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Craft of Survival MOD APK v4.2 (Menu, Durability, One Hit, God Mode)

Craft of Survival MOD APK v4.2 (Menu, Durability, One Hit, God Mode)
  • Updated
  • Version 4.2
  • Requirements Android -
  • Developer 101XP LIMITED
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Craft of Survival – Immortal Gladiators & Last Grim Adventure is a new free 2 play mobile roguelike game in the world of dark fantasy wasteland simulator. Survive in a wild realm full of dangers in this 3d roguelike action RPG! It is the right day to set yourself on the path of war against wild zombies and old rules!
Enter the world full of heroes and adventures, hordes of zombies, bandits without soul and mercy, mysterious Arena, ravenous frost monsters born of wasteland wild and the enigmatic Rift, that shattered the earth and laid a once proud and prosperous Empire to ruins. It falls to you, as a survivor, to uncover the dark secrets of the Rift exploring the Shattered Coast frontier at the Dawn of New Era.


Dive in an exciting multiplayer Action RPG with crafting and building core and dynamic no target combat system rules that will provide a fun challenge for gamers of all levels of skill! Find your own unique strategy, survivor. You will have lots of wars to fight in this roguelike strategy simulator

– Hunt a wide bestiary of enemies on dozens of 3d in-game locations!
– Explore dungeons and fight against special enemy types!
– Coop with friends against powerful bosses in online raids or try to survive taking them down alone like an exile!
– Be the last man standing! Come up with your own unique strategy and fight vs other players in the online PvP Battle Arena!


Pick one of the playable races and set yourself on path to conquer the Shattered Coast frontier as a powerful immortal, building your future, waging wars in Arena games and making your rules on this war torn earth!

The last thing you remember is your death! Now you will have to uncover the secret behind your immortal soul!
Visit various spectacular 3d locations from frost wasteland and war torn ruins to dark forests infested with zombies

Are you a born hero of the state, survivor, or a shady exile bloodthirsty monster? Feel free to write your own saga of the dawn and one day you will conquer the Shattered Coast frontier at the Dawn of New Era to become a legend!


Chart the vast expanses of the Shattered Coast frontier. Hardships await you on your journey through the fantasy wasteland full of dangers and discoveries. Every path, every action you take in the Shattered Coast wilderness may contain challenges, quest and rewards. Feel free to explore this grim online fantasy world at the Dawn of a New Era. Visit Frost Wasteland, Dark Forest or be one of the first of heroes to take a sturdy raft and chart mysterious earth in the ocean! Whom will you encounter today? Ferocious wolf or maybe toxic zombie lord – the most zomiest of all zombies on the earth? Or “El Diablo” – merciless exile without soul and a right hand of Black Frost gang leader. Or maybe you were born to become Arena games strategy mastermind? Sample every aspect of this RPG


Secure your survival in unforgiving mobile multiplayer world. Conquer the wild day and night, hunt fantasy animals or kill others with zero tolerance to pillage their supplies. Your life and survival takes priority after all!

Do not forget, you are not a lone survivor or exile left to wage your wars alone! Coop with other heroes in the clan to survive in this grim crafting simulator

Start with a tiny hut and progress towards building a prosperous settlement by cultivating, crafting and building your own village. Recruit companions – wise mages, cunning inventors, strong soul war heroes and alike, who would live by your rules and help you in this coop crafting simulator

Participate in the beta test of this exciting low mb io game now and claim your special rewards after launch day! Do not miss this action RPG! But remember, such types of games are not offline!
Craft of Survival – Immortal Gladiators & Last Grim Adventure – free 2 play mobile roguelike game you have been waiting to play online!

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Do you want to create your Empire? Are you looking for any game where you can unleash your creativity? If yes, then you are in the right place. Today we are all here with the craft of Survival Mod APK. In this Mod APK, you will enjoy premium benefits for free without paying a single amount. Discussing the art of Survival Mod APK, let me briefly detail this craft of Survival game. Craft survival is a fantastic adventurous strategic survival gameplay where you will have to Discover your own significant identity and be responsible for creating your City and then protect. Fight and expand to the New Horizon. Yes, in this game, you have to do multidimensional things. First, you must create your kingdom after protecting it; then, you must fight back against attempts to harm you and, at last, expand it further.

This craft of Survival game holds millions of downloads and a positive impact-full rating of more than 4.5 stars on Google Play Store and various platforms. The game is of top-notch quality, including quality graphics, powerful music, fantastic gameplay and much more. All this Classic thinks about the game makes it very attractive, and Jim was never filled with food and regret full, even for a moment. However, the game journey of this game is very challenging and unique. You will have to suffer a lot as well as going to encounter a lot of obstacles in this long adventurous journey of the survival craft world. So to help you and provide you with an unfair advantage in this long and arduous journey, we are all here with the craft of Survival Mod APK.

The craft of Survival Mod APK

Craft survival Mod APK is the modified and every alternate variant of the official craft of Survival. In this mod apk, you will encounter countless benefits, including unlimited Gems,  unlock new levels, endless food supply, access to New VIP premium accessories in the marketplace, and all the newly launched stuff. After having all these advantages, it will become straightforward for you to dominate this game and emerge as a Global Top Notch player in the craft of the Survival world. Apart from all these Quality Services and features, you will also encounter one of the very first Mod APK features is that there will be zero advertisements. Yes, you are not going to face any, knowing that's while enjoying this game for many hours. You don't even need to root your device while installing it on your phone. Everything possible with this Mod APK is fully secure and free from harmful things without anybody clicking on the download craft in the survival Mod APK button and enjoying it with utmost privacy and security.

The astonishing feature of craft survival Mod APK

There are many thrilling advantages you will encounter in this powerful Craft of Survival MOD APK. All these advantages will help you in every possible way to become the next iconic player of the craft of survival worlds. So without much more boring talk, let's go through all those benefits.

Let's enjoy a super smoothie quick user interface.

Users enter a vital role in providing a great gaming experience. Whether you talk about any action-packed game, racing game, survival game, arcade game or any other kind of game, one of the critical things is its user interface. This Mod APK will provide you with a top-not classic user interface where every tool and feature is straightforward to navigate. You can command all the necessary parts and devices without having any problem.

Create your unique Hero

Yes, in this Craft of Survival MOD APK, you can create your Warrior Avatar with an excellent Supreme quality of strength, intelligence, iconic capability and much more. Choose your quality of race and DNA, upgrade the clothing star and make the warrior of your taste. Once you get our Mod apk, you can easily phone hidden resources and many other premium accessories that will help you and maximize the strength of your character.

Exciting battles with 3Dc realistic view

In Craft of Survival MOD APK, You will encounter many battles in the game, and every bottle comes with a new opportunity to dominate the city. Monster  Zombies and all Evil villains are waiting to harm you. Yes, in this battle, you will have to fight 324 animations simultaneously with your single sword. It will be challenging, but if you have our Mod APK, you can surely use unfair advantages like access to many VIP   premium weapons.

Build, craft and survive.

The first job in the game is to gather different kinds of resources. These resources include gems, gold, energy, food, and much more. Moreover, our mod.apk will provide unfair advantages like unlimited access to the food supply. After all this in Craft of Survival MOD APK, you can systematically build the city of your style. Then it's your job to protect it from all the other Rivals and Enemies who are trying to destroy it at anyhow cost.

Dynamic multiplayer world

In this game, you can invite any of your friends or complete it with any of the Global players. The multiplayer mode is very different and unique compared to all other games because, in this game, there will be two parallel universes in which another opponent will have its own Kingdom. You have your kingdom, then you have to fight with the other player, and you can take help if we both agree to attack any third party Kingdom. It will be real fun and adventure if you are going to enjoy a multiplayer mode even for once.


Download the craft of Survival Mod APK and enjoy all the premium advantages for free. Yes, you don't need to worry about anything while having this Mod APK because you get all top-notch premium accessories and resources for free. This Craft of Survival MOD APKincludes unlimited power of weapons, food, and all the significant resources like gold, silver, Platina, etc. Moreover, this Mod APK will not get any advertisement or routing issue without further delay. Have this Mod APK now and enjoy it 

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Craft of Survival MOD APK v4.2 (Menu, Durability, One Hit, God Mode)
Download Craft of Survival MOD APK v4.2 (Menu, Durability, One Hit, God Mode) 

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