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ADV Player Mod APK (Without Watermark)

ADV Player Mod APK (Without Watermark)
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Can’t find any good players or link downloaders?ADV Player is exactly what you need.

ADV Player is a free video player that can support mp4,mpk,3gp and other formats of video playback, it can also support video links downloading, and all of this is free.

ADV Player function:
– Multiple video format support: including mkv,mp4,2k,4k,etc.
– Onling video play: ADV Player can play online videos smoothly.
– Subtitle: Can load srt subtitle file.
– Speed contrl: Can customize playback speed.
– Gesture control: Powerful gesture function,you can quickly adjust the brightness and volume.
-Watch folder videos offline:You can play all the videos in your phone without spending data
-High-speed download video link:You can multitask to download any video you want to watch, and achieve high speed

If you encounter any problems when using ADV Player,please contact us at [email protected]

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Download ADV Player APK – Multi-Format Player

There are so many things we can do and achieve with a phone right now. These gadgets are everywhere as they’ve become more accessible and affordable.

We can use them to do many things, mainly to use apps, chat, text, call and even watch videos. If you’re someone who watches a lot of videos regularly, then you’ll need ADV Player on your phone today!

With this app, you’re now capable of watching so many videos on your phone today. Most video player apps are only accepting some popular video types like MP4 or MKV. But with this one, you can enjoy watching any video type today, such as MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, 3GP, M4V, 2K, 4K, and many more.

With this app, you can play any video smoothly and control the speed whether you like it regular, slower, or faster. There’s also a gesture control feature that is useful to save time when watching.

Watch Videos Conveniently

If you’re someone who loves to use your phone, you’re able to enjoy so many things right now. Our phones are capable of doing so many things that we sometimes even take for granted. For instance, we can freely watch any video today with streaming platforms.

There are also tons of editing apps available, which make our lives easier. But for videos, you can also download many apps that will allow you to watch them, such as ADV Player. This is a third-party video player that you can use on your phone.

Most phones have a built-in video player app that you can freely use. But you’ll need this one if you watch a ton of videos on your phone! That’s because this one app from MaxLabs Studio lets you play any video type such as MP4, MKV, AVI, MOVE, M4V, 4K, 2K, 3GP, and so many more!

This means that you’ll no longer need to worry about converting videos to MP4 to watch them. Plus, you get a bunch of other features. One of the best features is the online video play.

It also lets you watch with subtitles and speed control.

ADV Player Features

With ADV Player, you’re able to enjoy so many features on a free video player today!

Watch videos on your phone – You’re able to do many things right now, thanks to the internet and smartphones. We can call and text anyone, watch movies, and do many things with these two technological advances.

We can also watch countless videos that we’ve saved on our phones, whether they’re camera videos, movies, or others. But with ADV Player, you can enjoy a lot more features than your average video player.

Thanks to this app, you can easily watch any video today, such as MKV, MP4, 3GP, MOV, AVI, M4V, 4K, and more. You’re also able to watch online videos that the app offers today.

With this, you can play videos smoothly and without any problems like other apps. Plus, you can watch with subtitles, adjust them and enjoy other settings. You can even download videos online to your phone so that you can watch them offline!

Supports many types of videos – If you download ADV Player today, you can enjoy watching all sorts of videos. This app supports many video types, whether MP4, AVI, 4GP, M4V, and others.

It lets you watch without the need to convert them to a standard video type like MP4 first. With this app, you’re able to watch all videos stored on your device conveniently. There’s no need to download any other app like VLC or MX Player.

Online video play and subtitles – This app also features many videos online that you can watch it! Feel free to search for a lot of videos in various categories that you can enjoy watching here.

Plus, you can watch videos with subtitles which is helpful if you’re not a native English speaker watching Hollywood movies. You can further configure the subtitle to adjust the placement, size, timing, and many more.

Speed control and Gesture control – You’re also free to configure the speed of the video so you can freely watch. This app lets you freely adjust the speed whether you want it slower or faster.

Plus, there are certain gestures you can do to increase the brightness and the sound quickly! You can enjoy a lot of things with this app today.

Download videos – This video player app also acts as a video downloader! Yes, it has a function that lets you download videos for offline use.

Download ADV Player Mod APK – Without Watermark

You can download ADV Player today and enjoy a complete video player! Expect a lot of features from this one!

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Mods are constantly updated by the 5PLAY team.
Any copyright issues please contact: [email protected]

Bug fixs and performance improvements.
ADV Player Mod APK (Without Watermark)
Download ADV Player Mod APK (Without Watermark) 

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