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Armed Heist v2.7.2 MOD APK (Unlimited All, Immortality, God Mode)

Armed Heist v2.7.2 MOD APK (Unlimited All, Immortality, God Mode)
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  • Version 2.7.2
  • Requirements Android -
  • Developer Sozap
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Time to get to work in Armed Heist – the action-packed third person shooter game that gets your heart pumping! Test your reflexes as you venture on your bank robbery spree. Robbing banks & armored trucks has never been more thrilling as you avoid flying bullets.

Looking for a great bank robbery third person shooter game? Welcome to the right place, where you face off against the cops in over 70 bank shooting challenges in the best tps game online!
Your mission: become a ruthless thug and bank robbing crime lord! Always be the first person shooting, or else you will end up six feet under.

Killer Game Features:
• Customizable Weapon System – build the wildest, modified guns you could ever imagine! Pistols, shotguns, snipers & assault rifles! Get your arsenal as deadly as possible for the next bank robbery!

Modify it with action-packed sights, suppressors, grips, barrels, stocks & killer skins! All of which will affect the performance of your weapon.

• 3D Crime Map – A dynamic job database crime map of low security banks and armored trucks, lets you pick and choose what heist you want to pull today!

• Dynamic Scenarios – Get ready for the thrill! In this tps online shooting game, no bank shooting challenge ever plays out the same way twice. Every single scenario will be different depending on your moves and gun skills.

• Pimp Your Character – Create your own ruthless bank robber! Want to be a killer clown? X special forces? Maybe a adventurous
gangster? Earn skins, masks, bulletproof vests & awesome outfits. High-quality 3D graphics and immersive gameplay make this third person shooter into an action-packed shootout!

Armed Heist is one of the most intense third person shooter games online. Unlike fps games (first person shooter game), where all you see in the barrel of your gun, in tps games (third person shooter games) the camera rotates around your character in an active and dynamic way, making you feel like you are the one robbing banks and blazing bullets!
If you love Call of Duty, PUBG, Garena Free Fire, or other shooter games, then this is the right game for you!
Grab your gear. You got a job to do.

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we have seen a lot of movies as a child where we were fascinated with the roles of police officers and detectives chasing bandits and executing them for the crime. But since we are grown up, and the world has changed quite a bit. Due to the new, more emotional, and thrilling concepts, as well as the creative minds entered in the industry. Nowadays we have seen some movies like the dark knight, detectives, friday, etc. These movies have attracted the mood of the users. So in the new world, users interact with villains in a more interlinked way where personal life is discussed. These movies brought the villains into the limelight, and crowds started appreciating their works and making a space in their hearts for some legendary villain characters. Like more, chances are you would have seen the series money heist on netflix, which is very popular among the youth. We are very much fascinated by these characters and want to play them.

The game armed heist is one such platform that lets us play this iconic game with various benefits making our world with emotions and playing as villains. You have to be the bandit and perform some really iconic and cleavourous bank robberies. Planning and then executing the robbery, dealing with all the issues like danger zones, alarms, agents problems, undercover officers, guns or weapons to the hostages, managers and staff issues, etc. Already the game has received a lot of positive reviews and worldwide appreciation. Play it once to enjoy the pleasure of deceiving the world. Armed heist mod apk at least lets you fulfill all your fantasy of being a bandit. Variety of guns and weapons available like snipers, shotguns, m14, machine guns, silencers, scope, ammunition boxes, etc. Various modes to play and nearly 70+ missions to complete at different levels. You can design your costumes and various accessories to decorate yourself like a cool villain there has ever been. A brilliant map to navigate easy scopes, places, rooms, lockers, and all important places.

Armed heist mod apk

armed heist mod apk is an alternate and modified version that comes with hacks and cheats codes. Various premium features and tools are available unlocked so users can enjoy the game at their very best potential. Unlimited money, and coins, to unlock all the tools, skills, missions, levels, weapons, etc. Advanced weapons and guns to enjoy while getting to enjoy the gameplay at the peak of their possibility. Free shopping to buy anything from the game store. All the ads were blocked and removed from the game to remove disturbance. Perform the finest robberies that ever took place with all the skills at your command. Unlock supremely powerful weapons and maps to get the advantages of deja vu. Enjoy all the tested security features and functions within the game, bringing the ultimate environment.


armed heist mod apk offers unique and exciting features to perform the most enriched robberies, which drastically changes the fantasy world. Enjoy the gameplay with creative tools and benefits to exercise simple controls in the game, as we have discussed some of the functions below!

Become the fierce and wild villain as a bandit.

Here you will fulfill your fantasy of being the villainous character like a bandit who is chased by so-called good people and police. Now you will become one and experience the world from the bandit perception. There are various things to use and become powerful by decorating your outlook and style to become cool. Being a cool bandit attracts and impresses people, which improves the chances of being successful at robberies. You are equipped with all the stuff you need to perform certain robberies at varied locations every time. All kinds of stuff you need on the journey will be provided to you, meeting all the requirements.

Use maps, proper planning, and clever blueprints to achieve targets.

Armed heist mod apk offers you a new world where being a bandit is an awesome experience and brings more fun. Navigate through the maps to all the important places at the spot where the robbery is taking place. Good sense and knowledge of demography bring epic benefits dominating the place because you know the way. A successful robbery, like a successful exam, is pre-planned with proper blueprints and brilliant tactics to deal with all the issues that arise in the place. Every second, being alert, clever in plans, sincere in attitude, handling pressure, dominating hostages and bank staff, etc. , are some strategic victory points to remember.

Deadly weapons and guns to fulfill over 70+ deadly missions

in the gameplay, being a bandit, all you need is to buy and unlock the most powerful weapons and guns. Armed heist mod apk has some outstanding connections where in the store you would find a lot of items, machine guns, shotguns, sniper, rifles, pistols, etc. Weapons and their supplement like scope, sight glasses, silencer, etc. Users need, or it wishes to complete, the deadly 70+ mission where different setups, places, and robberies take place. The story is the same every time, like saving yourself from the police, killing whoever comes in your way, reaching into the car, and racing out of the city to be free. In this way, every time, robberies will be performed but with different plans and strategies.


download armed heist mod apk to enjoy the most astounding robberies that have ever taken place in history. There are nearly 70 missions to accomplish in the magnificent game of being the powerful bandits. Customize the outlook of your characters by using free accessories and costumes from the game store. Various weapons, guns, skills, missions, levels, maps, accessories, and a lot of available stuff to use. In this mod version, premium accessories and tools are available with unlimited money to unlock powerful tools and weapons to kill your enemies. Enjoy these iconic games where you have various stories and plans to fulfill with your brilliant mindset.

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Mods are constantly updated by the 5PLAY team.
Any copyright issues please contact: [email protected]

What’s New
Player movement optimized. Users should feel a difference while playing, while in ADS or simply moving around, the flow and feel should be better and more natural.
Added an option in the SETTINGS menu for Controller support to toggle ON/OFF.
Fixed buttons in Multiplayer mission popup.
Challenge reloads costing has been fixed to be proper, beginning with free to 50 diamonds and onwards.
Controller support and settings have been readjusted.
Armed Heist v2.7.2 MOD APK (Unlimited All, Immortality, God Mode)
Download Armed Heist v2.7.2 MOD APK (Unlimited All, Immortality, God Mode) 

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