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Crash Drive 3 78 (Free Purchase)

Crash Drive 3 78 (Free Purchase)
  • Updated
  • Version 78
  • Requirements Android 5.0
  • Developer M2H
  • Genre Racing
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Are you ready for THE car stunting playground? Experience ridiculous fun in this cross-platform multiplayer, free-roaming game! Drive monster trucks, tanks and more amazing vehicles across a huge open world. Level up, play events, earn cash, unlock new cars and discover secrets…. Crash Drive is back!

Destroy a gigantic beach ball, catch robbers as a cop or steal the king's crown, these are just a few examples of the 10 fun game events this game has to offer. Participate in these random competitive events, beat your opponents to earn the most cash and buy awesome new cars or customisations.

By using nitro boosts you increase the car’s nitro capacity, by driving at top speed you increase its top speed… catch the drift? ‘Maxing’ all stats for a car increases your player level allowing you to buy new cars or customisations. Collect over 50+ vehicles and customise your car with funky antennas, boosts and unique number plates with your in-game name on it. Reach the maximum player level to prestige and show who is the real Crash Drive 3 boss! Solid golden car anyone?

To the moon and back! Drive around freely and explore the boundless and varied open world at your leisure. Fly a rocket to the moon, storm the king’s castle in the forest, go to the saloon in the wild west canyons or experience ice drifting fun in the arctic snow. Done with icy cold? How about a relaxing ferry trip to the tropics? Each area is unique and filled with secret areas, collectibles and special easter eggs… Think you’ll ever be done exploring this world?

Blast or crash opponents from the sky arena to score points and dominate the battle arenas. Win in order to buy new tanks each with a unique play style. You will have a blast in the exciting tank battles mode!

No matter which platform your friends play on, you can always play together thanks to cross platform multiplayer support. Or if you want to do some stunting offline, switch seamlessly to a fully single player experience anytime you like!

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Today I am introducing to you one multi-platform game for the top-notch experience. Gathering friends to play it, you will feel like nothing better. Well, I am talking about Crash Drive 3 MOD APK!

Introduce about Crash Drive 3

Freely break a bunch of cars for entertainment! Why not?

What is Crash Drive 3?

Crash Drive 3 is a game for fans of car breaking. Do you want to see the best quality cars swing crazily in the air and then fall and smash on the road so well? Are you excited about giant obstacles, and do you want to level everything with your car? If yes, you must play Crash Drive 3 once.

Starting with a normal-looking car with modest ability, you will gradually pass through the game’s requirements in each scene and unlock upgrades for your vehicle. There are more than 50 vehicles in this game, so the experience can be said to be infinite, only depending on your level of interest.

When it comes to excitement, Crash Drive 3 has 1001 ways for you to not take your eyes off for a second in all scenes.

The mission is always changing, and increasingly difficult to complete

There are five big playing scenes in Crash Drive 3: Forest, Canyon, Artics, Tropics, Moon. In each small stage of the game, your mission will change and be displayed in the middle of the screen. It could be collecting huge coins, or destroying beach balls, or hitting colored circles on the road. But things do not stop there. You will play the role of police driving a car to catch robbers or receive a secret agent to steal the king’s crown… Corresponding to each mission, the landscape also slowly changes. When you go a long way and look back, everything around you is already different. The transformative background and the endless series of weird missions will make you never be idle with this off-road driving game.

Many events are waiting for you

Crash Drive 3 has 10 events in total. When participating in the event, you will have the task of driving off-road, defeating opponents, collecting as much money as possible to buy new cars, and have the option of costuming the top car. 

Now I take an example of car customization for you to see the playability of this game. When you have enough money, you can buy a nitro boost kit to increase the car’s capacity. At this time, the car’s speed and acceleration will be much stronger. The car can run like flying over small obstacles, climb slopes with terrifying speed and plunge into the abyss sweetly like arrows. And that’s just a small example. If you have enough money to upgrade the entire set of vehicle specifications, the level of the car will increase by one level. If the level is up, you will have the opportunity to buy more cars and new toys.

If you can reach greater levels like opening tanks and rockets, the gameplay will change accordingly, and the way to control the vehicle will also be a bit different. This is a form of experience diversification that few racing games dare to do because of the level of complexity and technical sophistication. Crash Drive 3 did it and even did it so well. Try to go up to those great levels and you will see.

Excitement also comes from the large, majestic open-world

Few off-road driving games are well invested for the 3D context like Crash Drive 3. Before your eyes is an open world where you are free to go anywhere you like, as long as you complete the assigned task. Sometimes you will cross the forest, go through cliffs, sometimes fly rockets to the moon, or drive a tank into battle, and then drive a luxury car straight into the king’s castle, and sometimes visit a small tavern in the far west…

You can go anywhere, do whatever you like, and look at anything beautiful around you. But don’t forget the mission to accumulate points, unlock and go deeper into the racing journey. Let me tell you guys that in each scene, there is not only a mission. We will have many hidden areas, entering which we will have good items to collect or find hidden collectibles or some terrible secret. So, take it slowly, spend a lot of time in this strange land, it will not be a waste at all.

Sound effects and physics simulation

Crash Drive 3 does well in these parts. The effects of shaking, fire, and explosion, physics simulations such as shaking, bumping, bouncing up of the car after overcoming slopes look very real.

Winning is not easy, but what you overcome in each mission brings different big and small excitement. And whether you win or not, the game can bring a very authentic and interesting experience, believe me!

MOD APK version of Crash Drive 3

MOD feature

Free Purchase: Buy in-game money by real money for free.


You have to play and buy in Offline Mode. If you play in Online Mode, you may get banned.

Download Crash Drive 3 MOD APK for Android

Crash Drive 3 is also a cross-platform game. That is, you can play it on many different platforms. Inviting friends to play together now is extremely convenient. On these days, gathering your friends to play a fun game like Crash Drive 3 is the best, right?

Come on, let’s gather your talented friends to play Crash Drive 3!

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Mods are constantly updated by the 5PLAY team.
Any copyright issues please contact: [email protected]

We fixed several bugs in Forest and Main Menu
Crash Drive 3 78 (Free Purchase)
Download Crash Drive 3 78 (Free Purchase) 

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