game modes
Game modes can give double XP to the players
Some game modes require a certain player level to be unlocked
New default knives
Lots of map updates
Improved profile and play menu performance
multiple crash and bug fixes.
Critical Ops MOD APK v1.35.0.f2021 (MOD Menu, Unlimited Money)
Download Critical Ops MOD APK v1.35.0.f2021 (MOD Menu, Unlimited Money) 

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