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Carly OBD2 Car Scanner v48.46 MOD APK (Unlocked all, Paid for free)

Carly OBD2 Car Scanner v48.46 MOD APK (Unlocked all, Paid for free)
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The most versatile OBD2 scanner — Carly — is more than a car diagnostic tool and helps over a million car owners on average save $500 a year. Test it yourself now!

Get the Carly app and the Carly Universal Scanner that access data through the OBD2 port of your car. They translate it into powerful diagnostic and repair insights, coding, and maintenance functions, so you can control your car wherever you are.

The scanner and the app work for Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Mini, Porsche, Renault, Seat, Skoda, Toyota, VW, and almost all car brands in the world with an OBD2 port.

👉Every car is unique — specific features will vary with every model, build year, hardware, and software. Get more details here: https://bit.ly/2WvLfIo

Health (OBD), Live Data (OBD), and Emission Check (OBD) enable you to have control over the most important systems — engine and transmission. Check if they work for your car.


Every car is unique, so specific features will vary with every model, build year, hardware, and software. Check here: https://bit.ly/2WvLfIo

With Carly car diagnostics, you’ll have the right scanner tool to read from all built-in electronic control units (ECUs), including engine, transmission, ABS, airbag, & multimedia, keep track of your car’s health, gauge the severity of problems, clear fault codes, and more.

With Smart Mechanic get detailed fault descriptions written by expert mechanics, which will help you to understand your car's fault codes better. Find detailed repair tips which will help you find the cause of the error and perform more repairs on your own.

Access hidden features already set by the manufacturer and customize your car to fit your needs. This feature is only available on certain car brands/models, and the coding options vary.

Analyze emission and engine gauges, change and register your car battery, perform an oil reset, and much more, all with your smartphone.

Car mileage manipulation is on the rise. Don’t get tricked. Use Carly to perform a used car inspection before buying.

All of your reports are automatically saved into your account in the Digital Garage.


Step 1: Check which features are available for your car model here: https://bit.ly/2WvLfIo
Step 2: Order your Carly Universal Scanner.
Step 3: Plug the scanner into the OBD2 port and log in on this app to check what works for your unique car.
Step 4: Upgrade to the full app version — if available for your car.


The OBD2 device was designed to support almost all car brands with an OBD2 port (built 2001 or later), works with both iOS and Android scanner software, and enables advanced Carly features. The scanner comes with:
👉 A 30-year warranty
👉 Premium customer support

Visit https://bit.ly/2xSpWIZ


The Carly app offers a free lite version. For some brands with supported advanced features, you get a full one-time health check, together with one error report, and one used car check report.
Advanced features are available for BMW, Mini, Toyota, Lexus, VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Mercedes, Porsche, Ford, GM and more.

You can purchase a license for an individual car brand or for all car brands.

This is a yearly license. Payment is handled via your Google Play Account. The license automatically renews for one year if not canceled 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. The subscription can be managed in your Account Settings and the automatic renewal can be deactivated there.

Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

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automobiles, as is common knowledge, have developed into a contemporary necessity. Almost everyone has the dream of traveling through life in a comfortable and elegant automobile. It is true that maintaining automobiles is not even a job, but it is true that maintaining automobiles is quite a lot of work. Consequently, the carly-obd2 car scanner is one of the most remarkable applications for you all to use in order to assist you all with automobile upkeep and to supply you with improved amenities relating to automobile services. If you have an automobile in your home, you really need to have this application installed on your mobile device. This application package (apk) actually includes a tonne of excellent capabilities that will increase the features of your car and will also help you a great deal in any emergency circumstance you might find yourself in. Therefore, without wasting any more of your time, allow me to show to you some of the time-honored advantages that you are going to take pleasure in using with this application. They are as follows: a wide variety of additional functions, such as health (obd), live data (obd), and emission check (obd), are also accessible. In addition, the carly - obd2 car scanner mod apk will supply you with all of these epci benefits at no additional cost to you. While you are using this software, if you experience any problems with advertisements, rooting, or safety,

carly - obd2 car scanner mod apk

the official carly-obd2 car scanner software has been modified, and the result is a version known as carly-obd2 car scanner mod apk. This version is drastically different from the original. This mod apk is primarily intended to give users access to premium online diagnostic services for their vehicles at no cost. There is an infinite number of high-quality features that you are going to enjoy without having to invest a single dime. For your knowledge, the carly-obd2 car scanner app, which is the original app, will charge you an average of 500 each year. Thank you for your consideration. Once you have this mod apk, however, you will not have to spend a single money on anything for the next many years. You are going to really value the ability to get repair support, code and customize features, perform simple car maintenance independent of the workshop, and a lot of other features. Every conceivable operating system, including ios, windows, android, and dozens of others, is compatible with the application. In addition, the app is supported by a wide variety of major brands, such as audi, bmw, ford, lambo, suzuki, mahendra, mercedes, mini, porsche, renault, seat, skoda, toyota, vw, and practically all automobile brands in the world that have an obd2 port. Additionally, the app is available in many languages. The application carly - obd2 car scanner mod apk is basically perfect in every respect; this includes having a wonderful user interface. You may become a very skilled player after only a few hours of practice because of the intuitive and user-friendly user interface (ui). As a result, there is no longer any reason to be concerned about any aspect of automobile services while this mod is installed.

Carly-obd2 car scanner mod apk's outstanding functionality and capabilities

more than a million people who own cars have downloaded and used the carly-obd2 car scanner app, which is a testament to how successful the app has been. The rating is also quite high, and if we talk about the feedback from other people, it is also rather nice. Now, let's take a look at the factors that contributed to the enormous success of this software. Let know about carly - obd2 car scanner mod apk features.

Mileage manipulation detected

yes, the vast majority of people are required to detect the right mileage systems when selling vehicles. This means that you will never be deceived while checking your actual miles, and you can even use this app to check how much gas you have left in your tank with this carly - obd2 car scanner mod apk.

User interface that is simple and intuitive

you won't waste any time becoming excited about this mod apk since the user interface has been meticulously thought out and created, and all of the features have been strategically put. In carly - obd2 car scanner mod apk there will be no problems with root or adverts, so you may enjoy it without having to worry about any disturbance from advertisements.

Examine the condition of the vehicle to cut costs.

The condition of the vehicle is an essential component of safe driving. This software carly - obd2 car scanner mod apk includes, among other things, the engine, the gearbox, the anti-lock braking system, the airbag, and the multimedia features of your vehicle so that it can deliver a quality service and be in better health. Monitor the state of your vehicle's health, determine the extent of any problems, erase error codes, and do much more.

Participate in the vip programmed and activate premium features.

There are a lot of features that are exclusive to the app and only come with it when it is purchased, but if you obtain this carly - obd2 car scanner mod apk, you will be able to utilize all of those functions without paying anything.
Yes, you can take advantage of all of the pro features without paying a dime, including analyzing pollution and engine readings, changing and registering your car battery, performing an oil reset, and a great deal more, all from the convenience of your smartphone.


you may take advantage of all of carly - obd2 car scanner mod apk premium features at no cost by downloading it. Because it contains literally hundreds of features, all of which are available without charge, using this app eliminates the need for you to be concerned about car servicing and upkeep. Simply obtain the carly - obd2 car scanner mod apk and begin using it immediately.

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Mods are constantly updated by the 5PLAY team.
Any copyright issues please contact: [email protected]

- All Carly brands in ONE app
- New app dashboard design & easier access to features, please check it out!
- Improved diagnostics for VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda models between 2015 and 2022
- Extended repair & maintenance guides for all available vehicles in Carly starting 2007
Carly OBD2 Car Scanner v48.46 MOD APK (Unlocked all, Paid for free)
Download Carly OBD2 Car Scanner v48.46 MOD APK (Unlocked all, Paid for free) 

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