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Clean Road 1.6.43 (Unlimited Money)

Clean Road 1.6.43 (Unlimited Money)
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Touch and drag to control the Snow Plow.

Avoid obstacles and help the people to get out of their homes!

Upgrade your vehicle to take on even the mightiest Snow storm.

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Clean Road MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) – Fun road cleaning game. Under the hot and intense heat of summer sun, one of us must remember the cold of the winter. Some people wish that the winter should come quickly to escape from this unpleasant heat. However, in some places, they absolutely did not like winter at all. When the snow covered the streets, they obstructing their daily life. At those times, they just hoped that there would be people who could clear the snow and make the road clear.

About Clean Road

So do you want to try once to experience street cleaning job and help people? If so, join Clean Road right away!

Street hero

In Clean Road, you will play a hard-working and kind snow cleaner. Your task is also quite simple. Driving a huge bulldozer to push the blocks of snow are engulfing everyone’s road. Everyone is trapped in their house. They cannot go out to work, go to school or do anything and are waiting for your rescue. Quickly help them and become the hero of the whole neighbourhood.

Basically, when you move snow from house to house, people’s cars will follow behind you. When you lead them to the major highways, the mission is completed. However, on the way not only dense snow cover. There are countless obstacles that will hinder you. At that time, you have to slow down and can be stabbed by the people ‘s rushed cars behind your back. The mission failed. So, train your finger well to avoid those obstacles.

Many tasks need to be completed

In Clean Road, there will be countless tasks that you need to do. First of all, you must pass different levels of play. The higher the level, the more difficulty will increase with many obstacles at the same time with more cars needing rescue. However, you can absolutely crash through small obstacles to save time. Or you can move zigzag to avoid obstacles and not miss any people. But in an emergency, skipping a few cars will not affect the outcome of the game. So in addition to being a hardworking cleaner, you also need to become a skilled driver.

Besides the big challenges in each level, you can also do daily tasks. That will bring you more bonuses. In addition, the quest in the game will change constantly. From clearing snow and ice, you may have to clear the roads full of straw. It’s also a new experience, isn’t it?


After each completed mission in Clean Road, you will receive a bonus. The amount of bonuses you receive depends on the difficulty as well as the number of people you rescue. So, try to complete the task in the most thorough way! For what? There are many super big bulldozers waiting for you to unlock it. Make a lot of money to own lots of these bulldozers. Imagine, you are driving a giant bulldozer and countless cars that follow. You will feel like a captain leading your convoy. And everyone will treat you as their saviour.


It’s a simple game, so Clean Road’s graphics are also quite gentle. With funny cartoon images and lively sound, the game will recreate everyday life in the most honest way. This game is where people rush and wait to work. It is also the place where peaceful scenery with snowmen or scarecrow straw on the side of the road. Simple experience but no less interesting.

MOD APK version of Clean Road

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You will start the game with huge amount of money.

How to get money when using the MOD version?

After open the game, you go to Shop, click “NEW CAR!” to get a lot of money.

Download Clean Road MOD APK for Android

Scientifically proven, cleaning is a way to reduce stress. When you feel stressed and tired, you can play Clean Road as an effective way to relieve stress. With simple, gentle joys, you will surely have relaxing moments. Besides playing offline, you can also connect to the Internet to increase interaction in this fun game. What are you waiting for without downloading the completely free game to your phone to have a relaxing time?

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Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Clean Road 1.6.43 (Unlimited Money)
Download Clean Road 1.6.43 (Unlimited Money) 

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