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Craftsman: Building Craft 1.9.231 (No Ads)

Craftsman: Building Craft 1.9.231 (No Ads)
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You are a craftsman, your task is to design houses, castles and build them.
You can do it alone or with your friends' help.
Please experience our game:
– Stunning graphics and realistic sound.
– Simple, easy to play.
– Many game modes.
– Very much like the real world.
– A lot of interesting things

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Craftsman: Building Craft MOD APK is a construction simulation game. You can create any house, castle, or any other building with an idea in mind, from magical blocks of various shapes and colors. It’s a completely relaxing game for creative minds.

Introduce about Craftsman: Building Craft

Be a craftsman, design houses, castles and build them.

Everyone has dreams as a child is at least once free to build an ideal castle. Growing up for many reasons, we forget that ideal. Instead, we are realistic, humble, and less fanciful. We understand that building a house requires a lot of money, we need to buy land, we need to do the paperwork to get permission from the government and everything.

The game world is different. Sometimes you’re allowed to do all the most unthinkable things. There is a game that I accidentally found and play when I have free time. A game that plays it reminds me of my childhood dream and many other cool things that are hard to do in real life, Craftsman: Building Craft.

Craftsman: Building Craft is a game about what?

As the name suggests: Craftsman: Building Craft, this is exactly a construction simulation game. In this game, you can build all your favorite works, from small to large, from simple to complex, classic to modern. As long as you have an idea, you can turn it into reality.

Not as complicated as in real life, the only materials in Craftsman: Building Craft are just bricks of different colors and shapes. By combining, pairing them together, you will be able to create your own work.


As a construction craftsman, you will use bricks to make everything. Houses, villas, mansions, castles, parks, amusement parks, winding streets, and a variety of other complex structures. The interesting thing about Craftsman: Building Craft is that it only gives you the simplest materials and then lets you freely create.

From branches, blades of grass, flowers, paths, trails to high-rise buildings, modern cities, depending on ambition and patience, with unlimited creativity and personal style, you can build anything. Finished works can be photographed and shared with friends everywhere or in the game community. This is a great motivation for you to promote your creative free spirit more and more through the game.

But Craftsman: Building Craft is also not boring for someone who just has a rough idea. You may don’t know where to start, don’t know what to do, see that people are building so majestically and you keep dragging a few low-rise houses. At this time to get in the mood, Craftsman: Building Craft opens many different game modes. Each game mode and each mission in it will help you gradually have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with crafting and construction. Then, after getting used to it, start diving into more challenging, more complex opportunities.

You can do it alone or with your friends’ help.

A lot of interesting things

You can call Craftsman: Building Craft a mini copy of Minecraft. But simple, easy to understand much easier to play. Those who are just starting to build houses, are curious about the magical block game called Minecraft but still smithing, and have not yet dared to play this game, Craftsman: Building Craft is a great stepping stone.

All you do is take a close look at the types of bricks that the game offers, master the control tools, put them together, and have an idea in mind. Just like that, you can start building your first project. Let’s start from the simplest, smallest thing, slowly raise it, you will not be discouraged and understand your style better and better.

You can play Craftsman: Building Craft whenever you can, no need to remember where the plot is going, not heavy because of complicated tasks. Because creativity is limitless, like playing Lego, Craftsman: Building Craft can be played over and over again.

MOD APK version of Craftsman: Building Craft

MOD feature

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Download Craftsman: Building Craft APK & MOD for Android

Beautiful graphics, suitable light sounds, many environments for players to freely create, many game modes for all levels of proficiency, Craftsman: Building Craft will be a perfect game for hours of relaxation. This game is very worth being one of the most loved simulation games on Android with the number of downloads exceeding 10 million.

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Craftsman: Building Craft 1.9.231 (No Ads)
Download Craftsman: Building Craft 1.9.231 (No Ads) 

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