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Bitdefender MOD APK v3.3.187.15 (Free Subscription, Premium Unlocked)

Bitdefender MOD APK v3.3.187.15 (Free Subscription, Premium Unlocked)
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Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus is the most powerful antivirus app for Android. It protects your smartphone and tablet against viruses, malware and online threats and keeps your private information secure from hackers.

Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android – 5 TIMES winner of AV-Test’s “Best Android Security Product” (2021, 2020, 2017, 2016, 2015). Try it free for the first 14 days.

Security Features:

✔ Antivirus Protection – keeps your Android device safe from all new and existing online threats
✔ Virus & Malware Scanner – 100% detection rate against viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware; on-demand & on-install scan and malware removal
✔ Web Protection – secures your Android device against dangerous, phishing and fraudulent sites for the most popular browsers
✔ Autopilot – makes security recommendations based on your mobile device usage
✔ Account Privacy – monitors if your email accounts were involved in any data breach
✔ VPN – makes your IP anonymous & unlocks geo-restricted content
✔ App Lock – protects your sensitive and private mobile apps with a PIN code or fingerprint
✔ Anti-Theft – protects your personal information in case your Android device is stolen or lost
✔ Reports – sends insights about your weekly activity and security incidents that were prevented
✔ WearON – extends the protection offered by Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus to your smart watch

Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus keeps your Android phone and tablet protected from all online threats. It acts as a virus cleaner and malware removal tool.

Virus & Malware Scanner
With an independently proven 100% detection rate, Malware Scanner automatically scans all mobile apps for viruses, malware and any other threats to protect your Android device.

Web Protection
Web Protection blocks malicious, phishing and fraudulent links and keeps your online activity safe on the most popular browsers so you can navigate or buy online without any risks.

Scam Alert
Protects against mobile threats relying on links to enter your device and gather data. Detects dangerous links embedded in texts and notifications and helps put an end to the spread of such attacks.

Autopilot acts as your Security Advisor by recommending security actions in the context of your system needs and usage patterns.

Account Privacy
How safe is your email address? Find out whether your account details or personal data have been involved in a data breach by monitoring them with Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus.

Surf the web anonymously & unlock geo-IP restricted content with the VPN feature. Free use limited to 200MB traffic / day.

App Lock
Protect your most sensitive mobile apps with a PIN code or fingerprint so no one can mess with your private info. Use Smart Unlock to allow direct access to protected apps when using a trusted Wi-Fi.

Anti-Theft & Snap Photo
Lock, geo-locate, sound an alarm, and wipe your Android from any internet-connected device. The anti-theft protection will snap a mugshot of any person who tries to tamper with your phone in your absence.

Security Reports
Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus reports your activity in weekly intervals so you can have a clear overview of how you use your phone from a security and privacy perspective.

Extends Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus to Android Wear devices.
Never lose your device with the help of Phone Alert and Scream (Android 4.3 and later required).

For Open-Beta group
New functionality available to test – Anti-SMS phishing to keep you safe against attacks relying on text messages to infiltrate on your device or gather your data. Works side-by-side with Web Protection for complete online protection.

Note: This safety app requires Device Admin permission and uses Accessibility services to provide protection against online threats.

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nowadays, it's common to lose your privacy and data to scammers, hackers, and other agencies. The reason is the vast and diverse usage of internet activities and siding in various websites. Getting in touch with malicious apps and data, blocked and censored websites, unsecured wi-fi and network connection or host, all such things are common to defect our devices, and we become prone to several information and privacy attacks. However, in between such cases, we lose important data, privacy, and money also to hackers and spammers. Large amounts of money are lost, and extremely important information which could change our life for the worse are common to users. So what do we do in such cases where our devices are at the risk of getting hacked or, in various forms letting others access our devices? Here is the way which will help you to come out of these dangerous situations.

Bitdefender is an online application that you can install on your device, and feel free with the ukraine security options integrated with it to protect your devices from all foreign attacks and malicious terms. It's 100% defect free and provides you with the core security from hackers, spammers, agencies, data leaks, and malicious attacks. Protect your devices from malware and virus attacks when you allow permission to protect every information of you. Bitdefender mod apk brings freedom to browse anything securely and anonymously without bothering with attacks on personal info and privacy. Autopilot makes personal defense common to your device without availing it every time; it offers several high-security locks in apps and accounts. Smart lock on accounts and i'd, lets you enjoy free access to all info with safety, high internet speed, and protection from malicious web content as well as other networks.

The application brings iconic security and protection to your devices and android wearables with premium methods. Now with the app, you can be free and secure from all attacks and malicious web content which used to have access to your private info. You can freely apply smart locks and pins on every accessible platform, so they encrypt every information, and you freely enjoy the web. It checks every app when you download on your device by various layers and let you enjoy the freedom of safety.

Bitdefender mod apk

bitdefender mod apk is an alternate version available here for users to download it without any in-app purchases or issues. To protect your device at a premium and with iconic tools, saving your info, applying random types of locks and fingerprints to your i'd and accounts as well s application. Enjoy the premium protection on your devices and android wearable by installing this app on your device. Here, you can allow permission and enjoy ultimate security options on your devices, protecting every detail. Now, unlike other apps, all the ads are blocked and removed, and you can freely browse anything without any malicious attacks. No rooting is required to install this app here, and it also offers you with several enhanced options of protection and anti-ban properties. All pro tools and functions are unlocked here for free, so you don't need to waste your money in getting access to them. Enjoy the legendary security and protection of your devices with the defender.


bitdefender mod apk offers users with various classic privacy features and functions. To know more about them, you can learn about all these in the below-mentioned words.

Protecting your personal information and data

the platform is incredible in its security and safety protocols and so easily gets integrated and brings iconic safety to your device. It protects you from all foreign attacks, malicious web content, hackers and spammers, agencies, and phishing. So when you browse anything, there will be authentic safety without any issues at all. Enjoy browsing and safe surfing; the application protects you from all viruses and malware. Moreover, the app saves users every time from all kinds of attacks and malicious issues. You will be shocked to experience its safety protocols on all your android wearables and devices.

Apply smart locks, fingerprints, pins, and more to protect apps

bitdefender mod apk protects users with their data and privacy every time and without any defection case ever. As browsing makes us prone to these attacks, it makes you anonymous in the internet world by hiding your ip addresses and aligning you to different servers. So you can access all kinds of censored and blocked content with safely. Apply smart locks and fingerprint locks on your application, i'd, and accounts. There are various types of locks and protection you can apply to your application and devices with freedom. Enjoy the creative safety and data security like never before by installing the app on your device.

Ensures your privacy and data are protected and secure

with the classic and premium built-in tools, bitdefender mod apk protects all your account privacy and data from malicious attacks and viruses. In every place and access, your information and data will have varied layers of protection, so no tracker or hacker could decrypt your information. It is making you safe from all kinds of issues that arise on the web in terms of security. Enjoy all the premium class benefits and servings within the app in the pro tools when you get unlocked in here within the mod version.


download bitdefender mod apk to enjoy the premium security and safety options on your devices. It protects your devices from hackers, spammers, malicious and foreign attacks, viruses and malware, etc. Enjoy the astonishing safety options and premium tools to lock your app and accounts, so ultimate protection remains active. In any case, you will be prone to attacks using this premium app, while in the modified version, you will be getting everything unlocked for free. It's the best vpn service which never lets you down.

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Bitdefender MOD APK v3.3.187.15 (Free Subscription, Premium Unlocked)
Download Bitdefender MOD APK v3.3.187.15 (Free Subscription, Premium Unlocked) 

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